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Monet Software

Workforce management & optimization for contact centers

4.82/5 (11 reviews)

Monet Software overview

Monet Software is a cloud-based workforce optimization software that enables call centers to manage staff scheduling, performance and quality monitoring, and business reporting. The application offers an extensive series of features to suit busy call centers with high staff levels, offering visibility over all operations.

Monet integrates with your existing ACD and PBX phone systems, pulling in historical data in order to forecast future call volume, agent requirements, and average call handle time. This data can be used in combination with the advanced scheduling tools to create staff schedules that match work rules, skills, holidays, breaks, budget and service levels.

Monet's real-time adherence feature shows an on-screen live display of all call center and agent activity, such as who is on a call and who is available. This lets you evaluate how planned agent activity, forecasted call volumes, handle times and other KPIs match actual activity. Reports, dashboards, KPIs, and alerts give further visibility into call center activity.

In addition to overseeing all business activity, Monet helps to evaluate individual agent performance through features such as call recording, screen capture, and speech and desktop analytics. Call quality scorecards can be created in order to share feedback with agents, plan for coaching, identify training needs and set goals.


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Monet Software reviews


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Steven Jones

All the tools for Optimal Efficiency

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-20
Review Source: Capterra

Monet has given us the ability to solve our shrinkage and adherence problem. We no longer need leads to constantly monitor the break schedule as our agents can always check when their next break time is. We've also been able to better plan for any periods of high shrinkage, which has ultimately cut down on call spikes and average wait times for our callers. In addition, Monet has an excellent support team that is always ready to help. Any issues I have usually end up getting resolved the same day. Implementation and training of the product was a breeze.The software allows for easy forecasting and an easy generation of rosters to each forecast. It usually takes me no longer than 30 minutes to an hour to finish a new set of schedules for the agents to see. It's also easier for us to plan ahead and figure out how many agents we will need through each season. I like the platform that has been provided for the agents in that they always have access to their schedules. Never again will I have to hear "I left my schedule at work!"

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Mark Hernandez

WFM Supervisor Compassion International

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

We have appreciated our almost 14 years using Monet at Compassion International. It provided the tool we needed to grow. Monet support has been wonderful in every stage of our partnership over the years. I can tell it is important to them that we succeed. We look forward to continued growth with this Monet software.The ability to easily forecast volumes and certain ACD queues. The ability to provide our reps with an intuitive schedule and ability to see live stats. The service is better than any vendor support, as the walked us through the roll out and training, so it was seamless from the reps to management. I don't recall having Monet go down, as it has been extremely stable. ROI has been tremendous, as our growth using this software has been smooth.

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Jesse Holder

WFM Specialist, Club Med Sales Inc.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-05
Review Source: Capterra

Monet paints a clear picture of our staffing needs. This has helped us reduce our ABA from 28% to under 3% from 2 years ago. The forecasting tool is fantastic and would recommend it to anyone! The staff, easy use of the program and it's stability, far exceeds any expectations. I can't imagine nor want to even think about using anything else. Monet is very easy to use and navigate through. We've had Monet for a few years now and if I do have any questions, the Monet employees are always more than willing to spend the time with me to assist. They are very patient and friendly!

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Crystal Frye

Easy to use, great real time adherence and forecasting functions.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-16
Review Source: Capterra

We were able to more efficiently staff our department using the forecasting tools and utilizing real time adherence with all agents.Very easy to use, helps staff our agents where they can best be utilized most efficiently. Great real-time adherence displays, easy forecasting tools. Excellent customer service team.

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Greg Barrett

Great WFM solution that solved many of our Contact Center issues

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-04
Review Source: Capterra

We removed our excel based/paper/email based systems and took our KPIs to a new level. Improving RTA, decreasing OT, faster communication with agents and better reporting to the management team.Monet makes sense. It is easy to use and get started in WFM even with a large team. With a great "paced" deployment/engagement model we moved quickly through each key component and made a difference in the company.

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Monet Software features

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Additional information for Monet Software

Key features of Monet Software

  • Call center activity forecasting
  • Employee scheduling
  • Intra-day management
  • Exception planning
  • Performance analytics
  • VOIP call recording & monitoring
  • Training & coaching tools
  • Evaluation questionnaires
  • Automated screen capturing
  • Full-motion video & audio playback
  • Speech analytics
  • Desktop analytics
  • Personalized scorecards
  • Dashboard & reports
  • Built-in KPI metrics
  • Real-time alerts
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Monet's built-in data import feature integrates with all major ACD /Contact Center Infrastructure and CRM systems so that you can monitor agent adherence and call history in real-time.

Monet's agent adherence feature monitors & records the real-time actions & statuses of your workforce so that you can ensure schedules and KPIs are being followed.

Use scorecards, real-time alerts, agent analytics, dashboards, reports and Monet Metrics - a set of pre-defined KPIs - to measure all areas of call center performance.

Ensure quality across your service operations through speech analytics and desktop activity analytics - a set of monitoring tools to gain insight into customer interactions & internal processes.

Monet offers advanced staff scheduling tools such as exception planning for one-off days off or training sessions, as well as intra-day management to schedule breaks, lunch and anything else.