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Web based membership management software for SMBs

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PaySubsOnline overview is a web based solution that allows organizations to manage members, raise funds and make online payments. It allows users to increase member retention and improve payment collection rates. It is specifically built for the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Some of its customers include English Chess Federation, Edinburgh Athletic Club, Thames Turbo Triathlon Club, Surbiton Hockey Club, Sotonia Cycling Club and Hylands Tennis Club. is designed primarily for clubs and sports academies. It manages all aspects of membership management including new registration, renewal management, pay management, event scheduling and fundraising. The other features of the solution are building online forms, online registration, grants role based permissions, payment tracking, reporting and auditing. The solution is compatible with various browsers available across devices such as desktop, mobile and tablets. integrates with PayPal for card payments and PayPal transfers and GoCardless for Direct Debit payments.


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PaySubsOnline screenshot: Group email feature in PaySubsOnline allows sending bulk emails to members at one go.Manage Class Fees - Charging for timePaySubsOnline screenshot: Members can access their PaySubsOnline account on their internet enabled smartphones.PaySubsOnline screenshot: PaySubsOnline allows members to login to their accounts, check and make payments.PaySubsOnline screenshot: PaySubsOnline Members can register and pay onlinePaySubsOnline screenshot: Transfer money electronically to account with PaySubsOnlinePaySubsOnline screenshot: With PaySubsOnline, authorised officials will have the latest information about members and payments on the go.Managing Class Fees - Charge per ClassImproving Access To InformationSending Group EmailsOnline registrations

PaySubsOnline reviews

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Sarah Stead

Good idea but poorly executed

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-11-15
Review Source: Software Advice

Our dance school has now gone into liquidation. I believe some of this is down to the problems we had with paysubs. I would strongly recommend finding an alternative to your organisational needs.We chose this software because it could be adapted to fit in with how we already ran our organisation. Most class management software is very unflexible, but this gave us the choice to fully customise the customer experience.

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Great client based software

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-01-25
Review Source: Capterra

The software has helped our facility manage memberships, events, and payments thoroughly and efficiently. I especially appreciate the flexibility in customizing almost every feature to fit our needs.

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Brian Morris

Running Club membership

Reviewed 2015-06-09
Review Source: Capterra

The time I have saved using Pay Subs has been very considerable, no longer is there a need to produce hundreds of renewal letters each year which all needed to be stuffed into envelopes and posted. The overall cost to the club has not been great as the Pay Subs fees are offset by the reduction in mailing and printing costs. The ability to put out email messages to the membership is also an asset. We now only use the online system for accepting new members and only a very small minority have a problem signing up. The sequence for adding date of birth has stumped a few, but it has not caused a significant problem. I would not even consider the option of going back to our previous method of dealing with membership matters as the Pay Subs system suit our needs perfectly.

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Mirza Muhammad Iqbal

Save your Administration Time

Used other for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-07-21
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall performance is good.It gives us the fully customised and very flexible solution for payments and manage memberships. It fits our overall needs.

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John Parker

good features, a bit hard to see what it's doing, a bit buggy and support not brilliant

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-09-25
Review Source: Software Advice

Information that I can extract and present does not satisfy other members of our committee. We will be looking for a new system next season in all liklihoodIt has good features. Worked easily with direct debits and GoCardless, it is collection 90% of our subs due.

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Access to is free for organisations with under 2,000 members.

Transaction fees are charged each time a member pays online.

 Transaction Value $16 and under: 3.95 % + $0.33
 Transaction Value Over $16: 3.95 % + $0.80

PaySubsOnline features

Automatic Reminders
Custom Fields
Customer Database
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Electronic Payments

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Additional information for PaySubsOnline

Key features of PaySubsOnline

  • Create membership records
  • Automatic renewals
  • Export members information
  • Accept online registrations
  • Permission access to tools and data
  • Switch to member login
  • Drag and drop membership card builder
  • Create custom fields
  • Build online forms
  • Event scheduling
  • Give access to specific groups
  • Request payment for membership
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Create membership records
  • Create and organize members in to groups
  • Automatic Updates
  • Send individual and group emails
  • Create and organize members in to groups
  • Import
  • Export reports
  • Request online payment for membership
  • Reporting
  • Reporting
  • Attendance management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Class scheduling
  • Client database
  • Credit card integration
  • Credit card processing
  • Email marketing
  • Customizable reporting
  • Multiple user accounts
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • POS integration
  • Website integrations
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• PaySubsOnline is a web based solution available on ‘pay-per-transaction’ model and does not require huge upfront investment.
• With PaySubsOnline, Members can directly update their information so that admin does not have to do additional task.
• New members can register online and their information gets automatically saved into central database.
• The member portal provides a one stop point for all information related to members including their profile, payment history and connections.
• It offers electronic payment mode to manage cash flows and minimizes physical transactions of funds.
• The solution automates the process of renewal subscription, wherein the members get notification on a fixed date or a set date.
• PaySubsOnline allows clients to send bulk reminders, notifications or promotion emails to all members at a one go.
• PaySubsOnline allows admin to view up-to-the-minute payment reports to see who has and hasn't paid.