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Chatlio overview

Chatlio is a monthly subscription-based product that allows starter, small, medium and enterprise businesses to provide live website chat to customers via Slack. By harnessing the existing technology behind the popular team-based communications app, users and Chatlio "operators" require no additional knowledge or client environment. The solution promises simple, quick setup by providing a lightweight chat widget that can be embedded into a corporate website or blog. This widget can be restyled and rebranded as required via flexible customization options, choosing from multiple built-in placement variations to present chat functionality to visitors in a convenient way. Messages and responses can be queued by creating rules-based triggers that react to certain behaviors or visits to certain pages at certain scheduled times. In addition, Chatlio automatically captures potentially valuable visitor information such as their location and target system/browser details that provide an overview onto to potential new marketing leads.

Additionally, Chatlio has been designed to perform consistently across desktop browsers and smaller mobile screens. Tested to function effectively on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, the widget shrinks and re formats to fill viewports when opened. Extra notable features also allow for drag and drop file or image sharing, multiple language provision, emoji support, Chatlio Slack commands and a whole host of deeper developer possibilities thanks to CSS customization and a JS-based API.


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Chatlio screenshot: Chatlio leverages Slack to provide a live chat widget, supporting customer support and engagement within an existing websiteChatlio screenshot: Add real time chat capabilities to a website or blog, simply by copying and pasting embeddable codeChatlio screenshot: Chatlio requires no additional software, browser tabs or extensions aside from the embedded widget to leverage Slack-based online chatChatlio screenshot: A number of widget styling options included the standard placement within the bottom right or left corners of the browserChatlio screenshot: Multiple widget styles and positioning options include the sidebar, expanding to fill the right edge of the browser viewport Chatlio screenshot: The embeddable widget option allows users and developers to place the chat client anywhere, and within other containers and page elementsChatlio screenshot: The system is capable of automatically capturing visitor data and displaying details including browser usage, local time, and moreChatlio screenshot: Integrating seamlessly with the app, Chatlio makes a number of Slack commands availableChatlio screenshot: The chat widget can be customized to match a website's branding and design, allowing advanced users to go further than the available options and use CSS insteadChatlio screenshot: Trigger rules can be setup to automatically send out messages to visitors on certain pages, at certain times to stimulate engagementChatlio screenshot: The Chatlio chat widget is designed to be mobile friendly, optimized and tested for iOS and Android devices

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Chatlio pricing

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A 30-day free trial is available on all packages, which include the following:

STARTER – $29 per month
BASIC – $49 per month
PRO – $99 per month
ENTERPRISE – $199 per month

Contact for a quote on bigger plan requirements.

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Chatlio features

CRM Integration
Customizable Branding

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Additional information for Chatlio

Key features of Chatlio

  • Chat functionality
  • Chat widget
  • Mobile integration
  • Chat
  • Multi-language
  • Application integration (Slack)
  • Private text chat
  • Emoji support
  • Automated scheduling
  • Custom development
  • Customizable branding
  • HTML5 / CSS support
  • Visitor tracking
  • File upload
  • Offline mode
  • Event triggered actions
  • Website integration
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • WordPress plugin
  • Multiple websites
  • Auto-responders
  • Code block support
  • Screenshot capture
  • CRM integration
  • JS-based API
  • Real time chat notifications
  • Bot support
  • Channel archiving


Chatlio allows business teams and support staff to harness their existing Slack service to deploy live chat online customer chat capabilities without the need for new software or clients.

The system uses an embeddable widget that can be placed into a website or blog within minutes, allowing for styling and placement changes via a myriad of preferences or deeper CSS-based customization, and the JS-based developer API.

Chatlio is optimized to perform effectively on smaller screens, designed and tested to perform consistently across desktop browser and those on iOS or Android smartphone viewports.

By capturing useful visitor information automatically such as location, current page visit, IP address, payment plans, local time, browser and OS etc, support teams can gather an important insight into potential customer leads.

Scalable pricing plans offer monthly subscription options for Starter users right up to Enterprise, providing unlimited operators, multiple widgets for handling more than a single incoming channel, plus the ability to process 200-5000 conversation threads per month.