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Newfies-Dialer overview

Newfies-Dialer is an auto-dialer, voice broadcasting, and SMS messaging platform which can be used to make telephone calls and send text messages for direct advertising, phone surveys, lead generation, appointment reminders, product updates, emergency notifications, and more. The system is suited for organizations who wish to call their contacts using pre-recorded messages, with the option to transfer calls to live agents in a call center.

Newfies-Dialer is commonly used for lead generation, using press-one campaigns with live call transfers. An automated call can be made to a contact, with a recorded message of the proposition being made, and the contact can be immediately transferred to a live agent if they press 1. The outbound IVR (interactive voice response) system built into Newfies-Dialer enables users to create simple press-one lead generation campaigns, or complex branching surveys for political campaigns. A range of nodes are available in the survey builder, which can be used to create surveys many levels deep, with conditional branching based on answers given, or on third party data collected using the API node to make API calls. Newfies-Dialer can also be used for debt collection, reminding customers that payment is due, and transferring them to an agent to make a credit card payment over the phone.

Newfies-Dialer also offers answering machine detection, do not call (DNC) lists, bulk SMS messaging, text-to-speech, campaign analytics, multiple caller IDs, auto-redial, personalized messages, and more.


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United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa

Supported languages

Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German and 3 other languages, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Newfies-Dialer screenshot: Users can import their contacts into Newfies-DialerNewfies Dialer V3.0 - Voice Broadcasting IVR PlatformNewfies-Dialer screenshot: Newfies-Dialer allows users to set up voice broadcast campaignsNewfies-Dialer screenshot: Users can view call reports in Newfies-DialerNewfies-Dialer screenshot: Newfies-Dialer presents users with real-time campaign analytics

Newfies-Dialer reviews


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Ryan Goering

Best Dialer for the Money!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-03
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using this dialer for well over a year, I have lots of 100's of hours researching and testing other dialers, Newfiers is by far the best dialer for the money, hands down! We have already turned other small marketing partners onto this dialer and recommend to anyone looking to control their cash flow with phone calls. Sincerely, Ryan R. Goering CEO of Creactive Inc.

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It's just loss money & time

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-08-05
Review Source: GetApp

this is an auto Dialer, this dialer has many features but it's all features are not easy to use, on the otherhand there costomer survice is not good.

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Shane How

Great Service!

Reviewed 2016-10-04
Review Source: Capterra

This company has done a great job with building out this system. It is easy to use and the customer service is great!easy to use, great customer service, great reporting

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akin akin

Coolest Application

Reviewed 2016-09-22
Review Source: Capterra

Newfies Dialer is a good application that meet the simple need for voicebroadcast/sms. The clients appreciate the simplicity and easy use; the features meet objectives needed.

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Newfies-Dialer pricing

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Pricing is dependent on capacity requirements.

Up to 10 concurrent calls: €99 per month
Up to 100 concurrent calls: €250 per month
Up to 250 concurrent calls: €450 per month
Up to 500 concurrent calls: €750 per month
Up to 1000 concurrent calls: €1250 per month
Up to 2000 concurrent calls: €2250 per month

Newfies-Dialer features

Customizable Branding
Surveys & Feedback

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Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for Newfies-Dialer

Key features of Newfies-Dialer

  • Live call transfers
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail detection
  • Personalized messages
  • Text-to-speech
  • Surveys
  • Multi-level IVR menus
  • DNC (do not call) list
  • Contact management
  • Customizable branding
  • Real-time analytics
  • Performance & progress monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • SMS messaging
  • API access
  • Credit card & PayPal integration
  • Auto-redial
  • Multi-tenant
  • Outbound call conferencing
  • Campaign management
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Newfies-Dialer automatically detects whether a person or voicemail system has answered a call, and can be set to hang up or leave a message if voicemail is detected.

A range of text to speech providers are supported, including all MRCP-based systems, and users can set up personalized messages or prototype their surveys using text to speech.

Multi-level IVR (interactive voice response) menus can be set up, and used for surveys, with a range of nodes.

Contacts can be automatically redialed if they did not answer, or if they answered but did not RSVP or complete the survey.

Multiple caller ID options are available, allowing companies to deliver their caller ID to contacts to enable callbacks, rotate through a range of caller IDs, or randomize their caller ID.