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Tender Support

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Tender Support overview

Tender Support is a customer support app that allows you to create discussion boards and public forums that can be shared with your all web visitors. Users can use this platform to discuss common issues, ask questions, talk with other users and leave feedback. VIP users can get more privileged access to certain categories and topics. Support staff can respond to discussion queries on the go from mobile devices, with the ability to send canned replies based on Echo Templates.

Tender Support allows its users to manage and organize all discussion requests and queries by organizing them into queues based on urgency and topic and assign them to specific people and teams. Tender will send reminders to you when discussions have not received a reply in a certain period of time. You can use custom CSS and JavaScript, as well as the simpler Theming tool, to customize your discussion boards to reflect your brand. The advanced reporting feature of Tender Support gives you insight into the performance of your support service.


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Tender Support features


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Additional information for Tender Support

Key features of Tender Support

  • Collect support requests
  • Send & receive support issues
  • Embed a widget on your site
  • Public forums and discussion boards
  • Reply on the Go
  • Canned replies
  • Create and assign queues
  • Set tasks and assignments
  • Reminders and activity filters
  • Limited and VIP access for clients
  • Custom branding options
  • Create a searchable knowledgebase
  • Autosuggest request answers
  • Smart email autoresponses
  • Synchronize customer issues with tickets
  • Assign a discussion
  • Email commands
  • Dashboard
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Single Sign-on
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Public Forums: Create a branded public forum and shared discussion space for your customers that your users can access automatically when they log into your site.

Organization: Send replies on the go with the mobile app, send canned replies using ECHO Templates, organize discussions into queues and apply filters, assign discussions to staff members.

VIPs: Set up limited access to articles, discussions and prioritize discussions from your most important users.

Customization: Use custom CSS and JavaScript, as well as Theming, to ad your colors and logo to your discussion site.

Advanced Reporting: Track and view incoming discussions by week, month or year. See data such as response time, responder name, and resolution time.