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Castel Detect Live


Cloud-based speech recognition solution

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Castel Detect LIVE is a voice recognition solution which helps firms of all sizes manage contact center speech analytics with alerts, reminders, scripting and call scoring. The platform allows users to regulate quality assurance via live calls analysis, post-call audits, and data-driven feedback.

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Speech analytics tool for small to midsize businesses

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CallFinder® is the leading provider of managed cloud-based SaaS speech analytics, automated call scoring, and speech-to-text transcription with conversational insights, such as sentiment and emotion detection.

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Speech to text software

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LilySpeech is a windows application that allows users to type with voice. It is highly accurate and works with any Windows application.

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Happy Scribe


Transcription software for audio to text conversions

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Happy Scribe helps journalists, researchers, podcasters, and video editors convert audio and video files into text documents on a unified portal. The platform lets users store proper nouns, acronyms, and other terminologies in a personalized vocabulary for reference during future projects.

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Communication management system for contact centers

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ASR technology allows the customer to interact with IVR's, virtual agents, among other computer systems by voice, avoiding the pulsing of DTMF tones in menus with long and difficult to remember options

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Digital Dictation


Digital dictation and transcription software for legal firms

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Advanced Digital Dictation is a dictation and transcription software, which helps legal firms capture, process, and store case data using cloud speech technology. It automatically stores information in Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud storage and uses HTTPS transmissions to encrypt data during transfer.

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Cloud Based phone system for sales, support & growing teams

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CallHippo is a Virtual Phone System that is easy-to-use while offering robust functionality with advanced features, extensive reporting, and seamless integrations to empower sales and service teams to have effective conversations with customers. 24x7 World Class Support. Instant Setup

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Automatically convert audio & video to text in minutes

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Convert audio files to text in minutes

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Automated transcription platform with AI

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Trint is a cloud-based audio and video transcription solution which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe audio from a range of file formats and generate an interactive, searchable, editable & shareable transcript

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Transcription management and video & audio editing software

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Descript is a transcription software that is designed for businesses in multiple industries, such as marketing, sales, user research, online learning, and customer support. It helps team members collaborate on projects, send feedback, create shared folders, add comments, and track document versions.

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Audio transcription & editing solution

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Reportex from Sony is a cloud-based audio transcription and editing solution which allows users to automatically transcribe audio from multiple file formats, edit and correct transcriptions, create and share video clips of transcribed audio, download edited files, and more

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AI-powered automated meeting note taking

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Reason8 is a cloud-based speech-to-text app which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate note taking & summary preparation from in-person meetings. The platform supports multi-device reporting, highlighting, action item extraction, decision recording, transcript & summary exports, and more.

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Innovate with voice

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Speechmatics® powers applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech recognition through its any-context speech recognition engine.

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Express Dictate Digital Dictation Software


Record and send dictation directly from your computer

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Record and send dictation directly from your computer with Express Dictate Digital Dictation Software.

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Speech analytics API for sentiment analysis

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OTO is a speech analytics API and AI-powered voice intelligence technology, which analyzes customer sentiment through tone of voice. The platform can be used by call centers, healthcare providers, home technology providers, and robotics developers to understand and leverage voice data.

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Translation Worldwide Software


Translation management tool for healthcare & medical sector

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Translation Worldwide Software by JBI SOFTWARE is designed to help businesses across healthcare, legal, medical, insurance, banking, and other industries manage language translation projects. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution allows employees to handle text interpretation and translation processes and reduce lawsuits.

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AISB Engine


Voice bio-metrics solution for businesses

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AISB Engine is a cloud-based & on-premise voice biometrics solution designed to help businesses in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail & air travel identify and authenticate visitors. Key features include password resetting, authentication, secure data access, and fraud detection.

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Capté, the easiest way to improve your videos, the simpliest

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Capté is an online web application that allows you to add subtitles instantly and automatically. Capté makes subtitling easier and faster. Capté uses speech recognition to transcribe audio into subtitles. Subtitling becomes a breeze.

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Cloud-based transcriptions software

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Ebby helps lawyers, podcasters, journalists, researchers, and academic professionals convert audio recordings into text documents using AI technology. The built-in editor automatically synchronizes and plays audio or video files with text data, letting users review and edit transcripts in real-time.

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Voice biometric identification system

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Sesame by Utopia.AI is a cloud-based voice biometric identification solution which uses natural speech to identify callers in real time, by creating voice prints from previous calls without requiring caller enrollment. The software can also analyze caller vocabulary, sentiment, and emotional state.

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SpeechReport Cursor


Speech recognition software for the healthcare sector

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SpeechReport Cursor is an advanced speech recognition software application for medical, legal, and other businesses. The program easily integrates with all information systems, including EHR and MS Office products.

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Real-time speech recognition software for radiologists

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SpeechRite is a front end speech recognition solution for radiology which aims to provide a comprehensive workflow to support all dictation preferences. Users can instantly review, edit, complete and electronically sign transcriptions, or send dictations to backend transcription to be edited.

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We make conversations searchable

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VoiceAI is an AI-enabled conversation analytics solution designed to help organizations improve CX, commercial outcomes and ensure quality across operations. Features include sentiment metrics, time stamps, data redaction, keyword spotting, emotional scoring, speech to text, etc

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