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SimpleBooks overview

GoSimpleBooks is accounting software for small businesses in the UK market only. It is a simple and intuitive accounting software application, suitable for all small businesses and their accountants. All users get a no obligation FREE trial.

It’s easy to use interface means even a complete beginner can be up and running in minutes, making GoSimpleBooks one of the easiest accounting tools on the market.

Whether you are a working from home or a small business accounting can cause endless headaches. GoSimpleBooks is business accounting software that takes away these hassles. Its easy to use interface means even a complete beginner can be up and running in minutes, making GoSimpleBooks one of the easiest pieces of accounting software on the market.

At the same time, GoSimpleBooks is a very powerful accounting software application, with a complete range of functions that can be used by all.

As GoSimpleBooks is web based, it makes it the ideal accounting software for the small business.

GoSimpleBooks' key functions include:

Create quotes for your customers that can be quickly converted to invoices that can be emailed or printed.

Customer Statements
Quickly create customers statements that can be emailed or printed.

Import Bank Statements
You can import both CSV and OFX bank and credit card statements from any bank. When imported you can create rules so that future imported transactions are updated automatically, saving time on bookkeeping.

Bank Reconciliation
Quickly reconcile your bank account to your bookkeeping to ensure that all transactions are recorded correctly.

VAT Reporting
Calculate your quarterly vat, GoSimpleBooks will easily calculate using the standard method, cash accounting and the flat rate vat schemes.

Track Debtors and Creditors
Never forget to pay a supplier or miss an unpaid sales invoice with the aged debtor and creditor analysis.

Bank Statement Import
You can import your business bank and credit card details from major UK banks including Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Nationwide.


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SimpleBooks reviews

Value for money
Ease of use
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John Parkes

Great Accounting App

Reviewed 2011-01-05
Review Source: GetApp

Compared to many other accounting systems i have used and viewed, this is by far the easiest system to use. As a novive in accounting systems i was able to use it with ease from day one. Tha advantage of having no software to download, install, configure and support on my desktop makes this a BIG PLUS for me as my system is short on memory so having installed and supported at a central point is the way to go!

Ease of use everything about it is designed for simplicity, without looing any critical features.

When i want to make a change to a statment i am so used to using a right mouse click, not a left click. I know i am being a little pissy about this but it is the only thing that i can say i mildly dislike. But it aint a big issue.

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Karen MacDonald

Great for small businesses

Reviewed 2011-02-10
Review Source: GetApp

Arithmo is very good value, user friendly and helps small businesses to keep track of their finances as part of the everyday routine. It also saves money on accountancy

You can use as many or as few of the features as you need for your purposes, and it is easy to adapt them to your own way of recording information ('clients' can become projects, for instance, so you can effectively create cost centres)

It would be great if you could automatically feed information through from income to expenditure rather than input everything twice to create new (clients/suppliers/projects) - sometimes you want to track income and expenditure for the same things

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Eyal Opher

Cheap and nasty

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-23
Review Source: GetApp

Where to start? Lacking some very basic capabilities and options. Un-intuitive interface. Slow to react and update. Frequent outages and malfunctions. Customer service will make you want to cry or worse - you get the distinct feeling that "we don't give a care" is the company's moto. In three years there hasn't been a single improvement to the interface.

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Likelihood to recommend: 0/10

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Roy Mitchell

Arithmo - Online

Reviewed 2011-03-23
Review Source: GetApp

Pleasant layout. Fairly intuitive. Has a basic feel, but that is deceptive. It produces really good reports, such as P&L and Balance sheet. It has a full audit trail. The ETB for accountants is excellent.

It is easy to use for customers and the price is fantastic value. The support is excellent. The fact that we, as accountants can log on and use all facilities is very useful.

It has a few quirks, but it seems the new version will iron these out. I wish it used the keyboard more. I love TAS Books for that. No mouse waving!

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Jeremy Greene

ARITHMO - easier than you think

Reviewed 2010-12-21
Review Source: GetApp

This is a simple accounting/book-keeping software for the smaller business. It allows you to keep your business books via an online app that you can access from any web browser no matter where you are located. Its good for the sole trader right through to a VAT Registered Limited Company and its so cost effective its almost too good to be true.

On line app Someone else takes care of system admin and maintenance. Simple

Slightly confusing to get to grips with Payment method defaults to cash

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All users get a no obligation 30 day free trial and costs just £72 per company per year.

We also offer a fully branded accountants version, please contact us for details.

SimpleBooks features

Accounting Integration

API (201 other apps)
Accounting Management (141 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (152 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (123 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (138 other apps)
Compliance Management (121 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (122 other apps)
Data Import/Export (128 other apps)
Electronic Payments (128 other apps)
Expense Tracking (132 other apps)
Financial Analysis (102 other apps)
Invoice Management (188 other apps)
Invoice Processing (115 other apps)
Multi-Currency (120 other apps)
Real Time Data (124 other apps)
Receiving (98 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (169 other apps)
Third Party Integration (134 other apps)
Workflow Management (108 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

Bookkeepers today seek a simple yet comprehensive small business accounting software package. Arithmo strives to make available a solution that is easy for even novice bookkeepers to use while also including many of the benefits offered in more complex packages. Not only is the software easy to use, it’s also simple to set up, making it ideal for those who lack IT assistance.

Arithmo is completely cloud-based, which means no installation is required. It also means the application can be accessed from anywhere, whether an accounting staff is working in an office or a sole bookkeeper is working from his home office.

What is SimpleBooks?

Arithmo’s scalability makes it ideal for small, growing businesses. As a small business begins to add employees and new clients, Arithmo grows right along with it, providing the same functionality for a seamless user experience. Accounts can be imported from most major UK banks, including Natwest, Nationwide, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

No training is required to use Arithmo, so users can begin enjoying the software as soon as an account has been set up. No accounting staff? No problem. Arithmo is designed to be used by anyone in an organization, from the CEO to the front desk receptionist, with access set by an organization’s leaders.

Who is SimpleBooks for?

Arithmo is designed for the small business, especially sole proprietors, partnerships, and small limited companies. It is targeted to the accountants who handle the finances for these businesses.

However, because Arithmo is so easy to use, many businesses find even those who aren’t financially-inclined can handle accounting through the interface. The app is so intuitive, even someone who normally has trouble using new software can learn it quickly, without training.

Main features

Bank Reconciliation

Most businesses already have bank accounts in place when they start working with Arithmo. Pulling these accounts in is easy, requiring the business to simply enter account information to link the two.

Once an account is integrated with Arithmo, users can quickly reconcile bookkeeping with all business accounts, ensuring no information is lost during duplicate entry. This also helps ensure accounts always have the most up-to-date information available.


Getting paid is the most important part of keeping a business going. Arithmo seeks to make the process as simple as possible to get its users paid faster. Using Arithmo, businesses can create a template that can be used with each client. This automation will save team members the time they would have spent creating paper invoices and tracking them.

Within the invoice template, businesses can upload a logo and customize fonts to create the look they want. Once sent, invoices can be tracked in the Income section of Arithmo, with refinement available by customer, days overdue, payment method, and more.

Track Expenses

Late payments can hurt your business’s credit and negatively impact your relationship with suppliers. With Arithmo, you’ll be able to stay on top of your pending obligations. Suppliers can be entered in Arithmo and each payment tracked in the system.

Under the Expenses tab, professionals can also isolate only repeat expenses, which helps with budgeting. Arithmo’s Aged Debtor and Creditor Analysis shows which payments are due and overdue, as well as how many days overdue they are.

Ease of Use

The creators of Arithmo noticed many professionals felt daunted by complex accounting procedures. With Arithmo, they sought to bring ease of use to everyone within an organization, creating an app that can be used by anyone, regardless of accounting knowledge.

Arithmo combines the ease of use found with spreadsheet-oriented procedures with the functionality of today’s comprehensive accounting solutions. The solution requires no training, but an extensive knowledge base of articles is available to answer any questions a user might have as he navigates the software.


Gathering reports on your expenses and income is an essential part of any accounting software. Arithmo has a robust reporting section, enabling businesses to run reports on profit and loss detail, expenses, customer statements, and much more. This will give you insight into your finances that can help you determine where to make cuts, if needed.

Arithmo also includes Value-Added Tax reporting to help businesses meet their obligations. The process of calculating VAT through the standard method is automated with Arithmo, as well as calculating cash accounting and flat rate VAT schemes.


Arithmo integrates with Keytime Accounts Production, a top accounts production solution for accountants. Additionally, Arithmo can pull information from many major UK banks to ensure statements are accurately reconciled.


An Arithmo account costs £45 per year for the standard package, which is designed for cash accounting. To access a premium package that includes full invoicing and VAT reporting, businesses will pay £55.

Bottom line

  • Easy to both use and install.
  • Full accounting automation for small businesses.
  • Supports reconciliation with many UK bank accounts.
  • Track both income and expenses.
  • Cloud-based interface ensures accessibility from any device with an internet connection.

Additional information for SimpleBooks

Key features of SimpleBooks

  • Easy to use - no experience needed
  • Secure and reliable
  • CSV Bank Import
  • Create Quotes, email them and convert to invoices
  • Create Invoices and email to your customers
  • Produce customer statements with email function
  • Full debtor and creditor control
  • Manage multiple banks and credit card accounts
  • Full bank reconciliation
  • Complete VAT returns (standard, cash and flat rate)
  • VAT calculations - including flat rate scheme
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Benefits of using GoSimpleBooks Accounting Software :

Any accounts software offers you many advantages over manually keeping records.

* You can review your records easily at any time
* Changes can be made easily, and mistakes rectified
* All the calculations are done for you
* There is a record of all your transactions that you can refer to easily