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Automated QuickBooks accounting solution for Amazon sellers

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Entriwise overview

Designed to deliver enhanced automated accounting features to business users, Entriwise is an online solution that allows Amazon Seller transactions to be processed in QuickBooks. Promising simple connectivity for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, the SaaS-based product is available across tiered packages with scaling feature sets. Marketed to beginner sellers with up to $1000 monthly revenue and those pro sellers earning more, setup spans a matter of steps to connect, configure and map an Amazon inventory SKU to QuickBooks. From here users can alleviate a common difficulty around accounting for Amazon sales transactions with enough accuracy to be compliant with sound financial and tax reporting.

Four main feature areas begins with sales and refunds, importing complete Amazon orders using the accrual accounting method. Entriwise records all important sales data including order date, Amazon order ID, name, quantity and price of products sold, plus any rebates or added charges etc. Shipped Amazon FBA, non-FBA or FBM orders are also captured along with refunded orders to ensure total correspondence with Amazon Statements. Inventory Management then maps and manages an Amazon inventory SKU, acknowledging inventory and non-inventory items while recording any necessary adjustments around reimbursements for lost or damaged inventories. Order and Refund Fees takes account of those extra expenses incurred across order, refund and advertising while Other Transactions handles such fees for product preparation, shipping, inventory storage and removal among others.


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Entriwise screenshot: The tabbed, dashboard-based UI provides quick access to core functions along with data metrics such as total sales and net incomeEntriwise screenshot: Sales features import Amazon orders and refunds using accrual accounting method to maintain transaction accuracy against Amazon statementsEntriwise screenshot: Inventory management includes options for the automatic and manual mapping of Amazon SKUs to QuickBooks inventory itemsEntriwise screenshot: Order and refund fee handling capabilities cover order fees charged on every order, refunds and those associated with advertisingEntriwise screenshot: Account for the additional other transactions including product preparation, shipping fees, storage, removal and more

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Free (Low sales volume) – $0 per month
Lite (No SKU mapping) – $45 per 1000, per month
Pro (Full SKU mapping) – $75 per 1000, per month

Entriwise features

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Additional information for Entriwise

Key features of Entriwise

  • Product mapping
  • Inventory accounting
  • Accounting integration
  • QOH tracking
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursement management
  • Shipping management
  • Referral fees
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Advertising fee management
  • Order fee processing
  • Online order import
  • Data visualization
  • Business overview
  • Activity dashboard
  • CSV import
  • Shipping fees
  • Profitability per SKU
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Entriwise connects Amazon Seller and QuickBooks accounts to provide automated accounting capabilities, importing across all Amazon Seller Central transactions to perform accounting actions known to be a chore for business users.

Suitable for use with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and Enterprise, Entriwise promises easy setup and deployment, signing in with existing Amazon or Intuit credentials, authorizing to access Amazon Seller, connecting QuickBooks and mapping an inventory SKU.

Automated accounting features include inventory management to process non-inventory and inventory items with product mapping options including manual entry web UI or CSV file import, plus the ability to record inventory adjustments.

Import all Amazon orders and refunds accurately according to Amazon Statements, recording all important sales data, shipped orders and refunds to ensure documentation is complete.

Account for the expenses associated with orders, refunds and advertising fees, along with handling other transactions such as product preparation, shipping, inventory storage / removal etc.