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Satago overview

What is Satago?

Satago is a credit control software which gives users access to all of their invoices in one place, as well as automating the process of chasing late payments. Users can connect their cloud accounting software for Satago to automatically import their invoices.

Satago is partnered with Experian, giving users access to their customers’ credit data, including their credit score, the direction in which it has been trending, and Experian’s suggested credit limit, allowing users to make informed choices when extending credit to customers. Users can also view how many days late customers are paying them, compared to their other suppliers.

Satago also offers financing for due and overdue invoices from within the software, with no need to fill in applications. Designed to reduce the impact of cashflow shortfalls on small to medium sized businesses, payment can be advanced for multiple invoices regardless of how long overdue they are.


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United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom

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Satago screenshot: Satago provides users with credit risk data from Experian to enable them to prioritise debts to be collectedSatago screenshot: Satago's credit reports include data on customers' outstanding balance versus their suggested credit limit, so users can judge whether to extend them more creditSatago screenshot: Satago also provides invoice finance optionsSatago screenshot: Users can receive finance from Satago for multiple due and overdue invoices

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Satago pricing

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Standard plan - free, for up to 10 users with 5000 invoices chased per month.

Desktop plan - £83 per month (paid annually) or £99 per month (paid monthly), for 6 users with up to 5000 invoices chased per month, plus over 200 software integrations.

Agency and accountant plans available on request.

Satago features

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Email tracking - see if emails have been delivered, when they have been read, if links have been clicked on, and follow up on any which have bounced

Grouped reminders for multiple invoices due or overdue on the same day use a single template to maintain a consistent tone, and stop customers being bombarded with multiple emails. “Thank you” emails can also be grouped

Experian credit risk data enables users to check the credit health of any current or prospective customers before agreeing terms

Experian’s Days Beyond Terms (DBT) data allows users see when customers pay them vs when they pay other suppliers, and determine if change in relationship is required

Satago finance can advance payment on multiple due and overdue invoices to prevent cashflow shortfalls