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SkyTouch Hotel OS

Hospitality property management

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SkyTouch Hotel OS overview

SkyTouch Hotel OS is a cloud-based hotel management platform suited for hotels of virtually any size or type. The solution comes with a property management system (PMS) which provides all key operational capabilities including guest-service features and staff management, alongside a rate management system to help optimize revenue, and tools for distribution management with two-way connectivity between booking engines.

SkyTouch Hotel OS's mobile-optimized PMS provides users with advanced property management features for managing reservations, housekeeping, direct billing, group management, automated audits, reporting, and more. Users can manage reservations via the tape chart which provides a holistic view of all hotel bookings at a glance, as well as oversee housekeeping with continuous room updates and two-way communication with staff.

SkyTouch Hotel OS’s rate management system empowers property owners with a best available rate (BAR) strategy, along with rates and inventory options that can be applied to a single or multiple properties. Users can set rules to manage inventory value, and define alert triggers to automatically change BAR levels based on changes in actual occupancy. Property owners can manage stay restrictions, adapt rates in response to the market, define alert triggers, and set selling limits for wholesale rate plans to maximize revenue.

Distribution management features help optimize online exposure to help increase reach and gain more customers via a branded internet booking engine (IBE), and connections with online travel agencies (OTA) and global distribution systems (GDS). The unique pooled inventory model displays all available rooms with inventory synchronized across all sites whenever a booking is made, helping to reduce the risk of over-booking.


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SkyTouch Hotel OS screenshot: SkyTouch Hotel OS is cloud-based meaning it operates anywhere, on any deviceHotels "leaving money on the table"SkyTouch Hotel OS screenshot: The tape chart provides a holistic view of reservations at a glanceSkyTouch Hotel OS screenshot:  Properties can manage housekeeping with up-to-the-minute room updates and two-way communicationSkyTouch Hotel OS screenshot: Get an overview of the business via the dashboard and check up on hotel and channel status, system alerts, reservations, and moreSkyTouch Hotel OS screenshot: View room status updates in real-time and check room conditions while on-the-go SkyTouch Hotel OS screenshot: Get an at-a-glance view of important figures and an overview of hotel activity

SkyTouch Hotel OS reviews

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Customer support
Kim Ustanik

Good, logical product; excellent customer service and support tools! Thank you SkyTouch!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-15
Review Source: Capterra

Logical, easy to use, Tech Support is fabulous!The best thing about the Skytouch HOS varies for me and my staff. For me, it's the Tape Chart, the Community Board (love this communication tool!!!), and the Tech Support team. I also like the variety of ways to access different tools which serves different learning/brain abilities. My staff likes the information accessible in Future Availability, but I'd like the Tape Chart to provide the same information all in one place. It seems it would be easy to incorporate mlos, and room rate into the pop up box for a room.

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SkyTouch Hotel OS

Hospitality property management

Gayle Shipley

SkyTouch OS

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-15
Review Source: Capterra

I've seen SkyTouch OS being used at multiple properties and the only issue I see people having with it is it runs a little slow from time to time. Their support team is amazing and is open 24/7. I recommend you try it, you will not be disappointed.SkyTouch Hotel OS is very easy to use for me and staff and colleagues. SkyTouch OS is basically a smaller version of the SkyTouch software. it shows your occupancy for your previous night and the day of. If you have had SkyTouch for over a year yu can see how many rooms you sold last year to this year. You can also see what the prices were on this day last year. It is super simple to use and well worth it. There is also a house keeping tab as well in SkyTouch OS. You can see things like your stay overs, arrivals, and vacant rooms. This tab also shows you your clean and dirty rooms for occupied and vacant. Up top of the housekeeping tap you can type in a special room and see or even change the status of it. For example you click on room 31 you can change it from dirty to clean. If a guest complains about anything you can flag the room and put in notes on what the problem is so that your matance can fix it with out coming back to the lobby or office to ask you what needs to be done.

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SkyTouch Hotel OS

Hospitality property management

Hunter Santiago

The EASIEST program to use!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-27
Review Source: Capterra

Skytouch Hotel OS is super user-friendly making it one of the easiest PMS systems to teach to New Hires. The User Admin and Rate Management aspects of the program are superb as well. The implementation of the user profile once it is created is almost instantaneous. It also gives you the ability to customize usernames. The software has helped our team gather the necessary information needed for making reservations, creating group blocks and contracts, as well as providing an E-learning platform that gets straight to the point. A+!Compared to other PMS systems, this is definitely one of the easiest to use. Skytouch Hotel OS is web-based and it's systems are updated regularly--this also allows you to login from external devices--HUGE PLUS. The Home Screen is completely customizable to your teams individual needs, allowing you to link external sites to your Quick Links. You can even leave bulletin messages for your team to see upon login.

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SkyTouch Hotel OS

Hospitality property management

Tosha Rones

I have used several hotel software brands. Sky Touch is simply the best.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-12-20
Review Source: Capterra

I like the way the reports are more than just reports. For example the Arrivals List. You can click on reservations from it. In other software you are only viewing a report. You have to go into another menu and then into the reservation itself to access it. This really saves time. On a busy night every second counts! I love the 24 hour Tech Support. As a Night Auditor it really helps to know that I can call and speak to a capable person whenever I need to. Often times my co-workers will ask me to call Tech Support for them with questions since I am less busy with guests. I know I will be helped patiently and professionally. The Tech Support folks take the time to teach me what I need to know instead of just fixing it for me. They answer my rapid fire questions like the pros they are. I love that they are right here in Arizona. . Thank you all!

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SkyTouch Hotel OS

Hospitality property management

Lori Andrew

It makes my life easier! The staff are comfortable using Sky Touch and I can logon from anywhere.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-08-10
Review Source: Capterra

Went from a property without a property management system to a property that went "why did I not have this sytem earlier!" Quicker access, more accurate information and data, happier staff, happier guests, more time to do other tasks and additional free time. In general less stress.Customer service is exceptional always! It is easy to use, both daily operations and especially Rate Management. It is quick - it provides me with the information I need to do my job and stay on top of things. All departments can utilize Sky Touch and I can access the system from anywhere. It allows you to perform your duties in hospitality and still allow you to have a life outside of work in an industry that never closes.

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SkyTouch Hotel OS

Hospitality property management

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SkyTouch Hotel OS Pricing Reviews

  • Ease of use. Anyone can learn how to use it.
  • Easy to use. Set up was easy and the cost was well worth it. Community board is a nice feature. Tape chart is nice to use.
  • Vary easy to learn, simple navagation and easy to price the property. Overall smooth PMS with nice features for smaller hotels without meeting space.
  • Customer Support (Tech Support), Rate management is easy, and very easy to customize. Customer service was great through the whole set up process. Good training program.
  • Cost - the monthly cost for the software is quite steep.
  • Reports can generate slow (mornings usually). More expensive than our last property management system.
  • Limited package functions...i.e. limited ability to offer dynamic packages. Limited billing options for larger groups.
  • SkyTouch can be slow from time to time. They also do updates quiet often, whitch is great but running a hotel you need your system up 24/7 and a 2 hour update makes it hard to do that.
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SkyTouch Hotel OS features

Activity Dashboard
Billing & Invoicing
Billing Rate Management
Booking Management
Credit Card Processing
Reporting & Statistics
Room Booking

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Key features of SkyTouch Hotel OS

  • GDS / OTA integration
  • Maintenance management
  • Online booking
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Travel agent bookings
  • Vacation rental
  • Extended stay
  • Multi-property
  • Group management
  • Guest experience (GEM)
  • Single property
  • Reviews management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Front office management
  • Rate management
  • Conference / meeting management
  • Loyalty program
  • CRM
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Mobile integration
  • Direct billing
  • Automated night audits
  • Guest profiles
  • Search tool
  • Guest history
  • Accounting reports
  • Front desk reports
  • Permission-based functionality
  • Sales and catering
  • Central reservation system (CRS)
  • Credit card processing


SkyTouch Hotel OS helps optimize revenue generation while controlling costs and improving operational excellence through tools for automated rate and inventory management.

Create guest profiles to build valuable marketing data that can help enhance guest experiences, and offer special rates and billing options for groups.

Adjust rates in response to changes in the market and set custom alert thresholds for increases or decreases in rooms sold.

Reduce the risk of overbooking and optimize online exposure through two-way channel management via connections with online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems, (GDS) and a customizable internet booking engine (IBE).

Users can manage the business from anywhere, and on any internet connected device with mobile-optimized hotel management interfaces.