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Schedulehead uses artificial intelligence to help schedule staff for event companies. In fact, we can make you up to 90% faster at scheduling & time-tracking. We focus on event companies, and we make the world's easiest software for staff scheduling.

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Push Operations


Payroll, HR, Scheduling, Time Tracking for small businesses

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Push is cloud-based employee management software that integrates your HR, payroll, time tracking, and scheduling tasks into one easy-to-use platform.

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Event planning platform with virtual reality & 3D diagrams

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AllSeated is a cloud-based event planning platform & collaboration network for event professionals & hosts, with virtual reality & 360 RealPlans-3D diagramming

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Event Staff App


The easiest way to schedule and manage your event staff

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Event Staff App helps automate the tedious work of scheduling and managing your event staff. Cute down on communication time via text messaging, easily track time, and mange all work shifts.

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Catering management solution for businesses of all sizes

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Catering management software for all sizes of business whether just starting a catering company or looking to grow catering revenues. Online ordering, back office order management, production planning, delivery sheduling, invoicing, credit card payment, reporting and e-marketing modules.

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Ungerboeck Software


The World's Event Software

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Transform into one holistic, integrated end-to-end system. When you're dealing with a larger deliverable and not an individual, you need to make sure your system is unified. Manage your company by staying on top of booking orders, processing orders, menu management and delivery management.

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Planning Pod


Event management and venue management software platform

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Planning Pod is a cloud-based event planning and management software that facilitates scheduling, budgeting, attendee tracking, promotion, and more

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Amadeus Sales & Event Management


Cloud-based catering and event management software

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Amadeus Sales & Event Management is a cloud-based catering software that helps hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, casinos, and gaming enterprises handle operations related to guest room blocking, contract creation, rates management, availability checking, and more.

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Event scheduling and payroll generation platform

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QuickShift is an event scheduling and payroll solution designed to help staffing agencies, non-profit organizations, contractors, caterers, and solar installation businesses manage staff members, team communication, performance, and more. Employees can filter availability based on region, receive information about work shifts, and access event details in real-time.

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Eventmachine meeting


Online event planning & automated quoting for hotel & venue

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Online catering configuration and automated quoting. Customized PDF catering quotes are sent instantly to the clients. All pricing models can be set up for banquets, events, seminars or meetings. Smart MICE revenue management and automated function sheets, running orders and event schedules.

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Online platform for employee scheduling

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Timezynk is a cloud-based online scheduling platform that allows employees and managers to manage schedules, time reporting, payroll, and booking requests. With mobile and desktop capabilities, users can manage scheduling operations from any location.

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The most complete solution for catering

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With Eatcard's automatic catering system, restaurants can improve their workflow and forget about unnecessary paperwork.

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Cloud-based software for catering businesses

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GastroSmart is a web-based software package for restaurants, large kitchens, and canteens. The application is designed to digitally support operations throughout the value-added cycle, thereby aiming to save costs while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Online order & payment management software for food service

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Pretàmenu is a cloud-based suite designed for Square POS, which helps restaurants, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, and other food service businesses manage orders, deliveries, payments, and more. The system supports multi-location businesses, curbside pickups, order queuing, and food truck scheduling.

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Corporate Catering Marketplace

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ezCater is an online ordering and order management solution that enables catering businesses to manage online and offline orders in one place, utilize online ordering capabilities to intake orders from websites and expand delivery capacity for any catering operation. Catering businesses can expand their online presence for business catering using ezCater's corporate catering marketplace.

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