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EasyGrouper overview

Think of EasyGrouper as your mobile company directory; change the information once on our service, and it's automatically pushed to everyone's phone. Everyone always has the current version. No more outdated spreadsheets or messy contact lists!

Groups and Locations can be created to add more detail and functionality to your account. Each Group and Location has an Information Page where you can customize what’s displayed. Use this information page for nearly anything you want, from directions, to pictures, to links, you can disseminate almost any kind of information seamlessly and right to everyone’s phone. The Information Pages also take full advantage of your phone - tapping a phone number dials it, an email address loads up your email application, a link loads your web browser, an address pulls up your device’s native mapping application.

Profile photos bring your account to life, helping to make new employee onboarding easier. Find someone by a name or a face. Individual Biographies are completely searchable, save time by finding a coworker with desired skills, fast. Looking for someone who speaks German or can code in Objective-C? No need to send an email or ask everyone, just search the Bios.

Beyond that, Bios can help foster a greater sense of connectedness with your team by helping everyone to get to know one another better. Think of having new hires complete their Bios prior to the first day to help everyone find common ground quickly.

Users can set their “Status” to let everyone know if they are on travel, out sick, working from home and more.

If you're a Google Apps for Business user you can connect up your EasyGrouper account to it. No need to add, edit or delete users, that all happens automatically. We even fill the gap left by Google Apps, letting employees put in their own contact information and have it automatically push to everyone's mobile device. No need for everyone to maintain their own contact list of their fellow employees! Log in directly through your Google Apps for Business account.

The EasyGrouper iOS and Android apps can sync with your phone's personal contact list, if you wish. Access your EasyGrouper contacts through your phone’s email and any other contacts-based applications.Do you use Bluetooth in your car? Sync your contacts to query EasyGrouper contacts via Bluetooth while driving, helping you to comply with all hands-free laws.

EasyGrouper can make your organization's life easier and help save time!


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EasyGrouper screenshot: Add users easily.EasyGrouper OverviewEasyGrouper screenshot: Create an account in seconds.EasyGrouper screenshot: Desktop and mobile versions available.EasyGrouper screenshot: Find someone by a name or a face.EasyGrouper screenshot: Android and iOS apps are free.EasyGrouper screenshot: Update it once, see it everywhere.EasyGrouper screenshot: View Location Info on the GoEasyGrouper screenshot: Sync With Google Apps for BusinessEasyGrouper screenshot: Add Users EasilyEasyGrouper screenshot: Create Public or Private GroupsEasyGrouper screenshot: Edit Location DetailsEasyGrouper screenshot: Email or Send an Alert to a GroupEasyGrouper screenshot: Set Status on the Go

EasyGrouper reviews


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Ann M.

It’s really easy

Reviewed 2013-12-09
Review Source: GetApp

I’ve been using EasyGrouper for about a month now and I love it. I didn’t realize just how much I would use it but I have to say having all my co-workers’ contact info at my fingertips is great. You don’t think you will need someone’s personal contact info until you actually do! The status feature is the fastest way to check on someone who is not around, you can quickly scroll through the list of everyone and see if someone is working from home, on vacation or at a doctor’s appointment. Also, as soon as some winter weather hits I know the alert feature will be used to notify everyone if the office has to close due to a storm.*Adding users to the service was a quick, one-time process. *The location feature is useful even if you have just one location. Handy spot for info. * I like keeping all my work contacts separate from my personal contacts.

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Eric Madigan

Use this app everyday!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-05-19
Review Source: Capterra

I personally enjoy the ability to push out notifications and upload information for my team to view. We use the information a lot for scouting reports and playbooks.

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EasyGrouper Basic is Free!

EasyGrouper features


Activity Dashboard (300 other apps)
Activity Tracking (184 other apps)
Applicant Tracking (220 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (296 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (190 other apps)
Compliance Management (162 other apps)
Customizable Branding (224 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (208 other apps)
Data Import/Export (207 other apps)
Employee Database (163 other apps)
Employee Management (251 other apps)
Employee Onboarding (161 other apps)
Employee Portal (179 other apps)
Employee Self Service (188 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (171 other apps)
Recruiting Management (187 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (268 other apps)
Third Party Integration (227 other apps)
Time & Attendance Tracking (167 other apps)

Additional information for EasyGrouper

Key features of EasyGrouper

  • Employee Contact Management
  • Can be Separate From Personal Phone Contacts
  • Mobile Company Directory
  • Status Updates
  • Public/ Private Groups
  • Secure Remote Wiping
  • Locations
  • Automatic Updates
  • Google Apps™ for Business Integration
  • Free Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Based
  • Information Pages for Groups/ Locations
  • iPhone Contact Sync
  • Android Contact Sync
  • Profile Photos
  • Workplace Mobile Messaging
  • Groups
  • Biographies
  • Alert System
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- The fastest way to get in touch with your coworkers
- Updates pushed right to everyone's phone
- Everyone always has the most current version
- Find someone by a name or a face
- Quickly message or email everyone, just a Group or an individual
- Send a broadcast text alert to everyone, a group or a location in an emergency
- Individual Biographies can serve as skills database and help introduce new hires
- Add users manually, from a file or sync with your Google Apps for Business account
- Enables BYOD
- Rich Information Pages integrate your phone's native calling, email, mapping and browsing functionality