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HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests

HR software for pre-employment tests

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HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests overview

HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests help businesses to identify the best candidates for a role by providing them with pre-hire employment tests to send out. The software is suitable for business of all sizes and can be deployed either in the cloud or on premise.

All tests in HR Avatar are designed in detail for specific jobs and are configured to accurately measure all the parameters required to contribute successfully to that job. All competencies and their significance are prepared through proper research specified in the Occupational Information Network dataset of the US Government.

HR Avatar tests measure candidates according to critical parameters such as work history, skills, knowledge, simulated job tasks, and cognitive ability. The tests are animated and include sections that judge real workplace situations along with an animated host for guiding the job applicants. Hence, prospective candidates find it like an actual job and enjoy the overall test process. The Test Score report features a 5-star rating score system along with numeric scores.

HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests is available in 3 editions: 40 Credits, 1,000 Credits and 4,000 Credits. The software providers offer a 60 day free trial that includes 2 free tests. HR Avatar can be integrated with users' existing hiring applications and tools.


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HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Compare and sort job applicantsHR Avatar Pre-Employment Testing - Overview (140723_02)HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Competency details and interview guide of candidatesHR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Competency summary of job applicantsHR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Job specific testsHR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Log-in screenHR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Receive an email and text notification for candidate resultsHR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot: Animated simulations measure attention to detail and problem solving skills. Test takers find it engaging and fun!HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests screenshot

HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests reviews


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Marie Porrino

Using HR Avatar for hiring the right candidate

Reviewed 2016-10-28
Review Source: Capterra

I signed up for HR Avatar, after having to terminate two people I hired for an Administrative position, because the skills they claimed to have they did not possess. HR Avatar allowed me to customize a test to determine if the candidate possessed the skills the position required. Though at first I was skeptical of having the applicant take a test before I interviewed them, it proved to be beneficial. So many candidates did not bother to start the test, and some started and never bothered to finish (it was interesting to follow the candidate from the first time they accessed the site, or that they never even attempted to, and each time they interacted with the test site). Those that never started or did not complete the test told me all I needed to know about themselves and I was able to weed them out. It was a nice perk too, that if the candidate never started the test, that I could request my credits back, since they weren't used. One thing that I did, which would be a beneficial addition from HR Avatar, was to email the candidate to let them know that I was sending them a test via HR Avatar, that was required to be considered for the position, including the approx. length of time it would take to complete the test. I never wanted the receiver to think it might be SPAM and disregard the test. My email letting them know what was coming seemed to me to be the extra step for the candidate to feel safe utilizing the test site, and to know to watch for the test, since we implemented a cut off date for each test to be completed. I am happy to say that we did hire someone who completed the test, and she has been employed with us for 6 months. I would use HR Avatar again when I need to hire someone

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Mindy Roberdeau

Great tool for small business company

Reviewed 2016-10-28
Review Source: Capterra

Our professional business company used these services to help narrow the field down of potential candidates as part of selection and hiring process. They have very "job-specific" simulated testing that helps to gauge skills, knowledge and even personal traits. It's a great approach to an overall "snap shot" of applicants. It saved our staff time and money that it would have required to do this task on our own. It's one thing for a perspective applicant to tell you they can perform a certain task. It's another thing to have them take the simulated testing that produces concrete and tangible evidence of their ability to actually perform those job-related tasks. The feedback from the candidates we administered the testing to, was very positive. Most had not ever seen one like it. It's not strictly a personality test, like most products out there. It's all inclusive testing tool that includes personality tendencies, job record history, "suggested" red flag areas as well as personality traits. Most test takers loved it! When I signed up to use the Avatar product, I received emails and a personal phone call from the Avatar company. They helped me to narrow done what to use for what we were specifically looking for as well as what we, as a company wanted to target in our hiring process. They were very helpful and accommodating. The ease of use of the product in choosing the tests, administering them and receiving the results was user friendly on top of it. I would highly recommend the Avatar services. We are a small firm and to have this tool helped us achieve our desired goals.

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Robert Clothier

Different Style of Testing

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-21
Review Source: Capterra

We have used in the past for Customer Service, HR, and other technical positions. The reports are broken up into different categories which make it easy to tell where a candidate excels or needs improvement. This style of testing makes it easy to gauge computer skills. I particularly like the attention to detail score it provides. I do wish that there was some explanation in terms of how the scoring is done. There are a lot of positions I wish I could test using HR Avatar that aren't an option.Attention to detail. Testing computer skills. Interactive style.

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Jan Byrum

HR Avatar has a lot to offer

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-02-01
Review Source: Capterra

HR Avatar supports their software - The customer service here is incredible - I have always had my questions answered or my needs addressed.The software is video interactive, simulating real life situations that a candidate could encounter. Tests may be mailed out individually or in an email blast - I have the option of sending none or multiple reminders that the link is waiting for a candidate. and I am notified as soon as candidate has completed the test. The summary is both graphically represented and has a written summary. The assessment review has great follow up questions to ask if your candidate scores in an area that is other than what you are looking for.

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Emily Ross

Customer Service Representative (with Emails and calls) Assessment

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

This software provides our candidates the preview of what the position is truly like and gives them more of an understanding of what will be required of them if they are hired for the position. I really like the camera feature as well so we can truly see if the candidate is taking the assessment by their self or if they have someone assisting them.

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HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests features

Applicant Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Customizable Branding
Employee Management
Recruiting Management
Third Party Integration

Activity Dashboard (267 other apps)
Activity Tracking (164 other apps)
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Additional information for HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests

Key features of HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests

  • Recruiting management
  • Workforce management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Large test catalog
  • Review comments on any test
  • Engaging and polished interface
  • Numeric score and 5-star rating score
  • Candidate ranking by scores
  • Volume discounts
  • Integrate with existing hiring process and tools
  • Develop new assessments
  • Support corporate branding
  • Designed to support customization
  • Set user access and permission levels
  • Automatically send post-test email to the candidate
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• Tests use a whole-person approach (recommended by the U.S. Dept of Labor) to provide a better, more reliable overall measure.

• No more guessing about what kind of test you need. Each test includes measures of cognitive abilities, skills, personality, behavior and emotional intelligence.

• Test immerse candidates in simulations of job-related tasks to get a better and more fair overall measure.

• Immersing job canididates in HR Avatar simulation-based tests results in a more positive candidate experience: 92% of HR Avatar test-takers complete their tests, compared with the 75% industry average.

• Our online system works on mobile devices so you and your applicants can keep the process moving, no matter where you are.

• The detailed report helps you in the interview with expert probing questions, tailored for each candidate.