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Workable overview

Workable is the most widely used hiring software, trusted by over 6000 organizations worldwide. Flexible, customizable and easy to use, it goes beyond applicant tracking and posting jobs. It’s hiring software that improves recruiting process.

Starting with the essential task of finding talent, Workable provides tools to build your employer brand online. With customizable careers pages and one-click posting to the most popular job boards and social networks, it increases your reach to attract more candidates. In addition, Workable is the only recruiting software with built-in candidate sourcing. In seconds, Workable can analyze your job description to help you find candidates in your target industry and location. With information including resume, social profiles and contact details, it’s easy to reach out with a personalized email.

Workable takes a modern approach to applicant tracking. Easy-to-use tools include trackable communication, bulk email, email templates, interview scheduling and management, interview kits and candidate evaluations. When you’ve found the perfect candidate, Workable provides the recruiting reports you need to review your hiring process. Which is the most effective job board? Which social media channels provide the best candidates? Dig into the numbers with the Candidate Source Report. The full suite of reports includes Time to Hire, Time to Fill, Productivity and more.


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Workable reviews

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Rose Defeo


Reviewed 2015-05-29
Review Source: Software Advice

The software is well thought out, and by far the ONLY affordable option we found on the market. The fact that our employment ads, once on Workable, automatically go out to many FREE job sites without any further action on our part is a huge plus and has led to our being able to have more applications to review (and even more than we can handle sometimes -- but that's HARDLY a complaint!) Workable has been a blessing to our company. I know that sounds cliche', but it's definitely true. I personally spoke with various vendors and attended a few online demos of other options, but the pricing was way beyond what our company's budget could handle! The President of our Company would only support monthly fees that were next to nothing, and I did not believe that such a product existed -- we had also searched a year or so ago, to no avail due to pricing. (Unfortunately I did not come across Workable at that time, or we would be a year into using it by now! The vendor has a helpful, down-to-earth approach. I have received an email or two (often from more than one rep) AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK asking how we like the product and if there is anything Workable can do to further support us. Workable's reps understand the right balance of "helpful". To receive phone calls would be annoying because our office environment is hectic and it's much more efficient to be able to communiate via email. I like receiving their messages, because it provides a quick and easy avenue to address questions or concerns. Any time I have asked a question through email, I have received a response very quickly.

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Diana Helmuth

The Easiest Applicant Tracking Software to Figure Out

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-07-11
Review Source: Software Advice

We're a startup with less than 15 people trying to hire 4-5 more. We have two people in charge of recruiting. After getting in touch with other ATS' (Lever, BreezyHR, Jobvite, HiringThing, the Applicant Stack), we went with Workable. This is possibly simply because most of those other softwares put me into a sales cycle queue, and I had to wait 3-4 days before I could talk to someone or see a demo. Meanwhile, Workable lets you sign up for a trial, and gets out of your way. I figured everything out on my own in 20 minutes. I think this is a testament to how well built their UI is-- you don't need a 30 minute handheld demo to figure it out, unlike other ATS (apparently). To compare, BreezyHR was also fairly intuitive, but we liked the feel of Workable better. Lever is also VERY beautiful software, but we got quoted around 6k/year (no monthly option). Meanwhile, Workable, is 200/mo for 4 jobs (monthly, not annual contract), and has 98% of the same functionality. Lever, based on the demo I got from their very nice saleslady, seems better if you're a big company where you need help streamlining communication quickly between departments, or want help auto-nurturing your recruited candidates. That just wasn't us, we're smaller and only hiring 4-5 people right now. Workable was easy to figure out, responsive, customizable, and I liked the monthly pay option. I would recommend it to any startup or small company, without any hesitation. Also, if you're recruiting...the real Workable seller is the People Search function. I almost don't want to talk about it, because I don't want other people to know about it. -Incredibly intuitive interface -Upfront pricing that's easy to understand and reasonable (not great, but reasonable) -Customizable pipeline -People Search Chrome extension is INCREDIBLE and no one else has it. -Easy, one step posting to multiple job sites (free and premium) -Custom links so applicants can apply from anywhere and still end up in your pipeline. -On/Off mode: You can pay monthly when you're hiring, and stop when you have no active jobs. You won't lose your data.

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Victoria Hauber

Excellent Service and Job Posting Portal

Reviewed 2015-04-02
Review Source: Capterra

Working with Workable is great! The system is very intuitive and straight forward; it is easy to use, understand, customize, and looks neat and professional. Categories for candidates are well organized and it is easy to manage candidates who were not selected versus those we would like to see continue through the interviewing and hiring process. We have received many hits on our postings and have quality candidates applying for each position we post. I love how un-cluttered Workable is. Workable has everything we need to successfully fill our positions, and has nothing that we don't need. Our company "careers" page looks very professional, modern, and we love that it can be used on its own as a link from our company page, or embedded via code into our page directly. I also enjoy the fact that if we're not reaching a good audience using the standard free listings, we have the option for a small fee to make our job posting premier or sponsored on the site of our choice for greater visibility. Haven't had to use this yet though as we're happy with the candidates currently coming in. It's really easy to add users, hiring managers, and external recruiters to Workable and assign job openings to them. We hire for a lot of different locations and it is great to have a manager 3000 miles away be able to manage their candidates on their own with ease. Resume upload and parsing is great and helped us from the transition from an old job posting portal to Workable. I uploaded hundreds of resumes from active jobs we had open with the old system into the new posts we made with Workable, and the process took all of 10 minutes with no data entry involved on my end. All our candidates are saved and attached to their proper jobs, and nothing was lost in the transition. Workable customer service is very prompt and polite, and always resolve our questions and inquiries quickly and with great advice and support. Workable shows that they value their customers and will work with us to train us in their system, help with setup and any issues we may encounter. To be honest we don't really have a lot of issues with Workable to begin with, but the few we had (getting them set up as a vendor because they are not based in the US and basics of learning ins and outs of the system) have been resolved to our expectations. A+ service at an A+ value.

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Caleb Wood

Easy to Use and Cost Effective

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-17
Review Source: Software Advice

It's a good company and a good platform that is easy to use. If you are looking for a more cost effective option and are okay with losing some of the features you would get with a bigger ATS, Workable is a good choice. They do focus on rolling out new features and I am excited to see what happens next with them. Very easy to use system, and the interfaces are intuitive for admins, users, and applicants. Each job goes out to 12 free job boards and candidates find it very easy to apply. Also allows candidates to apply with LinkedIn. Tracking of candidates through each job process is very easy with the "Bins" that peoples can flow through. Email templates, interview templates help keep the process simple and effective. Workable allows for each integration with HRIS, screening tools, and other interfaces.

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Michael Katwaroo

Easy to use product!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

Functionality of the product is superb. Many of our hiring managers find it really easy to use. Often times, they don't even need a training on how to use the product. My favorite feature is the ability to email candidates directly from the software. It's a great way to keep yourself organized especially when you are emailing a dozen candidates. It also allows other hiring managers to see your emails that way they are aware of your progress with the candidate.

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Workable pricing

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Workable offers 3 types of pricing and packaging options:

Pay as you Go - Monthly payment plan based on number of open jobs posted.

Starter - Includes all functionality of Pay as You Go and provides fixed annual discounted price.

Pro - Annual package, includes all advanced features. Priced based on number of employees.

Workable features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Applicant Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Compliance Management
Customizable Branding
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Real Time Reporting
Recruiting Management
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration

Automatic Reminders (165 other apps)
Employee Database (139 other apps)
Employee Management (228 other apps)
Employee Portal (157 other apps)
Employee Self Service (174 other apps)
Time & Attendance Tracking (153 other apps)
Time Off Requests (141 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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#5 in Applicant Tracking (ATS)

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GetApp’s ranking highlights the top 25 apps in different categories on GetApp. If an app is listed in more than one category, it has the potential to be ranked in each of these categories. The ranking is independent of any commercial campaign an app vendor has with GetApp. The ranking is based on 5 data points, each scored out of 20: reviews, integrations, mobile apps, media presence, and security.

Workable also features in these categories:

GetApp Analysis

Workable combines the power of LinkedIn’s 200 million professionals with Internet technology and SaaS pricing.

The benefits for job hunters is the ability to apply for roles with one click, while the benefit for the employer is that they can analyze and display structured data and use this in the screening process.

The solution focuses on simplifying one of the most time-consuming recruitment tasks - looking for and screening candidates.

What is Workable?

Workflow’s recruitment solution uses a process that is simple and straightforward. As LinkedIn forms the basis of all operations within the solution, it is therefore vital to have a LinkedIn account to use the software. Immediately after logging into LinkedIn, you are prompted to create a careers page for your organization. This page serves two main functions: it acts as your main homepage on the Workable site and is also used to advertise openings by embedding this page on your company’s website.

Creating jobs within the solution follows a standard workflow of detailing requirements for jobs, establishing screening requirements in which you can assign rules for each of the job criteria, collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to vet applicants, and finally publishing the job to job boards and social media. Workable has already tied up with Indeed, one of the largest job boards on the Internet, to post your job automatically to their site.

Workable has several features to speed up processing of resumes. You can establish preset filters for resumes, as well as collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to mark up individual resumes with comments.

The solution also helps you identify and track statistics related to your hiring efforts through a range of analytics, such as sources for overall responses and best quality responses. This helps job advertisers cut costs by eliminating job boards that do not provide quality leads. The solution also sends you a weekly or daily activity update for all listed positions.

Who is Workable for?

The most significant benefit relates to driving efficiencies in the hiring process. Similarly, multiple features within the solution, such as candidate comparison and collaboration, enable recruiters to simplify the hiring process. Finally, the interface’s simplicity and minimalism enables recruiters to focus on essential tasks, instead of being diverted to clutter.

A rich dashboard of analytics also help small businesses quantify their hiring efforts.

Main features

One of the more awesome features of the site is the candidate comparison browser, which enables you to compare multiple candidate profiles within a single browser instance. The layout is clean and accommodates multiple candidate profiles at the same time. In addition, it enables you to compare their qualifications against major criteria you have shortlisted for the job. Thus, it speeds up the hiring process.

The interface is simple, clean, and minimal. The homepage consists of two links: Dashboard and Activity. Explaining the concept behind the interface, Moraitakis says that they built a design “that helps you focus on what matters.” The designers seem to have succeeded in that endeavour. While my test account had little by way of details, Moraitakis informs me that most small businesses have packed dashboard with useful information, communicated in a visual format, minus clutter and confusion.


On the anvil are several enhancements, including integrations with other, major social networks such as Indeed Apply, Facebook and Github. Integrations with other, major job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired are also in the pipeline.


Workable uses tiered pricing, based on the number of positions advertised through the solution and support provided. Much like other SaaS solutions, Workable has a free version that can, with increased payments, scale up to an enterprise version. The enterprise version enables users to advertise up to 25 open positions and gets them premium support through multiple channels and a dedicated account manager.

Bottom line

Additional information for Workable

Key features of Workable

  • Hiring & applicant tracking workflow
  • Post to popular job boards without paying a fortune
  • Hosted, mobile optimized, branded career pages
  • Social media recruitment
  • Fully-customizable questions and requirements for applicants
  • Lightning-fast resume parsing
  • E-mail candidates, including mass mailing and mail templates
  • Hiring tasks arranged as a straightforward to-do list
  • Recruiting and sourcing reports
  • Seamless integration with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Easily import your existing resume database
  • Email & phone support
  • Google Chrome Extension for one-click candidate sourcing
  • API
  • Interview kits and scorecards
  • iOS and Android app
  • Offer letters & approvals
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Workable is customizable and fast to implement, with no installations and no setup fees.

24/7, global customer support, via email, chat or phone.

Large job board network featuring the most popular free and premium job boards.

The Workable app for iOS and Android is included as standard with every plan.

Built-in candidate sourcing to find candidates fast and reduce your time to hire.