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Shiftboard overview

Shiftboard is a cloud-based solution providing on-line access to scheduling and workforce managing information from anywhere on any device. Shiftboard is uniquely built for hourly workforces where scheduling, real-time communication, and responding to change are at the core of day-to-day operations.
Shiftboard’s integrated platform provides employee scheduling integrated with time and attendance software and applicant tracking and onboarding functionality.

Shiftboard is the only Employee Scheduling Platform that is highly configurable to meet the unique needs of individual companies while still making it easy to schedule workers and for workers to view and manage their schedules from any device.


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Shiftboard reviews

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Ashley Darling

Decent Functionality

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-19
Review Source: Capterra

The software was just what I was looking for in that it lets my staff opt in to events. The tech support is friendly and fast but doesn’t always have a definitive answer for you. The mobile app turned out to be a great bonus though I wish it had more of the features available for the desktop version. Overall, I’m very happy with the software and would purchase again in a heartbeat.This is the only scheduling software I’ve found that lets employees opt into a shift instead of filling out their availability every week. I work in a catering business so we don’t have consistent work for our servers. They all have school or other jobs to work around their schedule with us. Some of them only work with us twice a month so asking them to keep an updated calendar of their availability is unrealistic. This software lets me post all the shifts and have servers sign up for the ones they want. It’s very helpful. Shiftboard does also have the ability to let staff fill in availability and have management work off that, however. I also appreciate that I can include notes about the shift and addresses for when we do offsites. The software also lets me divide servers into teams so that they see only the shifts they are eligible for.

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Rick Amelse

Review from Woodson YMCA

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-11-08
Review Source: Capterra

I can't speak enough about Shiftboard and the amount of time and energy that the software has saved myself and other managers. I have no qualms about promoting the product to other departments and facilities.I love how the product is able to track certifications. The trade board function has saves me a lot of time and energy. The document function and linking of certification to profile type has also saves time and paper. I really like that I can now create a schedule and not publish it until I am finished. Schedules we create are often in motion until publication. I like that staff are no longer receiving messages until the schedule is completed.

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Online rotas made easy

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-16
Review Source: Capterra

Allows us to easily rota 500+ staff membersProducing rotas/schedules for 500+ staff members across multiple teams is no easy challenge. Especially with complex rules and specifications for each of those teams, so the fact that shiftboard even comes close to achieving these results is impressive. The software is simple and easy to use, particularly for the end users who'll probably appreciate this more than the management who need to implement it. Has been running for around 5 years now with no significant issues in that time, so again really impressive.

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Shiftboard has a steep learning curve, but is an incredibly powerful tool

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-02-16
Review Source: Capterra

Significant reduction in overlapping systems. One-stop-shop for lots of scheduling/program needs. A simple way to remind staff of their shifts and inform them of changes.It has eliminated many other systems and brought them into one place. It can handle the customization that we need as we operate a less-than-normal staffing system (some seasonal staff, some permanent; some overlapping shifts, some week-long programs, etc.). The team at Shiftboard has been very responsive to our requests and needs, which is very important. Given time, I'm optimistic that its reporting abilities will be very useful for anticipating and hiring for future needs. Coming from a world of dozens of complex, non-communicating spreadsheets, it's great to have everything in one place!

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Joe Riescher

Shiftboard makes scheduling easy

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-30
Review Source: Capterra

In event staffing things change quickly and having a scheduling software that was easy to use was a must. Most solutions in the scheduling space to not compare to Shiftboard on the ability to change time/location/uniform/client/event details all from your phone. Currently I manage a staff list of over 500 and I could not it without Shiftboard.Straightforward -- Even though there are help FAQs and videos, they are not needed, the interface is self explanatory. Reporting -- They will customize reports for you but the basic reports export to PDF or Excel for easy editing. Cost -- Only billing on actually scheduled versus active makes this perfect for companies with seasonal schedules

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Shiftboard pricing

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Basic: $3/user/month.
Professional: $6/user/month.
Enterprise: Custom Quote.

Shiftboard features

Applicant Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Automatic Reminders
Customizable Branding
Customizable Reporting
Employee Onboarding
Employee Self Service
Real Time Reporting
Recruiting Management
Third Party Integration
Time & Attendance Tracking

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#13 in Employee Scheduling

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Key features of Shiftboard

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • File uploads
  • Team documents
  • Email-to-SMS alerts
  • Customizable branding
  • Availability tools
  • Maps and locations
  • Event and project tracking
  • Timeclock/timesheet
  • Job board
  • Custom scheduling fields
  • Applicant & onboarding workflow tools
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Automated shift reminders
  • Web registration forms
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Advanced profile tracking
  • Account score/ranking
  • Tradeboard
  • Client tracking
  • Department tracking
  • Shift color-coding
  • Group messaging
  • Automated shift confirmations
  • Time-stamped manager notes
  • Finance & payroll tools
  • Applicant Tracking
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Optimized scheduling. Build schedules to match your business rules. We work with you to configure profiles, teams, and schedule rules to meet your most complex scheduling challenges. When you build your schedule, Shiftboard automatically looks at worker availability and overtime so that schedulers don’t accidently schedule someone who is unavailable, or over schedule or under schedule people.

Real-time communication. When assigning or publishing shifts for pickup, people are automatically notified. Automated reminders help reduce missed shifts.

Demand planning. Use historical data to forecast and create shifts to align with expected demand. Use this information to optimize your schedule and control labor costs by matching schedules to customer and sales demands to prevent overtime and over-staffing.

Mobile. Your mobile hourly workforce can access and manage their schedule form any device. They can use their favorite browser or use and android or iPhone app.

Enterprise grade scale and high availability. Whether you have 100 user or 100,000 users Shiftboard scales for your business. Our high availability SLA’s keep your business running.