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Starhunter overview

Starhunter is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that promises to help external executive search firms and recruitment agencies find the best people more efficiently. In addition to supporting stronger collaborative links between headhunters and their business clients, the system's all-in-one feature set claims to also improve fruitful, synchronized communications with the candidates themselves. A secured centralized platform, utilizing data security and standards adherence to guard sensitive information; Starhunter is optimized to be responsive for intuitive access on both desktop and smartphone devices. The various core capabilities are then grouped within areas of candidate management, project management and a built-in CRM that incorporates email, reporting and billing into the maintenance of contact profiles.

In terms of candidate management, Starhunter records every candidate into a single structured database along with a history of all communications. This is supplemented by a resume importer that captures CVs from Word / PDF files, with LinkedIn integration enabling basic information or full profiles to be imported also. A matching tool then queries the database to suggest suitable candidates, while map and vicinity searching finds hopefuls based within a specific location. Project management features then go on to add workflow and task handling, calendar syncing, centralized document storage and team member time tracking.


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Starhunter screenshot: Starhunter is an all-in-one candidate sourcing solution that is designed to be accessible across every deviceStarhunter screenshot: The Starhunter calendar-based planner synchronizes tasks, projects and contacts with Outlook and Apple equivalentsStarhunter screenshot: The centralized candidate database keeps a secure, structured record of candidate and contact recordsStarhunter screenshot: LinkedIn integration enables full candidate profiles to be imported including photo and contact informationStarhunter screenshot: The matching tool suggests the best fit candidates from the database in real timeStarhunter screenshot: Tags can be applied to flag up candidates, skills, interests and qualifications when filtering searchesStarhunter screenshot: Use the resume importer to quickly and effectively capture CV information from PDF and Word documentsStarhunter screenshot: Search for candidates within a certain vicinity with map-based tools for pin-pointing local matchesStarhunter screenshot: Project management features include tools for handling typical recruitment processes with workflow presetsStarhunter screenshot: Manage tasks within a team and prioritize activities with to-do lists before analyzing how everyone is performingStarhunter screenshot: An unlimited amount of centralized file storage allows documents to be uploaded and easily shared from one repositoryStarhunter screenshot: Record team member working hours with time tracking tools and the ability to analyze performance dataStarhunter screenshot: Quikcly generate candidate profiles, short lists, invoices and more from a collection of structured templatesStarhunter screenshot: Synchronize emails and telephone communications, linking histories to candidate and contact profilesStarhunter screenshot: Send customized emails to group contacts, using a template-based approach to notify candidates on vacancies or issue marketing shotsStarhunter screenshot: Built-in reporting options report back and visualize tracked data to show team working hours, various customer data and monthly revenues etcStarhunter screenshot: Billing and invoicing capabilities link directly into recruiting projects and the system CRM to send accurate professionally-styled invoices within clicks

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Starhunter features

Applicant Tracking
Employee Database
Recruiting Management
Time & Attendance Tracking

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Additional information for Starhunter

Key features of Starhunter

  • Candidate management
  • Interview management
  • Recruiting firms
  • CRM
  • Collaboration tools
  • Resume importer
  • Resume search
  • Project management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Mobile optimized
  • Data security
  • Resume database
  • Candidate database
  • Matching tool
  • Document storage
  • Time tracking
  • Document templates
  • Recruiting management
  • Task management tools
  • To-do list creation
  • Calendar management
  • Candidate tagging
  • Map-based search
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Email marketing
  • Outlook integration
  • Communication history
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With an emphasis on external recruiting service providers, Starhunter is an all-in-one online executive search solution that claims to make the candidate sourcing process more efficient for all stakeholders.

Based around a structured contacts database, the candidate management tools include the ability to import resumes in PDF and Word formats or pull in full candidate profiles from LinkedIn.

The matching tool searches the candidate database to find the best people for certain vacancies, while headhunters can hone their sights on local candidates with map-based searches.

Starhunter provides additional back office features that support executive search team members, such as invoicing and billing, task and time management, centralized file storage and calendar syncing with Outlook support.

CRM capabilities leverage the system's candidate database to add email and phone syncing to record contact communication histories, the sending of customized email shots, plus one-click invoice issuing.