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Talentnow RecruitX  logo

Intelligent recruiting for staffing agencies

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CAYPRO is an applicant tracking system and recruitment tool for staffing agencies which offers tools for managing jobs, candidates, clients, vendors, users, and more, as well as features for creating a career website, parsing resumes, sending out email broadcasts, filtering candidates, and more

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HireMojo logo

We make hiring easy. Complete Hiring Automation - Free Demo!

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Recruit and Hire better quality candidates with smart job marketing (premium, specialty, sponsored ads and more), automated screening, and candidate management.

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RecruiterPM logo

Applicant Tracking System & CRM

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An all-in-one Recruiting platform that allows Recruiters and HR to have a very powerful applicant tracking system with so much more across AI, CRM Marketing, Reporting, and more.

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Peoplise logo

Talent acquisition platform for recruiters

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Peoplise is a talent acquisition platform that helps recruiters reach, engage, analyze, and onboard new talent. It is designed to improve the candidate experience and streamline decision-making for better efficiency.

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Connectr logo

Mentoring Software that Builds Belonging

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Connectr is a cloud-based mentoring platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and nurture their best employees by giving them access to professional mentors who can help them grow their careers.

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Zappyhire logo

Intelligent hiring automated.

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Zappyhire is an AI-powered Recruitment Automation Suite, ideal for medium to large businesses. It combines the best features of an ATS and Candidate Database Management on a single platform to help enterprises screen, engage, and hire the best talent faster.

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Pocket HRMS logo

HR management redefined

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Pocket HRMS eases the cumbersome onboarding and hiring process for HR. The recruitment management system serves as a bulletin board for seamless recruitment and staffing, where HR personnel can create new jobs at the speed of light, schedule multiple interviews at one-go

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Harvie logo

Cloud-based recruiting software

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Harvie is a cloud-based recruitment software that connects employers with ideal candidates. With Harvie, companies can create job listings and post them across multiple platforms with just a few clicks. The software uses the most appropriate channels to promote job vacancies and optimize ads to ensure the best results with minimum cost.

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Heyrecruit logo

Talent management software for small and midsize businesses

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Heyrecruit is a talent management software designed to help small and midsize businesses create and publish multilingual job posts across different portals. Administrators can collect and manage applications received via portals, email, and post in a centralized location.

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HRpuls logo

Complete HR management solution

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HRpuls is an HR software for recruiting, HR management and performance with servers in Germany.

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flair logo

Complete HRMS with customization and reporting power

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flair is a holistic cloud-based HRMS build on Salesforce and designed to help companies automate and manage processes related to recruiting, payroll, employee documents storage, and engagement.

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Elevate HR Excellence with FactusRH

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FactusRH elevates HR and Payroll management with an all-in-one HRMS. Simplify profiles and files, automate payroll, streamline evaluations, and ensure compliance.

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PeopleStrong logo

An Agile and Comprehensive HR Tech Platform

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PeopleStrong HCM is a cloud-based HR SaaS platform with solutions for recruitment, onboarding, payroll management, and communication

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Atomic Hire logo

Atomic Hire - Human-Centric Recruitment

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Unique collaborative recruitment platform for teams hiring together.

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Rooster logo

Intelligent Interview Scheduling in One Click

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Modern enterprise interview scheduling software created especially for Workday Recruiting Rooster is filled with remarkable productivity improvements that are impactful and simple to use, delivering a streamlined user experience, to improve and expedite the hiring procedures.

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ProcessFlex logo

Process and profile management software

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A system for creation, customization and management of processes and profiles. Projects, recruitment, quotation, sales..

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Simplicant logo

Recruitment and applicant tracking software

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Simplicant is an online recruitment software that helps you source, target, evaluate and track applicants to improve your hiring processes

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eHRM logo

Cloud-based human resource management software

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eHRM is a cloud-based HR software that helps businesses access personal records, onboard new candidates, manage employee performance statistics, and more on a unified platform.

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TriNet Hire logo

Elegant, easy and intelligent recruiting

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TriNet Hire is a cloud-based recruiting tool that makes posting to job boards and managing candidates easy. The team integration allow you to review resumes, download file submissions and also attach feedback, ratings and keywords. Automate your process using our robust, customizable workflows.

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Bullhorn for Salesforce logo

Cloud-based staffing & recruitment platform

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Bullhorn for Salesforce, formerly Talent Rover, is a cloud-based recruiting & staffing platform combining an ATS, HRIS, CRM, expense reports, timesheets, an integrated accounting system, and more

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employAstar logo

Best Applicant Tracking system | ATS Software

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employAstar is a recruitment solution that offers complete candidate lifecycle management, employee self-service portals, invoicing modules, and vendor management. It automates the recruitment process at all stages, from managing jobs and resumes to tracking individual performance

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Recruitive logo

Applicant Tracking Software, Recruitment & Candidate Tools

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We offer innovative end-to-end recruitment solutions, including cloud-based hiring technology and website design HR, recruitment teams & hiring managers that helps find talent, enhance the entire candidate journey, and reduces their time/cost to hire.

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Marvin Recruiter logo

Recruitment solution

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Marvin Recruiter is an intelligent recruitment solution that optimizes candidate selection and sourcing. It combines an applicant tracking system and CRM to centralize recruitment. Key features include LinkedIn integration, multicasting job ads, and AI-powered candidate matching.

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ARCS logo

Cloud-based panel management tool for research institutions

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ARCS is a panel management software designed to help research organizations manage participants and streamline processes for research studies. Supervisors can utilize the member portal to schedule study sessions, build personalized profiles for participants, and conduct screenings through surveys.

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skillaHR logo

Building Great Teams

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Meet skilla.AI: Your HR Sidekick for Stellar Success! Say goodbye to HR headaches and hello to effortless HR management. skilla.AI makes your life easier, using the power of AI to simplify HR process

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