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BlueVolt logo

Sales Enablement Through Product Training

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Our solution combines an award-winning product training LMS platform with a robust sharing network of more than 1.2 million learners.

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MemberKit logo

Cloud-based platform for digital content creators

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MemberKit is a professional membership area for digital content creators. It allows users to sell exclusive content to their audience, organize courses into modules and lessons, customize the look and feel, deliver the course on an ongoing or one-time basis, and integrate with other tools they already use.

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Knolyx logo

Cloud-based learning management system (LMS)

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Knolyx is a cloud-based training solution that allows companies to create courses and provide online & offline training to employees, customers, partners & more

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Bites logo

Learning management software to train employees

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With Bites, organizations can create and share professional content with their frontline employees quickly and easily

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Boxcore logo

Simple-to-use Construction Safety Software.

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Boxcore is a cloud-based solution for construction businesses of all sizes to capture, share and track on-site safety documents.

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Edflex logo

The best learning content for your company

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Edflex revolutionizes professional learning with an innovative solution offering the best open-source content and expert publisher materials (Cegos, Pluralsight, Lawpilots, Skills4All...) across 230+ domains. Benefit 9 learning formats, available in 25 languages.

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Lemon Learning logo

Digital adoption, training, and change management software

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Lemon Learning is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses accelerate software adoption for employees. With Lemon Learning, businesses can train their employees via in-app walk-throughs, create engaging and customized content, and manage support and communication around IT projects.

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VelocityEHS logo

Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) Management Software

learn more
VelocityEHS comprehensive EHS management software includes risk analysis, incident management, corrective action, compliance management, ergonomics, and more

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Digital Samba logo

Webinars, web-conferencing & streaming management solution

learn more
Digital Samba's prebuilt video conferencing API helps businesses embed video conferences, webinars and virtual classrooms into their applications. The white-label capabilities let customer personalise the interface using custom colours and logos to create a seamless user experience.

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Tayl logo

Training management software to create and manage courses

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Tayl helps tour operators, training centers, hospitality, and other businesses create, launch, and manage learning programs to train and assess teams. Organizations can personalize the interface with custom colors, themes, domain, logos, URLs, and more to establish brand identity with clients.

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Learnster logo

SaaS learning management and course authoring software

learn more
Learnster is a SaaS learning management and course authoring software that helps organizations in healthcare, food & beverages, logistics, and other industries distribute courses, track progress, collect feedback, and more on a centralized platform.

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Buk logo

Human resources software with electronic signatures

learn more
Buk is a web-based human resources software designed to help businesses manage compensation, custom document templates, and internal request flows from within a centralized platform. It lets managers automate various HR tasks such as, organize information of collaborators, customize tabs, receive personalized notifications, generate reports, and access updated organization charts.

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SkillStation logo

Complete skills, training and competency management

learn more
SkillStation is an online competency management software solution that provides an optimised approach to manage your training, skills, and competency records.

Remove the need for paper records and fragmented spreadsheets with SkillStation - complete competency management.

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GetAConnect logo

Automate your trainings with our SaaS LMS

learn more
GetAConnect is a cloud-based automated training delivery platform that helps businesses train and certify customers, partners and employees.

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Capabiliti LMS logo

Omni-channel training, assessment & engagement platform

learn more
Capabiliti a mobile-first training, assessment & engagement platform for companies of all sizes to deliver trainings across geographies, at any scale and complexity, on any device, using any format of content. Capabiliti can be customized and branded as per specific requirements and guidelines.

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LearningCart logo

Sell courses, events, training, products, and more!

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An integrated LMS, CMS, and eCommerce engine, LearningCart enables anyone to sell & market training, exams, webinars, videos, files, & physical products to both individuals and organizations.

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GoContrator logo

Innovative software for you contractor management needs.

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A simple contractor orientation platform that gets workers out on site 3X faster!

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Disprz logo

AI-powered end-to-end learning and upskilling platform.

learn more
Disprz is a leading provider of GenAI-powered learning and skilling suite Helping organizations unlock their full potential by enabling personalized learning experiences. With the help of Disprz's LMS and LXP, you can comply, onboard, upskill, engage, and train their employees on a daily basis.

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Deltek Maconomy logo

Cloud-based tool for project, finance, and HR operations.

learn more
Deltek Maconomy is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which helps businesses in the professional services industry manage projects, financial operations, employee databases, and more. The platform offers various features such as expense management, work order tracking, project budgeting, subcontractor databases, accounting processes, performance monitoring, mobile application, and more.

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Intertek Alchemy logo

People Make the Difference

learn more
Start engaging your employees with Alchemy’s training solution! Access hundreds of customizable courses in multiple languages on safety topics for frontline workers. Simplify on-the-job observations for supervisors with Alchemy’s Coach app. Stay audit-ready with automated documentation & reporting.

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Imagen logo

Digital asset management and content distribution platform

learn more
Imagen is a digital asset management software that helps organizations and businesses in the sports and media industry store, search, view, distribute and handle videos, images, documents, and audio assets on a centralized platform.

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Edmingle logo

Build. Manage. Scale.

learn more
Edmingle goes beyond just an LMS with its AI-powered Analytics-focused training management platform. An easy to use platform, it offers a wide range of features & integrations for training businesses to deliver their courses & programs with maximum impact. Deliver a world class learning experience.

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Echo360 logo

Polling and survey software with learner engagement

learn more
Echo360 is a polling and survey software that helps organizations conduct in-person and remote assessments using multiple choice, true or false, numeric response, and open-ended questions. Participants can respond using their own cell phone, tablet or computer.

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iridize logo

Enterprise grade product training and user onboarding

learn more
Iridize is a powerful platform for creating interactive product guides and walkthroughs for employee training and web users.

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vPlaybook logo

Sales enablement built by salespeople, for salespeople.

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A top-performing sales enablement platform built by salespeople, for salespeople.

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