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ezyVet overview

ezyVet is a cloud-based Veterinary Practice Management System designed to revolutionize the way that Veterinary practices operate. ezyVet's veterinary software is user-friendly and fully integrated with Xero and Smart Flow Sheet.

It is cloud-based meaning access is available anywhere, anytime, and on any device - all that's needed is an internet connection.

ezyVet software is designed in partnership with vets to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive and usable clinical vet management solution. Built on open source web technology, rapid updates allow instant customization throughout the program. This means ezyVet can be tailored for specific situations. Whether for a general practice, specialist, referral hospital, mobile practice, equine, or dairy practice, ezyVet can be built to handles specific user requirements.

Powerful, user-friendly and fully comprehensive cloud-based practice management software, ezyVet is a complete package for veterinary practices.


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ezyVet screenshot: ezyVet CalendarCubex, ezyVet and Smart Flow Partnership at UVSezyVet screenshot: Record details in a customized and reportable formatezyVet screenshot: ezyVet's change log creates an audit trail so that data is never lostezyVet screenshot: ezyVet is accessible from anywhereezyVet screenshot: Send automated statements and invoices to customers via emailezyVet screenshot: ezyVet integrates with XeroezyVet screenshot: ezyVet Automatic BillingezyVet screenshot: User access controlsezyVet screenshot: Target specific animals for a campaign with ezyVet's marketing featuresezyVet screenshot: Automatic stock order generationezyVet screenshot: ezyVet figures out what treatments or vaccinations an animal needs based on the details enteredezyVet screenshot: ezyVet Boarding ModuleezyVet screenshot: Open APIezyVet screenshot: Electronic signature capture to operate in a paperless environment.ezyVet screenshot: Integrated Help TabezyVet screenshot: Two-way SMS, Email and E-Faxing reminder system.ezyVet screenshot: Comprehensive template system.ezyVet screenshot: Capture all charges with Automatic Billing.ezyVet screenshot: zyVet makes reporting a breeze! Easily generate a list of animals that meet any combination of criteria in the system for either reporting or marketing purposes.ezyVet screenshot: ezyVet's Customer Portal for online booking and more.ezyVet screenshot: Improve business with ezyVet's Advanced Reporting tools.ezyVet screenshot: Internal Memo SystemezyVet screenshot: Attach documents and files to any client, animal or clinical record.

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Alexis Cheney

ezyVet allowed our clinic to grow!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-01-08
Review Source: Capterra

Overall our experience with ezyVet has been amazing. It was the best decision we made overall to expand our practice, profits, and ability to practice better medicine!The thing I like the most about this software is the ability to edit most anything you need to fit your practice needs. For example when adding an appointment to the schedule, you can set up the appointment to start billing for that type of exam. Traditionally, when a Technician or Assistant loads an exam room and takes history, this software allows you to create "Clinical Templates" that you can name for example; Canine Annual, Limping, ADR, HBC, Vomiting, Diarrhea, etc. This allows the tech to select the correct template to ask the question that the doctor wants to know. This minimizes missed information when taking a history and also allows you to practice better medicine by making suggestions to the pet owner. Our canine annual exam is set up to ask all the questions you typically would ask but adds in things like "Would you like to vaccinate for Lyme today" and "Did you know that 1 in 9 Adults have some abnormality in their annual screening labwork results?" Adding these questions increased our compliance tremendously! We used to only sale about one tray (25) of lyme vaccines a year before ezyVet. Now we are rolling through that in a month easily!!! This is the same for FELV, Lepto and annual screening panels.

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Tony Cambridge

ezyVet Software Implementation and Use

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-26
Review Source: Capterra

Support has been very powerful, immediate responses are common, live help is readily available and glitches no matter how obscure are tackled in a systematic manner and resolved to my satisfaction. There is a strong sense that this company wishes to hear from you to improve their product and actually recognizes the benefit this has to all users in the future. They have delivered on all promises made and have continued to earn our respect beyond the completion of the initial sales period. Their ability to have integrated with many partners reflects their standing in the community and the mutual respect that other veterinary system vendors have for the developers at ezyVet. I would say this is unique and outstanding.The software was highly customizable to allow for us to operate in the manner we decided rather than having to bend our needs to fit software. Robust integration with both in-house and third-party equipment/software eliminating duplication of patient entry efforts and potential errors. Having reviewed all of the current available software options none provided simplicity of comprehensive record review and record completion, record writing has actually become enjoyable. Specific entries, results and actual radiographic/ultrasound images are either visible or one click away.

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Rene R Garcia

Excellent customer service. Innovative platform. The future of the veterinary practice.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-02
Review Source: Capterra

During 2015 and 2016, we tried multiple cloud-based platforms (Idexx Neo, Vet Blue, E Vet Practice), before we settled into EZYVET in April 2017, and have never looked back. EZYVET was able to handle our transition seamlessly, and give a lot of great support. That is one of the best things this company. They provide excellent customer service and are very responsive to any requests. Their platform is very user-friendly, and I love having access to all our patient information, from home. One of the features that we absolutely love is their automated texting and email reminders. This is a very powerful tool in the software, and we have seen the number of appointments made in our practice go up 30% in the past year. We attribute this to the features of this software. That is very exciting for a practice such as ours, who relies so heavily on non-verbal communication with our clients. Currently, between texts and email appointment requests, we are finding that almost 50% of clients are requesting and making appointments through emails and texts (and not phone calls). This is the future of veterinary practice, and EZYVET is ahead of the curve. They also have an online booking system feature which is very exciting. We have a BOOK ONLINE button on our website that automatically creates a new client/ patient profile directly onto the software. Another great feature. Very happy with the software and the customer support.

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Gianna Wilson

Once properly trained on Ezyvet, this program meets the needs of a busy multi-doctor vet practice.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

Ezyvet meets the software needs of a busy vet practice. Its integrated text messaging and email capabilities are improving client communications. Its integration with Smart Flow is improving the tracking of hospitalized patients. This product is cloud based, making it accessible from any computer or device with internet, WiFi, or data plan capabilities. We have had instances where we have lost internet, but I was able to access and use the program with ease via my iphone. I enjoy Ezyvet's text message communication capability. Any text communication is automatically entered in a client's communication log. Email is the same way. Ezyvet sends someone to train and assist your staff the first week that you implement Ezyvet. This was VERY helpful and vital to our success with Ezyvet. Also, Ezyvet's technical support is prompt in addressing any issue that you may have, even if there is not an immediate fix to the problem. Although this software seems very complicated upon first glance, once trained, this software is relatively easy to use, and it meets the needs of a busy practice.

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Darren Shortt

Absolutely no regrets. An incredibly comprehensive software platform. Detailed, customisable.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-10-04
Review Source: Capterra

Time saving Improved fee capture Consistent record keeping Detailed record keeping Team accountability Streamlining practice systems Ease of reminder burdens Great client communication Reporting tools are great Customisation is incredible Support is fantastic Integration is well executedI do not see me ever needing to change practice software ever again. Put simply, this program does an amazing job of automating my vision of how our practice Standards Of Care are managed, and I can do practically everything I want it to. I love how so many parts of this program allow significant time saving steps, and there is lot of automation. The more you customise, the better this gets, so use these features! This program is very well layed out. Whilst it might be a struggle at first to ensure your entire team is on board with where/how to do specific (practice-customised) tasks, the importance and ease of finding that specific information later is self-evident. The tracking of changes significantly increases accountability and ensures team consistency. The integration is amazing - with laboratories, S8 log book, SmartFlow and more! The autobilling and record keeping is a breeze! If anyone in the team has questions that only ezyVet can answer, the Support system is superb. You can call up if it is a critical issue, or send a written request and rank it's importance. They are very responsive and changes or ideas are also warmly received. I am only just now starting the analysis of data and learning how and what data I want from the program. I am confident even before this review that the program is allowing me to better understand where to focus my attention on business development and financial goals. I know any feedback for improvements is valued.

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1 user: $150/month

2-9 users: $250/month

10-19 users: $450/month

20-29 users: $650/month

30-49 users: $950/month

50-74 users: $1250/month

Additional blocks of 25 users +$250

ezyVet features

Accounting Integration
Activity Tracking
Automatic Reminders
Billing & Invoicing
Calendar Management
Data Import/Export
Invoice Management

Activity Dashboard (100 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (85 other apps)
Client Portal (60 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (75 other apps)
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Additional information for ezyVet

Key features of ezyVet

  • Calendar Dashboard
  • Client and Animal Records
  • Clinical Module
  • Financial Management
  • Invoices and billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Integrated Help Tab
  • Lab, Imaging, Supplier and Distributor Integrations
  • Accounting and Payment Integrations
  • eReferral, Insurance, Inventory and Whiteboard Integrations
  • Comprehensive Reminder System
  • User/Role Based Permissions
  • Customer Online Booking Portal
  • Self Check-in Kiosk
  • Automatic Billing
  • Boarding Module
  • Paperless and Cloud Based
  • Xero integration
  • Change Log
  • Audit logs
  • Activity audit
  • Automatic vaccination, email payment & appointment reminders
  • Calendar
  • PayJunction and PaymentExpress Integrations
  • Client / Animal history
  • Customizable Templates
  • Automated invoices
  • Syndicated billing
  • Real Time Reporting
  • SSL encryption
  • Supplier and distributor integrations
  • Clinical, product & animal templates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Data import / export
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Automated billing
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Stock management
  • Automatic stock order generation
  • 2-way SMS and email reminders
  • Customer Online Booking Portal
  • User access controls
  • Tagging
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- Increase efficiency, save time and improve revenue with seamless intuitive processes. Automate administrative tasks, reminders, billing capture, generating clinical summaries, inventory ordering and more.

- The calendar dashboard offers a simple real-time, color coded view of your day ahead.

- Access your software from anywhere, on any device with our powerful cloud system. No server or backups required!

- Better cost benefits with simple, scaling pricing options. Low initial hardware investment and no operational downtime, or loss of business.

- Free automatic updates; ezyVet are always taking on board customer feedback to improve the product and add the latest and greatest features. Updated monthly, these are free to ezyVet users.

- Use ezyVet's customer portal to give clients easy access to make online bookings, access clinical data, financial history and much more.

- Better financials with real time reports and accounting software, and payment processor integrations.

- ezyVet's advanced reporting empowers you to make important business decisions.

- Attract more business and increase customer loyalty with comprehensive reminder functionality. Use 2-way SMS, Email and E-Faxing to reach out when the time is right.

- Transform your practice into a paperless environment with E-Signature capture! Present authorization forms to your client and capture their signature directly in ezyVet.