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Collaborative contract administration software

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Onware overview

Onware is a collaborative contract administration management solution designed for use in the architecture, engineering, construction and owner industries, which includes tools for project administration, task tracking, document distribution and storage, change requests and change orders, submittals, transmittals, site visit recording, requests for information, requests for alternatives, and more.

Onware enables users to create, manage and distribute project documents while providing powerful reporting tools. Once a document is issued, it is automatically distributed to the relevant people, and users are notified of any documents requiring their input. Preferences can be set by each user for which email notifications they wish to receive, such as being notified of all supplemental instructions issued.

Onware automatically reproduces data between documents to remove the need for manual entry of duplicate data, such as the title and description of a contemplated change, which are automatically copied into the change order. Amounts from contractor change prices are also carried forward to prevent errors in data re-entry. Users can also upload their signatures into Onware for automatic insertion into issued documents, or scan and upload manually-signed documents to be stored with all of their related attachments.

Onware includes a variety of reports, which can be produced as both a printable summary, and a CSV for export to spreadsheets for further analysis. Users can track outstanding items, item statuses, item age, response times, and other project performance metrics.
Onware has increased productivity on over 2,500 projects totaling $10 billion in construction value. With enterprise and cloud solutions available on a per project or unlimited basis, Onware is an excellent fit for both small and large projects and firms. Learn more at www.onware.com


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Onware screenshot: Onware alerts users to items which require their inputWhat Is Onware?Onware screenshot: Users can create and issue multiple document types in Onware, including Requests for Information (RFIs)Onware screenshot: Users can set up their own file storage structure in OnwareOnware screenshot: Users can customize stamps in Onware to be applied to electronic documents

Onware reviews

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Peter Semchuk

We have been users of this software for the past 5 years, its ease of use is it's key selling point

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-21
Review Source: Capterra

The use of this software package eliminates duplication of parallel document tracking that previously occurred with conventional documentation processing. This tracking process is now updated in real time as a function of the database software.

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Christine Driscoll

Overall my experience is good.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-16
Review Source: Capterra

Documents stored in one location and tracking of each document is barred none the best reason for Onware. The favorites buttons are useful. Customizing our own forms is amazing! Although this doesn't pertain to software, Onware help support is excellent.

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Rosemary Phan

A software program that many Engineers and Architects dislike

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-07
Review Source: Capterra

There are many more features within this program that my colleagues, consultants (Engineers of many disciplines) do not like that there is no room to express it's pitfall. This program was created by those I believe working at the University of Alberta, who in my opinion do not have the full depth of the contract administration process. The program they have created is a small window of what they understand in the construction and architectural industry.

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Steve Bingham

I find the system useful and easy to find stuff when the user submits it properly

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-02
Review Source: Capterra

Keeps everything under one roof. Can send large files in one issuances compared to through email. Works best if contractors use it as well.

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George Unger

Learning the use of the modules was an issue as it was not always as intuitive as expected

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-06-19
Review Source: Capterra

As a large design, it provides a secure file/data storage system, that is auditable and accessible from anywhere.

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Onware offers three competitively priced plans designed to work for a single project,
small to medium size firms, or national firms. Visit our website for pricing details.

Onware features

Automatic Notifications
Document Storage

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Additional information for Onware

Key features of Onware

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Person directory
  • Company directory
  • Electronic signatures
  • Document distribution
  • Document storage
  • Task tracking
  • Quality control
  • Change orders
  • Project administration
  • Meeting tracking
  • Program clarification request
  • Equipment lists
  • Request for alternatives
  • Letters of acceptance
  • Site visit recording
  • Submittals
  • Site communications
  • Supplemental instructions
  • Request for information (RFI)
  • Transmittals
  • Change requests
  • Proposed change notices
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Reports can be produced as both printable summary formats, and CSV for export to a spreadsheet.

Summary reports outline the outstanding items, such as RFIs, shop drawings, and changes, for each job, with their statuses and details of their age in days.

Projects can be compared across performance metrics, including response times, in the Performance Report.

Data is automatically copied between documents, such as prices for changes entered by contractors being carried forward to change orders and progress claims, removing the need for duplicate entry.

Signed documents can be uploaded and stored with all their attachments, or signatures can be uploaded and inserted into electronic documents.

Comprehensive workflows with various configuration options.

Documents can be searched for by keyword, and linked together for cross-referencing.

Documents are automatically emailed to the appropriate recipients, and users are notified when their input is required on a document.