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Housecall Pro logo

Housecall Pro


Field Service Management App

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Call now to start your free 14 day trial: 833-903-2949.

Run and grow any size electrical contracting business on our feature-rich platform with scheduling and dispatch, invoicing and more.

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Jobber logo



Quoting, scheduling, & invoicing for home service businesses

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Jobber is a software solution for Electrical Contractor businesses which is designed to help with quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and getting paid—faster

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Knowify logo



Integrated mobile contractor management platform

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For electrical contractors looking to run more productively. Seamless management of jobs, budgets, invoicing, time, schedules and more.

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Kickserv logo



#1 Most User-Friendly Software to Run a Service Business

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WE ARE HOME SERVICE! The owners of Kickserv ran one of the largest plumbing outfits in the US and originally developed Kickserv to run their own business. We now provide complete paperless job management for thousands of customers and implements best practices of over 20 years of running service.

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Contractor Foreman logo

Contractor Foreman


All-in-One Construction Management Software

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NOW: Starting @ $49/m for the WHOLE company, Contractor Foreman is the most affordable solution for small and medium sized trade and general contractors serving the residential and commercial industry.

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ThermoGRID logo



HVAC solution with lead sourcing and generation capabilities

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Solution designed for HVAC companies that comes with features such as lead generation, marketing, pricing estimates, scheduling & dispatching, inventory management, payroll, invoicing, and more. The system also provides a data dashboard to track revenue and leads throughout the sales process.

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Tradify logo



Powerful job management software for electricians & plumbers

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Tradify is a powerful tool to help electrical contractors estimate, invoice and manage jobs.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud logo

Autodesk Construction Cloud


Connect data, workflows, and teams

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Connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

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Synchroteam logo



Field service management software. Live support. Free trial.

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Field service management (FSM) software for electrical contractors. Features scheduling, dispatch, calendar, job management, invoicing and map. Live support.

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Workiz logo



The #1 scheduling and invoicing tool for field service pros

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With Workiz, contractors can grow their business by ditching antiquated business management methods such as pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets and Google Calendar. Workiz provides an easy-to-use platform which allows you to manage your scheduling, invoicing, payment processing, and much more.

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ServiceTitan logo



Management Software for Service Contractors.

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ServiceTitan is the leading business software solution for both residential and commercial electrical businesses. Our powerful platform optimizes and eliminates tasks both out in the field and in the office with cloud-based responsiveness, real-time sync, and an unbeatable uptime.

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STACK logo



Construction takeoff & estimating software

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Easy-to-use, cloud-based takeoff and estimating software for electrical contractors. Mac & PC compatible. Free training and support! Get Your Free STACK account today!

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Service Fusion logo

Service Fusion


Easy. Powerful. Mobile. Field service management software.

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Service Fusion helps electrical contractors impress customers, reduce employee headaches, and get paid faster, without breaking the bank.

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ServiceTrade logo



Commercial field service and customer service application.

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ServiceTrade mobile and web apps help commercial electrical service contractors coordinate office staff and field technicians to streamline service operations and deliver an amazing customer experience.

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Smart Service logo

Smart Service


Add scheduling, dispatching, and more to QuickBooks.

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Smart Service adds scheduling, dispatching, customer management, work orders, billing, and more to QuickBooks, making it the best tool for field service work.

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Total Office Manager logo

Total Office Manager


Integrated office management tool for servicing businesses

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Total Office Manager is a cloud-based and on-premise service management software designed for businesses across various industry verticals, such as HVAC, plumbing, construction, roofing, and more. It enables users to streamline various administrative processes related to work orders, accounting, payroll and job costing.

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FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile logo

FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile


Flat rate pricing & agreement management for contractors

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FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile is a mobile-optimized flat rate pricing & agreement management application for HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical contractors and service businesses

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Houzz Pro logo

Houzz Pro


Business management software for contractors and architects

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Houzz Pro is a business management software that is built for enterprises in the residential building, remodeling, and design industries. Contractors can streamline payment scheduling and online invoicing processes as well as track activities through a client dashboard and project timelines.

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ReachOut Suite logo

ReachOut Suite


Cloud based field management software for SMBs

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ReachOut Suite provides field service managers and workers with a unified view of team activities as well as features for scheduling, information sharing & more

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RazorSync logo



Field Service Management Software & Mobile App

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#1 Rated Electrical Contractor software & app. RazorSync handles the entire workflow from estimating through payment, from office to job site.

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eTurns logo



Inventory management, replenishment and optimization app

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eTurns is a cloud-based mobile inventory management app that gives real-time visibility into remote stockroom or truck inventory and then automates replenishment in an optimized way. eTurns helps distributors, hospitals, manufacturers and contractors. Uses phones, RFID, and IoT sensors.

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SkyBoss logo



Cloud-based field management for the service provision trade

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SkyBoss is a back office and field-based service management solution for the scheduling, dispatch and job tracking of plumbers, electricians or HVAC technicians

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Orcatec logo



Cloud-based field service management software

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Orcatec is a cloud-based field service management software designed to help businesses handle and streamline various administrative processes, such as dispatching, employee management, and more. Supervisors can schedule appointments on a calendar and color-code them according to requirements.

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ServiceM8 logo



We're for small business

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ServiceM8 is a job, staff & client management solution, with everything to run your day-to-day in one place — digital job cards, scheduling, quotes, staff locations, client emails & texts, job notes & photos, online bookings, forms, asset management, invoicing & payments.

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Crew Control logo

Crew Control


The easy-to-use management software for managing your crews

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Crew Control helps electrical contractors by handling scheduling and changes to your schedule with ease, staying on top of your jobs and in touch with your crews, and giving you insight into how to grow smarter and more profitably.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

electrical contractor

An electrical contractor is a business firm or a professional that helps design, install, and maintain electrical structures/components. To efficiently deliver services to customers, the contractor needs to manage customer requests and work orders and schedule operations to accommodate them.

Electrical contractor software automates the management of these tasks. This reduces the time taken on administrative processes and the possibility of manual data entry errors. In this buyers guide, we discuss more about this tool so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

What is electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software is a tool that automates the workflows of an electrical contractor firm or professional to increase operational efficiency. It helps manage everyday tasks such as work orders, customer requests, billing, and time tracking so that contractors can focus on doing quality work. 

What are the deployment options for electrical contractor software?

Understanding the deployment options can help select a tool that aligns with the business requirements. Here are the two main types of deployments: 

Cloud-based deployment: Vendors host the tool on their own or third-party servers and take care of the maintenance and support, which reduces the upfront investment for the user. These tools are usually available for a subscription fee, paid annually or monthly, and are accessible on devices connected to the internet. 

On-premise deployment: Business organizations host on-premise software on their own server and cater to the maintenance, support, updates, and data storage. These tools are available for one-time per-user license fees and can be accessed through computer devices within the business premises.

Key questions to ask the vendor: What is the approximate time needed to get started with the tool? Are there any software implementation, installation, or training costs?

What are some common features of electrical contractor software?

Keeping in mind the common features of electrical contractor software will help shortlist products. 

Work order management: Manage all incoming and existing work orders, such as requests for maintenance or installations, through a central dashboard. Assign work orders to employees based on their skills and availability and monitor the progress on an in-built calendar. 

work order management 2

Work order management in Joblogic (Source)

Billing and invoicing: Generate bills and invoices for services provided. Send invoices that support electronic signatures to speed up the process. 

billing and invoicing 2

Billing and invoicing in Coolfront (Source)

Quotes and estimates: Generate quotes and estimates based on job requirements. Utilize cost templates or create custom quotes and estimates from scratch.  

quotes 2

Quotes and estimates in Joblogic (Source)

Time tracking: Record time taken by employees to complete a particular work order or task. Use the time logs to bill clients and calculate payroll.

time tracking

Time tracking in Synchroteam (Source)

Key question to ask the vendor before you buy: What is the maximum number of users supported by the software?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context, and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations, obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.