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Revelation Pets

Online software for kennel and cattery management

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Revelation Pets overview

Revelation Pets is a kennel and cattery solution for online cat and dog boarding and daycare bookings. The solution enables business owners to keep track of pets via calendars and kennel sheets, as well as review the booking history of a particular customer. Users can accept bookings online via Facebook, or through the organization’s website using a special plugin code.

Revelation Pets provides boarding and daycare centers with a calendar that organizes and displays all current, previous, and upcoming runs and bookings. Kennel sheets provide photos and information on pets, and let users review pet arrivals and exits, as well as any special dietary requirements, vaccine expiries, or medications the pets may need. Users can create split bookings directly from the schedule, and split a stay across multiple different runs within the same booking.

Revelation Pets enables pet owners to see which dates are available online, and make bookings via the daycare’s website or social media. Users can add appointments including service type, time and description, as well as schedule repeat appointments as needed. Alerts notify users of any new booking requests, vaccination expiry, or any other important events. Organizations can send booking confirmations, details and reminders to customers via customized emails.

Administrators can add multiple users to the platform with different permissions set for different members of the team. Revelation Pets provides a translation service that allows users to change text to their preferred language, including the wording and text within the platform. The solution is entirely cloud-based, and fully accessible via all connected smart phones, desktops and tablets.


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Revelation Pets screenshot: Click on a name to display pet details on the kennel sheet Appointment BookingsRevelation Pets screenshot: Send customers confirmation of their booking with customized emailsRevelation Pets screenshot: View customer booking history to see when they last booked inRevelation Pets screenshot: See a daily overview of all activityRevelation Pets screenshot: Receive alerts and notifications for important eventsRevelation Pets screenshot: Set appointments to reoccur as often as necessaryRevelation Pets screenshot: Add multiple users to the team and set different permissions Revelation Pets screenshot: RevelationPets' translation features change text to the user's preferred languageRevelation Pets screenshot: Create a booking by choosing a pet and selecting datesRevelation Pets screenshot: The home page displays the day's arrivals, departures, latest bookings, and moreRevelation Pets screenshot: View occupancy charts and other detailed reportsOnline Booker

Revelation Pets reviews

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Lisa Slade

We love the software from Revelation Pets.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

We have a small but rapidly expanding boarding and daycare facility in New Zealand and to have a supported software package that is constantly updated and kept in the cloud is an true asset to our business. Anyone can use the product with ease and you can suggest enhancements which the team at Revelation Pets will develop for release to all without further costs back to their clients. Our customers use the product to make their own bookings which is really beneficial to both our customers and ourselves and the reporting features help us to keep track of our progress from year to year or week to week. Recently I asked fir an enhancement to check off multiple payments in one action and this was acknowledged quickly, developed and presented back to me with a very short time frame. Pretty exciting really when you are the client and you ask for something that then gets delivered free to you all within a couple of weeks! A further bonus is if you have a question you always get a reply from the team in a really timely manner. We fully recommend Revelation Pets to anyone, anywhere in the world that would like to grow or enhance their business and make it simple for their own customers and your staff. Simple to use, packed with features, regular upgrades that are free, one set price, and a product that teams up with other products such as mail chimp to make your services even better. Great stuff Revelation Pets!

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Nicholas Meldau

Woodrock Animal Rescue review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-13
Review Source: Capterra

Exceptional support and improvements since we started. We still have a problem with the accounting side regarding invoicing (accrual basis versus payments basis and payments in advance). In terms of generally accepted acoounting principles we have to account on an accrual basis and payments received in advance are to be treated as a liability and not income. We also have trouble reporting on invoicing for a specific period (invoicing for that period of bookings) as opposed to the booking report. Also the booking report does not give totals and exporting to excel does not allow us to autosum due to our different currency.simplicity and clarity

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Richard Jager

The leader of the pack!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-07-15
Review Source: Capterra

I cannot rave enough about this software and the company behind it. We have a 60 room cattery in Tasmania, Australia and we made the move from a paper based system to Revelation Pets after months of reviewing all of the software available. To us, Revelation Pets were head and shoulders above the competition because of the features and the ability to give it a really good test run of all of those features before we committed was great. Everything we threw at it it was able to cope with and the customisation features give customers a sense that they are dealing with you and not a generic piece of software when making an online booking or receiving a confirmation email. It's obviously been designed with plenty of input from people in our industry and looks good so my team WANT to use it. Revelation Pets has not only made our business more professional, but has increased our productivity. We have fewer phone calls to answer - not only for bookings but also for information that is now emailed to the customer after they book. I love that I can take bookings or view information on anything with a browser including my phone and it looks great and is easy to use on that too. To back up their great product, the customer support is awesome. These guys really listen to what their customers want and act quickly. I have made several suggestions for changes I'd like to see and usually within 24 hours (usually less) I have a response and then shortly after that a notification that the change has been made complete with instructions. Feature rich Great UI Customisable Web based - always up to date software and available on any device with a browser Scales well to work on mobile phone browsers No lock in contract Amazing customer support

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Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-02-22
Review Source: Capterra

Over the years I have looked at a number of booking systems for my Doggie Day Care / Boarding / Training facility. Several years ago I came across Revelation Pets and tried it out. It offered several things I liked but I had my own way of doing things and was looking for a system that could meet some very specific needs such as a visual calendar that was easy to use to enable us to view our bookings 'at a glance'. With the last couple of upgrades and the upcoming new enhancements, Revelation Pets has more than met our expectations!!! It was easy to train my staff how to use and each day we discover new ways to use even more features. Even better, their customer service is wonderful!!! Kate and the team have been there for us regardless of how crazy our needs seem to be. Their focus and direction are spot on and we look forward to all the new features coming next month. Easy to use - Easy to train staff - Well thought out - Gets better and better.

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Dewald Coetzee

Daphne’s/Fetch dubai

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-28
Review Source: Capterra

I’m loving it, grateful for the support, and appreciate the constant improvements-Online booking, -Instant check in, -Making sections of the registration mandatory, -Booking appointments online without having to book daycare/boarding

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Professional Edition: $49 per month

Enterprise Edition: $285 per month

Revelation Pets features

Automatic Reminders
Calendar Management

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Additional information for Revelation Pets

Key features of Revelation Pets

  • Photo management
  • Email confirmation
  • Pet birthday tracking
  • Receipt processing
  • Veterinarian list maintenance
  • Pet grooming
  • Facility management
  • Real-time online appointments
  • eReceipts
  • Cloud management
  • Calendar
  • Kennel sheets
  • Email messages
  • Split bookings
  • Language translations
  • Booking history
  • Alerts
  • Scheduling
  • Review pet arrivals and departures
  • Review medications, dietary requirements and vaccine expiry
  • Send booking confirmations, reminders and booking details
  • Booking requests
  • Customer accounts
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Users can stay up-to-date by setting up alerts and notifications for important events such as vaccinations and expiry dates.

Revelation Pets users can review pet arrivals, departures, dietary requirements, medications, and vaccine expiry on a single platform.

Organizations can send customized confirmations, booking information, and reminders to customers via branded email messaging.

Revelation Pets is optimized for mobile access, enabling users to manage their bookings and customers on the go.

Businesses are able to add a booking widget to their website and customize all communication with their kennel name.