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DaySmart Pet logo

DaySmart Pet


Software for Managing Pet Services Businesses of All Sizes

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123pet groom is our award-winning software designed for grooming salons and mobile groomers.

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Vagaro logo



Beauty, wellness & fitness appointment & business software

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Vagaro is a web-based solution for salon, wellness and fitness center owners to promote their business, manage staff, book appointments or classes online and connect with customers.

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RunLoyal logo



Helping to get back to what you love

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RUN business efficiently to double your profitability, while creating LOYAL customers.

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Users also considered logo


Scheduling software for service industries & entreprises

visit website works perfectly for your pet grooming business. Sign up, get a beautiful personalised booking website or insert a booking widget to your own site. Allow your clients to book your services online 24/7 and offer them to buy products and service add-ons during the booking process.

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Kennel Link logo

Kennel Link


Kennel, daycare and grooming management software

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Pet grooming management software. We offer a web based solution so you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Paw Partner logo

Paw Partner


Kennel, pet grooming, daycare, and training management

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Paw Partner is a mobile and web pet facility management system for pet kennels, daycare centers, groomers, and trainers. It offers features such as time tracking, pet data storage, history tracking, vaccination tracking, scheduling, and a social communications timeline.

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Goldie logo



Appointment scheduling for beauty and fitness professionals

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Easily schedule appointments, send reminder messages to reduce no-shows, get more bookings with a free stunning online booking website, take payments with just your phone (no POS or extra equipment required), view business reports, send marketing messages, keep client notes, etc.

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PetExec logo



Cloud-based pet care business management system.

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PetExec is a cloud-based pet care business management solution for the modern pet professional. Pet parents can access and use the owner portal or PetExec Mobile App to save many hours a day. PetExec is a perfect solution for both pet professionals and pet parents.

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MoeGo logo



Smart assistant for pet groomers

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MoeGo is a all in one app for pet groomers with schedule management, customer communication, payment processing, and more. It is a cloud-based software available across iOS, Android, and Desktop.

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Revelation Pets logo

Revelation Pets


Online software for kennel and cattery management

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Revelation Pets is an online booking system for kennel & cattery management, offering features for scheduling, kennel sheets, email messages, alerts & more

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Gingr logo



Pet daycare, boarding, kennel & grooming business software

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Made by pet lovers, for pet lovers. Gingr is the top pet-care software. Features include: Pet Parent Mobile App + Portal, Multi-Location Functionality, Online Bookings, Automated Reminders, Marketing Campaigns, Pet Report Cards, Staff Scheduling, In-Depth Reporting.

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MyTime logo



Appointment scheduling, POS & customer engagement platform

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MyTime is a fully integrated appointment scheduling, point-of-sale and customer engagement platform for multi-location chains and franchises. Additional features include email marketing, payroll, CRM, and more.

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Square Appointments logo

Square Appointments


The all-in-one point of sale for booking, payments, and more

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Square Appointments is the all-in-one point of sale for
booking, payments, and team management. We handle the admin while you do more of what you love.

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ProPet logo



Kennel, daycare & grooming management software

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ProPet is a web-based kennel management solution offering client & pet management, online appointment booking, billing & invoicing, payment processing, and more

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Pawfinity logo



Pawfinity, The World's Favorite Premium Pet Service Software

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NEW V5.0 - The most advanced online booking system on the planet. Come see why more Pet Pros recommend Pawfinity than any other.

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DoTimely logo



Mobile, all-in-one field service solution

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DoTimely is an all-in-one solution for pet grooming business with features for scheduling, invoicing, communication tools, and more. You can run your business from anywhere with app

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PetLinx logo



Grooming, boarding kennel & cattery, doggy daycare software

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PetLinx for dog grooming, boarding kennel & cattery, and doggy daycare companies with tools to manage scheduling, services, customers and pets, and more!

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BookSteam logo



Smart Online Appointment Scheduler

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Online Pet Grooming scheduling made easy!

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GoReminders logo



Text & email reminders for appointments, meetings & more

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GoReminders is an appointment reminder and SMS scheduling service for businesses of all sizes. The reminders and confirmation tool can be used to schedule text messages & emails to send to clients in order to reduce the number of no-shows and confirm appointments.

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PetPocketbook logo



Pet sitting software for pet care and dog walking businesses

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PetPocketbook is a pet sitting software designed to help businesses manage invoicing, billing, compensation tracking, staff scheduling and client communications, among other processes on a unified platform. Dog walkers can collect and store customers' information within a centralized profile.

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Savvy Pet Spa logo

Savvy Pet Spa


Simple software for the Savvy groomer.

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Savvy Pet Spa is a simple, intuitive, software for pet groomers worldwide. The solution is a business management tool to help improve efficiency & facilitate growth in pet grooming businesses.

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BookingKoala logo



Booking management platform for the service industry

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BookingKoala is an online booking software designed to help businesses of all sizes handle appointment scheduling, lead generation, billing, marketing, and other operations. Customers can utilize personalized dashboards to view appointments, refer friends, and purchase gift cards.

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PawLoyalty Pro Software logo

PawLoyalty Pro Software


All-in-One Boarding, Daycare, Grooming & Training Software

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Beautiful Groom Cards that show previous cut images, price/service history and grooming notes. Simple gmail style calendar with drag and drop & 1-click Text when pets are ready for pick-up. We simplify grooming commissions/tips and bathers hourly tracking. Fill last minute cancellations using SMS

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Kennel Connection logo

Kennel Connection


The Most Trusted Pet Care Software for 25+ years

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KC offers desktop & cloud management software which enables pet boarding, daycare, grooming and petsitting centers to manage facilities efficiently.

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Groomsoft logo



User friendly cloud based pet grooming software

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Groomsoft is user friendly, cloud-based, pet grooming software, which helps pet grooming businesses save time & money. Includes online appointments, daily, weekly, monthly & view by groomer appointment calendars & more. Mobile Grooming optimize route, satellite view, auto mileage tracking & more.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

Pet grooming

Pet grooming is a service designed for pet owners who lack the time and knowledge to groom their pets personally. Pet grooming services, such as bathing and nail clipping, make it easier for pet owners to meet their pets’ grooming needs. Pet groomers assist owners in maintaining the health and physical appearance of their pets without spending any extra time or effort.

Pet grooming software helps pet grooming companies, small and large, manage their workflows better. But choosing software that suits the needs of your pet grooming business can be a challenge. You’ll have to select software features that cater to your needs. To help you out with the decision, we’ve created this buyers guide. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is pet grooming software?

Pet grooming software is a tool that automates workflows, such as appointment scheduling, client and pet management, and commission management, for pet grooming companies. Using this software, groomers can manage their appointments, generate invoices, accept payments, set reminders, and generate reports, among others.  

What are the deployment options for pet grooming software?

Pet grooming software can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. Let’s have a look at both deployment models. 

Cloud-based deployment: Cloud-based pet grooming solutions are deployed on vendors’ own or third-party servers. Vendors manage software maintenance and support at no additional cost. Cloud-based tools can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection. They usually have a subscription-based pricing model with monthly or annual charges.

On-premise deployment: On-premise pet grooming software is hosted on a buyer’s on-site server. Thus, the responsibility of maintenance, support, and updates lies with the buyer. This type of software can be accessed only on the system on which it has been installed. It involves a one-time per-user license fee.

Key question to ask a vendor: Is your software available as both on-premise and cloud applications? 

What are some common features of pet grooming software?

Understanding the features of pet grooming software will help you choose one that suits your needs. Listed below are some common features that you should consider while making a purchase.

Appointment scheduling: This feature helps schedule and track one-time or recurring client appointments. You can send automated reminders to clients via emails or text messages. You can also maintain a centralized calendar with details of scheduled as well as completed appointments. 

Appointment scheduling

Color-coded appointment calendar in DoTimely

Client management: With this feature, you can save the details of your clients and their pets in a centralized database, which can be accessed on all synced devices. The database stores all pet-related information, such as skin issues, food allergies, behavioral issues, and owner notes, so that arrangements can be made to offer a good grooming experience. 

Client Management Grooming

Detailed pet record in Gingr

Commission management: This feature allows you to track the commission and incentives earned by your grooming staff. You can enter the rate of each grooming service to calculate the commission earned by a groomer, either on a per-pet or per-service basis. 

Commission Management

Commission calculation in PetLinx

Inventory management: This feature helps monitor inventory levels to check which items need to be restocked. You can also manage and tag existing assets and download reports to predict future needs.

Inventory management

Inventory details dashboard in Envision Paws

Staff management: With this feature, you can not only track your grooming staff’s work hours and time off but also manage their payroll. You can allow staff members to self-log the start and end time of every session or task. They can enter the services provided and record any additional costs charged to customers. All recorded information can then be presented on a dashboard for further verification.

Staff Management PG

Staff management in ProPet

Key question to ask a vendor: What are the features of your pet grooming solution’s basic plan? How much does it cost?

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Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and aren’t intended as endorsements or recommendations. They’ve been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.