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Data preparation & work automation for non-technical users

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EasyMorph overview

What is EasyMorph?

EasyMorph is a self-service, data preparation and transformation tool that helps non-technical business users to increase data analysis productivity by accessing, merging, and manipulating data from multiple data sources. The solution is useful for business users within sales, marketing, financial and operational analysis, helping them transform raw data sets into actionable analysis in less time, and with higher quality than working with spreadsheets. Repetitive data-related tasks can also be automated for increased efficiency.

EasyMorph comes with more than 100 built-in transformations, and stores all intermediate calculation results enabling users to click any transformation step and instantly see its result. Users can load data from databases, files and spreadsheets, and transform it visually by applying various operations, such as filter or join, and export results to files and databases. The automatic documentation feature in EasyMorph enables users to record all data manipulations and calculations to facilitate the tasks of making changes, identifying problems, and keeping track of work history.

EasyMorph’s data transformation capabilities include data preparation for dashboards and reports, over 100 actions for merging, matching, filtering, aggregating, and more, as well as the ability to import and export from and to databases, spreadsheets, and files of various formats. Users are also able to perform advanced non-relational transformations such as regexp, pivot/unpivot, or fuzzy matching, and make use of data quality guards in order to prevent "dirty" or inconsistent data from propagating.

Automation features within EasyMorph allow users to replace VBA macros or various scripts with visual workflows, schedule tasks, and copy/delete/rename/unzip/download files. Users can also receive and send emails with attachments, transfer files over SFTP/SCP, run external programs, and execute batch and PowerShell commands. The solution also supports the ability to create data-aware, rule-based alerts, and arrange conditional if/then/else workflows. EasyMorph offers support for cloud databases hosted at Amazon, Azure, or Google.


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EasyMorph screenshot: EasyMorph combines data and workflow in a single view, providing a clear picture of transformation logicEasyMorph 3.5 introductionEasyMorph screenshot: Automate complex data transformations and routine or repetitive tasksEasyMorph screenshot: Use the database query editor and add conditionsEasyMorph screenshot: Add transformations to the table by clicking or dragging the itemEasyMorph screenshot: Use the filter action to filter through data transformationsEasyMorph screenshot: Drag and drop transformations to the tableEasyMorph screenshot: Filter by condition and keep only the rows with selected values in a columnEasyMorph screenshot: Remove duplicate rows in the table based on selected columnsEasyMorph screenshot: The EasyMorph Scheduler sits in the system tray and runs EasyMorph projects on schedule

EasyMorph reviews


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Mervin Govender


Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-03-12
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to use. Saves tons of time doing transformations. I was able to build a data-mart in a week, without easy morph it would have taken me at least 3 weeks.

If you have really large data sets and plan to do a delete and insert it could be very slow and possibly too heavy for easy morph handle.

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Mike B.

EasyMorph makes it super easy

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-02-22
Review Source: Capterra

Everyone I demo this tool to at my org is amazed how it is quick to learn. Customer support is also very responsive, often responding within an hour. So far all my interactions with support have been with the CEO. He clearly stands by his product. Looking forward to meeting him again at a future Tableau Conference.

Feature-rich and cost. It is very economical for what it does. The free version will probably do 90% of what you need and the paid-for version is worth its weight in gold. While we use EasyMorph in my department (IT) as a poor-man's ETL, it does it well and it does it beautifully. Previously, we would spend weeks creating custom scripts in a variety of programming languages, or use SSIS, which is terrible for ETL. We even use EasyMorph Server as a centralized task scheduler to kick off all kinds of batch jobs that might not even perform any sort of ETL. I love this tool and I am slowly but surely sowing the seeds and spreading EasyMorph's adoption throughout my organization.

Once in a while it may crash if you are importing data from a query, although I haven't seen it crash in the latest version. I also wish it could directly speak with Snowflake, our chosen data warehouse, but through EasyMorph's File Export, Amazon Command, and ODBC Database Command actions, we're able to ingest data into our warehouse without issues.

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EasyMorph pricing

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$750/year or $250 for 3 months. Updates and technical support included. Price is guaranteed to never increase as long as subscription is not interrupted. No vendor lock-in policy (see details on our website).

A time-unlimited free edition with restricted functionality is available. Compare editions on https://easymorph.com/buy.html

EasyMorph features

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Additional information for EasyMorph

Key features of EasyMorph

  • Data quality control
  • Match & merge
  • Non-relational transformations
  • Data discovery
  • High volume processing
  • Data transformation
  • 100+ actions for merging, filtering, aggregating, matching
  • Import/export from/to databases, spreadsheets, files
  • Cloud databases hosted at Amazon, Azure, or Google
  • Advanced non-relational transformations
  • Data quality guards
  • Automatically generated documentation
  • Visual workflows
  • Schedule tasks or trigger them manually
  • Receive and send e-mails with attachments
  • Transfer files over SFTP/SCP
  • Copy/rename/delete/unzip/download files
  • Run external programs, execute batch and PowerShell commands
  • Create data-aware, rule-based alerts
  • Arrange conditional if/then/else workflows
  • Automate common or repetitive actions
  • Publish to tableau server, generate TDEs
  • Export results
  • Database
  • Tray notifications about failed projects
  • Project parameter definitions
  • Schedules: Once / Hourly / Daily / Weekly
  • Scheduled PDF report generation
  • Rule-based email notifications
  • Log monitoring
  • Conditional workflows
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EasyMorph is optimized for non-technical business users so they can analyze data more efficiently without having to involve the IT department.

Multiple uniform files can be seamlessly processed and multiple files can be appended from separate data sources.

Automation capabilities save users significant time by automating repetitive activities such as coping, renaming, unzipping files, executing external programs and automatically sending email alerts to notify when a scheduled calculation fails or when data quality issues are detected.

Data quality guards allow users to create and maintain quality data as a part of the data transformation process, minimizing human error. Business logic is used for workflows that can halt a process if a certain data condition is met or not met. In addition, automatic notifications can be sent if key data is missing or doesn't fall into a specified range.

EasyMorph can handle a lot more data than Excel spreadsheets without the sluggishness that is encountered with larger datasets.