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Vertex Case Management & Billing

Case management & billing for U.S. social service agencies

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Vertex Case Management & Billing overview

What is Vertex Case Management & Billing?

Vertex offers all the tools social service agencies in the United States need to automate paper case management files. Eliminate the laborious, time-consuming manual recordkeeping that keeps staff from delivering billable services. Vertex Case Records Manager and Vertex Fee-for-Service Billing can operate separately or in integrated mode. Vertex Case Records Manager helps your agency streamline the entire record-keeping process, consolidating all case-management elements into one unified system.

Vertex runs in Windows Explorer on laptops, netbooks and desktop computers. You also have the option to use the Apple IPod Touch and your wireless network for the ultimate in mobility.


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Vertex Case Management & Billing features

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Key features of Vertex Case Management & Billing

  • Intuitive, single screen layout for time entry.
  • Visually verify identity with the employee's picture - insta
  • Group employees by job, location, time, or anyway you'd like
  • See the day's time records on a convenient daily calendar.
  • Real-time detection of time record errors and easy editing.
  • Lower costs by reducing paperwork & increasing productivity
  • See all complete and incompleted information at a glance
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* Enter information once and use it everywhere, eliminating the need for multiple people to record the same data in multiple places.
* Save time and costs of traditional training - the application is so intuitive that minimal training is needed, even for new staff.
* Record piece-rate and hourly time simply by clicking a mouse.
* Customize your dashboard to display only the information that is meaningful to you.
* Conveniently review your entries before submitting to payroll.