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ReqView overview

ReqView is a highly intuitive software that provides users with a range of useful tools to create well-structured documentation files and configuration documents required for software or system development projects. With ReqView businesses can easily capture structured requirements for a software or system product, and track traceability to design tests and risks. Users can easily customize ReqView to any development process, from simple agile process to complex waterfall.

With the ReqView platform, users can easily import work from existing CSV or HTML files, use and customize available document templates or create a new document from scratch. Users can also edit documents in text format and attach images or PDFs and link them via custom links. The software allows users to filter, edit and define different requirements such as priority, target release date, and acceptance criteria.

ReqView facilitates the tracing of links and allows users to generate traceability reports. With ReqView’s smart Traceability Matrix, the user can easily browse the document’s structure and keep track of changes for every attribute within their projects. Using Google Drive, businesses can share encrypted documents with their team, and export completed project requirements to Excel and Word files, and even to formats such as CSV and HTML.


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ReqView screenshot: Capture structured stakeholder, system or software requirements ReqView screenshot: Manage requirements and setup custom attributes such a status, priority, target release, and moreReqView screenshot: Review requirements and add comments for enhanced collaborationReqView screenshot: Manage traceability links from requirements to design, risks. Setup custom traceability columns to overview information from linked objects across multiple levels.ReqView screenshot: Manage risks and link potential risks to the related high-level business requirements

ReqView reviews

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Malcolm Macdonald

'Right-sized' between capability versus ease of use and maintenance.

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

An easy-to-implement and -maintain requirements management system. It doesn't try and be the answer to everything we have ever needed in our development process, which usually leads to overly complicated software which drives your system, rather than the other way around. ReqView fills just the slot we need it to.We are a small development group that does not have the bandwidth to justify dedicated resources to learn and customize a complex tool. We have periods of heavy activity followed by months of not touching the tool, so ease of use was at the top of our list of priorities. Additionally, being in the medical device field, we already have many systems in place and do not want to disrupt what is already running smoothly. ReqView is very specific about what it is trying to accomplish, and does it well. It is easy to learn (we have only needed the online documentation) and the pricing makes it a no-brainer to start playing with. The product is definitely a work in progress, with new features being added on a regular basis. A couple of them have been as a result of requests I made personally, so you can't get better responsiveness than that! Rather than trying to do everything, ReqView provides straightforward import and export to standard MS Office software. For version control, we treat it like source code in a Subversion database, but it can be used on a shared drive. Updates are easy and automatic. It's not SAAS, which our IT department would have nixed for security reasons, plus there's not the delay involved with remote servers.

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Philipp Bank

Reqview als an alternative to Excel

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-11
Review Source: Capterra

We use ReqView as the "front end tool" to specify system and software requirements for projects. We use ReqViews project concept to include requirement documents from a product line and the option to define custom relationships between documents to extend, append or overwrite generic product line requirements with project specific requirements. The "backend" is a set of scripts which will merge the ReqView files (product line requirements with project specific requirements), convert it to LaTeX and generate nice PDFs - all that automatically in a CI environment.First of all: It's lightweight and not bloated like many other requirement engineering tools. During a relaxed afternoon you'll be able to have played with *all* of its features and have learned how to use it. Also important: The database format is basically just plain ASCII which makes it easy to compare with earlier versions, easy to be parsed by scripts and easy to convert to whatever-you-want.

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Stefan Goede

Reqview for SW and System Requirements

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-11-29
Review Source: Capterra

I use Reqview to manage multi-customer complex projects, including HW and SW requirements. ReqView serves our purpose very well.It is a lean tool, which is quick and has good performance. Easy to use, no unnecessary features. It works very stable and it provides all vital functions you need for professional requirements management.

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Tom Youd

Great for Small to Midsize Companies who need to manage requirements

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-22
Review Source: Capterra

We are tracking requirements for a product in a highly regulated industry. ReqView allows us to manage requirements and risks from the system level to the component level with full traceability. The function is very similar to a limited DOORS product but at a fraction of the price.The software manages requirements very well and allows traceability through the entire Requirements/Risk document structure. The basic functions are easy to use. The ReqView team is very good at tracking user inputs to improve the software and they are very responsive to customer needs.

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Bernd Eisenhuth

It works fine, very flexible and easy to use. I miss the possibility for trace and impact anala

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

Linking between requirements of different documents (but without analysis) Easy and flexible. Use of standards e.g. json. The csv export is useful. Exporting from a csv is a useful feature, but sometimes it won't work.

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FREE version: available for 1 document, up to 150 objects, and 1 custom attribute.

PRO plan: 300 EUR/user/year for unlimited documents, objects, and attributes.

ENTERPRISE plan: starting at 2700 EUR/year for 3 floating clients.

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Additional information for ReqView

Key features of ReqView

  • Change tracking
  • Commenting
  • Custom attributes
  • Custom link types
  • Full text search
  • HTML and CSV export
  • History of changes
  • Impact analysis
  • Intelligent filter
  • Multilevel traceability reports
  • Offline collaboration
  • Prioritizing
  • Project data modeling
  • Project risk analysis
  • Project sharing
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Requirements coverage
  • Requirements discussion
  • Requirements management
  • Rich text editor
  • Suspect link flag
  • Traceability management
  • Word, HTML and CSV import
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• EASE OF USE - Capture well-structured requirements in a familiar tabular view resembling MS Word and Excel.
• FLEXIBILITY - Manage requirements, tests, risks, and other project artifacts in one place using any process.
• TRACEABILITY - Link requirements and other objects. Browse the requirements traceability matrix and generate multi-level traceability reports.
• SECURITY - Comply with the highest security standards simply because no project data are sent to the Internet.
• OFFLINE COLLABORATION - Collaborate with a distributed team by storing the project on a shared network drive or in your Version Control System.
• OPEN FILE FORMAT - No need to be afraid of vendor lock-in. ReqView project data are human readable files with an open file structure.
• REASONABLE PRICE - Use the basic ReqView features for free, or choose an annual plan enabling advanced features and remote support.