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Modular system for printing, scanning, and device management

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uniFLOW overview

What is uniFLOW?

uniFLOW is a modular printing and scanning management platform that covers office printing, mobile printing, document scanning, device management, and production printing. The software includes functionality for web submission, process workflow automation, job re-routing, batch processing, and more.

With uniFLOW, users can securely print sensitive documents through a shared network printer submitted through their desktop or mobile device. Users release print jobs at the printer after authentication via card login, job code or PIN code, ensuring that confidential documents are not left sitting on the printer. Printing, scanning, copying and faxing costs can be tracked and allocated to the relevant project or department, and budget controls enable automatic limiting of printing once budgets have been exceeded. Jobs can also be routed to the cheapest or most appropriate printer, and users can be forced to print jobs in duplex or grayscale.

uniFLOW's device management capabilities provide businesses with an overview of their entire multifunction printer fleet, with status notifications for device errors, low toner, and other issues based on customized workflows. Device auditing enables the recording and archiving of all device activities, including images, text, and login information, with optical character recognition (OCR) to create a searchable text archive and automatic alerts when high-risk keywords are identified.


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uniFLOW features

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Activity Tracking
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Key features of uniFLOW

  • View and track various environmental indicators including material wastage, energy usage, carbon footprint etc.
  • Regulate who can view and use the system by setting permissions and issuing passwords
  • Convert paper files into digital images
  • Verify user identities through a range of methods such as ID cards, PINs, passwords, RFID, biometrics etc.
  • Track and interpret metrics on the usage of application or campaign performance
  • Print remote documents from multiple devices
  • Supports printing from multiple connected printers
  • Financial management for all distribution-related activities, including inventory, warehouse, purchasing, sales, etc.
  • Monitor the status of devices on the network
  • Track products that are for sale at a reduced price or part of coupon promotions
  • Hold print jobs and only release for printing once users have verified their identity at the printer
  • Determine/verify the signature (who signed it)
  • Graphical representation of the data
  • View and track pertinent metrics
  • Centrally delete print jobs from the queue
  • Software¿s ability to perform similar action on multiple similar files simultaneously
  • Monitor and track project related activities based on various metrics
  • Record and monitor cost related information of assets (i.e. budget for assets, equipment costs, revenues, etc.)
  • Route jobs to the most appropriate printer according to customizable rules
  • Print from mobile devices
  • Allow guests to print from their own device, without preexisting user accounts
  • Automatically extract information from documents or websites and input it into a database in a specified format
  • Includes a variety of messaging formats including industry-specific (EDIFACT, HL7, X12)
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