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ManageEngine Desktop Central


Desktop, mobile device & patch management software

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Desktop Central is integrated desktop & mobile device management software helps in managing servers, laptops, desktop, mobiles & tablets from a central location

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Desktop management solution for IT teams

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SmartDeploys unique layered approach enables single image management of Windows and applications.

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ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus


Cross-platform Patch Management for all sizes of enterprises

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Patch Manager Plus - an endpoint patch management software for complete automated patching of Windows, Mac, Linux & more than 550 third party applications

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New Relic One


Performance testing and monitoring

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New Relic One is the all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. It provides code-level diagnostics for production apps deployed on several infrastructures. It has a SaaS platform that enables its partners to build plugins using open API's.

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Sunbird DCIM


Data center management system for mid to large enterprises

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Sunbird DCIM is a cloud-based data center management system which helps facility managers with asset tracking and capacity monitoring. Key features include request management, environment monitoring, 3D visualization, business intelligence, and search functionality.

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LogMeIn Pro


Remote access tool for individuals & small businesses

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LogMeIn Pro is a remote access tool for individuals and small businesses which enables users to remotely control their computer from any location, and get full access to the desktop as well as all applications, files and information from another computer or mobile device.

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JumpCloud Directory Platform


A cloud directory platform for secure access to resources

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AD and LDAP reimagined in the cloud

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Cloud-based platform for patch management

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Automox is a cloud-based cyber hygiene and patch management solution that helps enterprises streamline endpoint protection and minimize cyber threats across all devices. The centralized platform provides users with an overview of devices requiring patch approvals, system updates, or troubleshooting.

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Cloud management platform for handling Wi-Fi access points

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Tanaza is a cloud management platform designed to help businesses handle the configuration, deployment, and remote monitoring of Wi-Fi networks or access points using a Linux-based operating system. IT professionals can configure Internet Protocol (IP) addresses & receive email alerts about faults.

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System Center


Data center management software for businesses of all sizes

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System Center is a data center management software that helps businesses of all sizes monitor networks, system storage, security, and more. It offers integration with cloud platforms and provides teams the ability to gain insights into system analytics affecting the health of monitors.

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Never Blinks

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A fully-featured monitoring platform for on-prem, cloud, & containerized deployments. With server and application performance, Panopta provides more than just basic monitoring. With the ability to perform checks from public and private spaces, you never need to trade security for robust monitoring.

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Autotask PSA


IT Business Management Software Platform

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Autotask PSA is an intelligent IT business management platform providing a singular view across the entire business (services, internal operations, customers, and prospects) to improve efficiency, accountability, insight, and profitability.

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Enterprise IT service cloud solutions

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ServiceNow is an IT service application platform-as-a-service provider that offers a range of ITSM products to automate & manage numerous IT enterprise services. ServiceNow can be used for cloud & virtualization lifecycle management, change orchestration, infrastructure discovery & IT governance.

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ManageEngine ADManager Plus


Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution

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ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a wholesome yet simple-to-use, web-based Active Directory management solution that makes day-to-day AD management immensely easy. The intuitive user interface of the product gets rid of the monotony in using native AD tools.

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Easy, Professional Field Service and Work Order Software

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BlueFolder is a web-based IT Service Management software solution with powerful, yet easy-to-use features such as robust ticket management, scheduling/dispatch, a self-service customer portal, billing, and more. Try it free for 15 days (no credit card required)!

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Nagios XI


IT infrastructure monitoring & alerting

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Monitor your IT infrastructure, spot problems before they occur, know immediately when problems arise, share availability data with stakeholders, detect security breaches, plan & budget for IT upgrades, reduce downtime & business losses

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Infrastructure & application monitoring software

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Checkmk is an excellent tool for the recording & analysis of the diverse performance data which can be generated in IT environment. It records all measurements generated by the monitoring over a period (adjustable) of 4 years, so that it can not only access the current data, but also historic data

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Digital experience monitoring solution for IT

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SysTrack is a digital experience monitoring solution for IT departments which gathers and analyzes data on everything that may impact the end-user experience and business productivity. SysTrack captures data such as CPU, RAM, and memory, as well as 10,000+ other data points.

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Machine data analytics based on ELK and Grafana

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Unified platform for monitoring, troubleshooting and security based on ELK and Grafana.

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NetSupport Manager


Remote access and support management solution

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NetSupport Manager is a remote access management solution designed to help businesses manage devices remotely across multiple platforms. Key features include two-way communication, remote control, real-time monitoring, systems management, and multi-platform support.

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus


Active Directory change audit and reporting software

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a change audit software that provides detailed reports for changes made in Windows Active Directory and real-time compliance audits

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Hosted Graphite


Scalable Application Metrics

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Hosted Graphite is a monitoring solution for dev teams to collect data from their apps and servers, presenting this data in interactive graphs and dashboards.

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GAT Labs


Auditing and security tool for Google Workspace and Chrome

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Manage, secure & analyse your Google Workspace, from Gmail to Chrome, Calendars to Drive. Automate user on/offboarding & data admin processes, from welcome emails, pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts, email signature and much more. Have a view complete view of your domain and users data.

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vRealize Automation


Infrastructure automation tool for the private cloud

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vRealize Automation (vRA) is a web-based configuration management software designed to help organizations streamline IT services requests made by authorized administrators, business users or developers from a secure portal whilst maintaining compliance with industrial policies.

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Puppet Enterprise


IT management tool for automating multi-cloud infrastructure

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Puppet Enterprise is designed to help businesses automate the configuration of multi-cloud infrastructures via a unified platform. It enables IT teams to streamline application deployment timeframes, create, test, and deploy infrastructure codes, and automate operational workflows in real-time.

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