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Janrain overview

What is Janrain?

Janrain offers a range of features to improve the user experience on your site as well as to gather customer data, build richer user profiles and improve the user experience. Janrain provides a way to implement social login and single sign-on on all your sites, as well as registration and data collection forms. In addition to this, the app gathers customer data to build rich user profiles. It helps to improve the user experience with social engagement tools such as comments, live chat and newsfeeds. All of this data and engagement is presented and analyzed through powerful reporting and analytics.

With Janrain's social login tools your users can log in to your site using the login details from their existing social profiles. Rich demographic and psychographic customer information can be gathered at the point of login with permission from the user. For new and returning users, Janrain lets you create customized registration and data collection forms for promotions, campaigns, registrations and subscriptions. These tools include real-time field validation, action triggered form fields, as well as automatic email confirmation and password reset workflows.

Janrain offers single sing-on and sign-off for all of the sites in your ecosystem. The app automatically recognizes your customers when they navigate among your sites and partner sites. The app enables live chat, commenting and social sharing on your site. Real-time social activity feeds show all the comments and social sharing activities your users have conducted while on your site. Janrain's analytics tools, such as the customer segmentation, social login and registration conversion analytics, shared content and referral traffic tracking, offer further insight into the user experience on your site.


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API (559 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (367 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (214 other apps)
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Campaign Segmentation (208 other apps)
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Key features of Janrain

  • Social login
  • Support for 30+ social networks
  • Customizable interface
  • Collect rich customer profile data
  • Customizable registration & data collection forms
  • Real-time form field validation
  • Conditional form field workflows
  • Email confirmation and password reset workflows
  • Customer profile pages
  • Segment and update customer profiles
  • Import legacy customer data
  • Unlimited profile field storage
  • Single sign-on
  • Single-click logout
  • Whitelists and real-time domain verification
  • User generated social sharing/ curated social content
  • Customer comments
  • Social activity feed
  • Live chat with customers
  • Marketing application integration
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Social Login: Users can sign in using existing login identities from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and more than 30 other providers.

Social login and registration is optimized for all devices, including SDKs for mobile app logins.

Collect a rich set of demographic and psychographic customer profile information, with permission at the point of login, such as verified email address, full name, location, birth date, gender, interests, hobbies, political and religious views, friends lists and more.

One Click Return Experience: Recognizes returning customers with one-click login, avoiding support requests with forgotten passwords.

Gather user-generated content and increase engagement through social sharing, commenting, social activity feeds, live chat and curated social content.