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Easymailing logo

Email marketing platform with campaign tracking

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Easymailing is a Spanish language email marketing platform, which provides users with tools to create, distribute, and analyze email campaigns, manage subscribers, segment audiences, and enhance conversions. It allows businesses to design custom email campaigns using the drag & drop interface.

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Cronberry logo

Marketing automation and lead management software

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Cronberry is a cloud-based marketing automation software devised to help businesses in travel, healthcare, education, real estate, insurance, banking, and other industries manage teams, marketing activities, performance evaluation, and more. The platform lets organizations send personalized messages and emails to promote products, services or offers across multiple channels via a unified portal.

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Hexagon logo

Sem with us

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Hexagon is an innovative tool worldwide since it is the only one dedicated to the creation and management of advertising campaigns that allows it to work jointly with 10 platforms.

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Bizible logo

B2B revenue attribution & planning

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Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution solution that enables hundreds of companies to optimize for what really matters: revenue. It's called pipeline marketing.

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Saphyte logo

Marketing automation tool for small and midsize business

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Saphyte is a salesforce automation software designed to help small and medium businesses connect service and support teams to streamline sales and marketing operations. The platform allows managers to drag and drop widgets to create a personalized dashboard using pre-defined templates.

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Marigold Engage logo

Multi-channel marketing solution fusing insight & engagement

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Marigold Engage is a multi-channel marketing solution for identifying customers, analyzing behavior across channels, and interpreting data with custom reports

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Influx MD  logo

Sales & marketing solution for healthcare professionals

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Influx MD is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution designed for healthcare professionals from solo, group or hospital medical programs, with a built-in CRM

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Infobip logo

Omni-channel customer communication and engagement

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Infobip is an omni-channel communications platform for customer support and engagement, which uses SMS, voice messages, email, and mobile app messaging. Features of the platform include customer profiling, custom payload tools, geolocation, chatbots, AI, event triggered actions, and more.

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CANDDi logo

Sales & marketing automation software

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CANDDi is a sales and marketing automation software designed to help teams increase conversions, generate more leads, and close more deals by identifying website visitors and tracking their activities, including page views, case-studies, downloads, products, and more

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Lime Go logo

Cloud-based lead capture platform for sales teams

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Lime Go is a cloud-based application that allows users to manage sales processes, engage with customers and collect leads. From any location, this fully customizable solution helps sales teams close more deals. It helps users schedule appointments, track activities and performance by channel, create quotes, manage invoices and payments, and more.

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Emitto logo

Social media management and URL shortener solution

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Emitto is a social media management software that helps businesses manage customer communications across multiple channels from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to create personalized campaigns and segment audiences based on multiple categories, such as country, gender, and consumer habits.

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Captavi Platform logo

All-in-one digital marketing platform

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Captavi is a digital marketing platform that helps manage all inbound & outbound marketing efforts, as well as acquire and retain customers with a seamless CRM

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Tagmate logo

Marketing Analytics Tool

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Tagmate is a marketing analytics SaaS product that enables users to automate web tagging by consolidating tag management, implementation and migration.

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Personyze logo

Visitor segmentation and website personalization

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Personyze offers a complete website personalization solution with behavioral targeting, email personalization, recommendations engine, and marketing automation functionality. This one toolset includes everything you need to provide relevant and engaging experiences at every digital touch-point.

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ePigeon logo

Cloud-based email marketing platform for businesses

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ePigeon is a cloud-based email marketing platform that helps businesses schedule and manage campaigns, edit HTML codes, send tests, and more.

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Dito CRM logo

Brand and customer relationship management software

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Dito CRM is a tool that centralizes and manages the relationship between brands and their customers. Through the integration of all information from a company's consumers into its platform, this software performs data segmentation and establishes the best action strategies.

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Wisely logo

CRM platform for handling reservations, tables and waitlists

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Wisely is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help restaurants handle reservations, tables, guest communications, waitlists, customer reviews, marketing campaigns, and more. Businesses can create customizable floor plans, view and edit or publish reservation availability.

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Leadify logo, your SMS & Email Marketing Solution

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The Leadify app takes the admin out of running SMS and Email marketing. Leadify's unique contact-management system removes failed SMS and email messages, which optimises contactability and improves marketing spend.

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