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40Nuggets overview

What is 40Nuggets?

Our goal is to get your site to convert visitors at the highest possible rate. In order to do this, we've built a uniquely comprehensive testing platform that works in the background, without you having to devote precious resources to managing it. This testing provides the basis for 40Nuggets to deliver a truly personalized conversion recipe for each inbound visitor to your site.

We care about all sorts of details that may seem small, but actually can have a big impact on your conversion rates: How long should we delay presenting a Call-to-Action (“talk to sales”, “sign up for our newsletter”, “like us on Facebook”, etc.) to an English speaker on an English page? What about a Spanish speaker on an English page? Or, what action is someone with a small screen more likely to take as compared to someone on a large tablet? Does the time of day make a difference for your conversion rates? 40Nuggets learns what a visitor is most likely to do, and thereby knows what to present them, after how many clicks, and in what sequence. And this is only a sample of the types of questions we test.

To set up 40Nuggets you must first define what is important to your business or organization – what actions do you want a visitor to take on your site? After you have created the Calls-to-Action, and set certain rules and parameters (don’t worry, this is something we provide plenty of support on), then it’s up to us, 40Nuggets, to learn your traffic, show Calls-to-Action to visitors, and convert them to do something important. You are able to control and manage your settings from an online dashboard where you can view your reporting, analytics, and much more.

40Nuggets improves website conversions by many times over, making your effort to bring in traffic that much more valuable.


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Key features of 40Nuggets

  • Analyze what your website visitors want
  • Personalize Calls-to-Action for individuals on your website
  • Intelligent system that adapts to your site visitor
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