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Agility PR Solutions logo

Media Monitoring Solution

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Agility PR Solutions generate and monitor media coverage, measure results, and demonstrate the value of their efforts.

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CoverageBook logo

Coverage reports management solution for PR businesses

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CoverageBook helps public relations organizations plan, create, launch and manage coverage reports as well as measure marketing campaign performance through analytics. The platform lets users create interactive presentations for donors & supporters to streamline operations across charity campaigns.

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Brand24 logo

Social listening tool for businesses of all sizes

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Brand24 is an easy-to-use social listening solution used by companies of all sizes to analyze real-time online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors.

Brand24 allows businesses to grow sales, get customer insights, find influencers or analyze the results of marketing campaigns.

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BuzzSumo logo

Content curation & influencer marketing

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BuzzSumo is a content discovery, content curation & influencer marketing platform for agencies, brands & publishers. A free 30-day trial is available.

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Newswire logo

Press release distribution and tracking

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Newswire is a press release management and distribution platform, which allows businesses to create custom press releases and campaigns and distribute them to a range of media outlets including national, regional, or international media.

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Prezly logo

PR CRM and pitching PR software with online newsrooms

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Prezly is the all-in-one tool for PR teams. Manage stakeholder relations with our PR CRM, craft press releases, publish and pitch stories, send mass campaigns, track coverage, get engagement analytics and create fully branded online newsrooms, all in one place.

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Publifix logo

Press release management and distribution platform

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Publifix is a comprehensive public relations platform that assists communications teams and PR agencies in various industries with their press release distribution and monitoring processes.

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PRgloo logo

Public relations platform for media communication teams

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PRgloo is a cloud-based media relations platform for media communication teams which combines tools for managing contacts, press releases, distribution, responses, influencers, media monitoring, newsletters, coverage, reporting and analytics, and more in an intuitive mobile interface

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Pitchbox logo

Content marketing and influencer outreach for agencies

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Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing solution that enables marketing agencies or SEO departments to find the right influencer to promote their content and spread awareness of their brand. PitchBox is able to integrate with SEO providers to receive reliable and brand-safe results.

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Quid logo

Social media analytics platform

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NetBase is an enterprise social media analytics solution for top consumer brands, their agencies, and their ecosystem to drive real business results.

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PR Underground logo

Online press release distribution solution for SMBs

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PRUnderground is an affordable press release distribution service that publishes your announcement out to Google News, 80+ syndicated news/TV websites, and social bookmarking sites. It lets users publish reports on PR Newswire, Google News, Yahoo Finance, CBS, Market Watch, and Fox News. It regularly provides clients with more than 45 million audience members each month. PDF full report is includ

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Meltwater logo

Monitor, analyse & engage online conversations in real-time.

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Meltwater media intelligence tracks over 275,000 global online news sources, and has partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Social media listening covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, comment, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs.

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MediaHQ logo

Public relations and campaign management software

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MediaHQ is a campaign management software that helps businesses access up-to-date media contacts, send press releases, and analyze results using a unified interface. The platform enables managers to handle press release distribution using search function and interactive PGT chat. The solution's analytics module provides insights for data-driven decision-making while ensuring that the user data is protected.

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Cision logo

Public relations and earned media software and services

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Cision is a PR management platform that provides one of the most comprehensive global databases of media contacts and outlets and can be used for journalist and influencer identification and outreach, media monitoring and analytics, and press release distribution.

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Wiztopic logo

The Communication Enablement Platform

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Wiztopic is a multi-channel distribution platform, built to simplify internal and external communications. One tool to disseminate your content over any channel to any stakeholder.

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24-7 Press Release logo

Press release distribution platform

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24-7 Press Release is a cloud-based platform which assists small to midsize businesses with the creation and distribution of news across online and traditional news channels. Key features include data sharing, brand awareness management, links & formatting, and reporting.

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eSilentPARTNER logo

your business e-sp

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eSilentPARTNER is professional services automation software for all public relations (PR), Ad, marketing agencies, media & publishing houses with application access.

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Teamogy logo

Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies

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Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies from startups to large international companies. Helps to manage company finances, people and documents. Share, access and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

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Sourcery logo

Reach more customers to earn quality backlinks.

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Sourcery is a public relations management software designed to help businesses get links for websites. Teams can send pitches to multiple media outlets every month. The platform lets managers outreach campaigns and receive web traffic to improve the domain authority.

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Signal AI logo

External Intelligence platform for Decision Augmentation

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Signal AI, the External Intelligence company, helps businesses make sense of the outside world.

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BuzzStream logo

Influencer outreach management platform

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BuzzStream is an application designed to help marketers reach out to influencers and build relationships through link building and digital PR management

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Muck Rack logo

Public relations management software for journalists

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Muck Rack is a public relations management software that helps businesses find verified journalists, share personalized pitches, track media coverage, and report on campaigns. It includes a media database, which allows PR professionals to gain insights into journalists’ profile information such as articles, beats, latest tweets, preferences, and contact details.

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PressPage logo

Public Relations (PR) content management & distribution

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PressPage is an online newsroom solution used to create engaging stories and take communication to a new level. Users can distribute interactive content to engage audiences and increase indirect reach via likes, shares, and mentions on social platforms.

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Outbrain logo

Native Advertising Platform

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Outbrain is the worlds leading native advertising platform. Connecting readers, publishers and marketers.

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Users also considered logo

News content creation and publication platform for brands

learn more is a news and PR content creation and publication platform with which brands can execute and track modern, multi-channel PR strategies

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