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Track & engage online conversations relevant to your brand.

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Brand24 overview

Brand24 is a reliable and easy-to-use media monitoring solution used by companies of all sizes to track, engage and analyse real time online conversations about their brands, products and competitors.

Brand24 provides a solution that allows users to instantly react to mentions about their company, follow up on positive comments from brand ambassadors, or respond to a dissatisfied customer before the situation escalates.

Nowadays the majority of consumers do online research before making a purchase decision. Brand24 gives businesses the tools to find these leads, identify where to promote products and get customer insights.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish and 10 other languages, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Brand24 screenshot: Track and analyze all mentions and their stats in one dasboardEngage people talking about your companyBrand24 screenshot: Identify influencers and the most popular authors and analyze their statistics Brand24 screenshot: Group mentions by categoryBrand24 screenshot: Gain context into discussions surrounding the brandBrand24 screenshot: Find the most effective sources of mentionsBrand24 screenshot: Access quotes and testimonialsBrand24 screenshot: Access reports such as a comparison of two projectsBrand24 screenshot: Customize project settings including keywords, sources, notifications, and moreBrand24 screenshot: Get notifications for new mentions delivered via push notifications to mobile devicesBrand24 screenshot: With the mobile apps, users can configure their keyword settings from anywhereBrand24 screenshot: Track prospects from the native mobile apps and respond from any deviceWhy should you use social media monitoring? | Brand24Slack Integration | Brand24 - social listening tool

Brand24 reviews

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Harish Jayakumar

Monitoring all the online mentions in just one platform!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-18
Review Source: GetApp

Firstly, what I love the most about this application is its social monitoring capabilities. If someone mentions me, across any social media, I can get to them right away and respond. Not just keeping a close watch on our brands and products, it has also helped us explore business possibilities, insights and improve conversion rates. I found the customer service to be extremely responsive and helpful. Brand24 is very user-friendly, easy to navigate and intuitive, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to be a pro at using it! We can compose immense and crisp reports about our brands using this application.I have had very good experience with their customer support team.

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Kinga Odziemek

Social monitoring & listening at its finest.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-23
Review Source: GetApp

Brand24 not only can look into mentions of your brand and products but also can help you find new customers and business possibilities. Thanks to amazing customer service (really helpful support!) you can set up your own projects and monitor them in real-time. Notifications work perfect, e-mail alerts work great, reports in PDF are just so pretty that you want to send them further to your customers, without any corrections. Also, it provides with many interesting results you wouldn't find on your own.

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Ksenia Burlakova

Brand24 is the 1st Email I Look at daily

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-11
Review Source: Capterra

Many times I'm notified of a new link to our website before the writer who may have done a guest post on someone else's website. When I reach out to thank them, this not only starts a great conversation, but they're happy we notified them and they're more likely to mention Social Quant again in a future blog post.Simply put, the Dashboard is good. It's ability to quickly provide a once-over look that provides a quick snapshot of everything that's going with the social media profiles I and my team are managing. Also, importantly is the competition tracking on social it also allows. This is very good!

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Ravi Gopal

Social monitoring is no more an issue; Thanks to Brand24.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-08-05
Review Source: GetApp

This application helps you to respond to all those who mention you online. This feature helps you to know those sites wherein you are being mentioned. There is no learning curve as such, though the appearance of all the features may confuse the users in the beginning. However, the customer support team helps a lot during the procedure. They help to keep a regular track of all the pages being managed. Their email alerts are also working brilliantly.

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Sia Pechlivanidou

It is one of the easiest and most effective social media listening tools I have used.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-18
Review Source: Capterra

Fast results that are easy to comprehend, and customised reports that anyone could easily understand.Easy of use, clear sections and way of operation. I like the way the summary is outlined. Also, it collects data from the past - not so many/but compared to others tools, it does a great job.

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Plus - 5 keywords, 50k mentions, $49 / month
Premium - 10 keywords, 400k mentions, $99 / month
Max - 25 keywords, 1 million mentions, $399 / month

Brand24 features

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Additional information for Brand24

Key features of Brand24

  • Online monitoring - social media, news, publishers, blogs
  • Social media listening
  • Identify influencers
  • Analyze positive and negative sentiments
  • Benchmarking - track you competitors
  • Interactions
  • Advanced analytics
  • Report and export tool
  • Access to mentions from mobile devices
  • Integration with Slack
  • Real time analytics
  • Third party integration
  • Real time monitoring
  • Message board
  • @mentions
  • Social performance management
  • Engagement analytics
  • Visual analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Automatic notifications
  • Data import/export
  • Data filtering
  • Filtered views
  • Behavior tracking
  • Customer experience management
  • Alerts / escalation
  • Market research
  • Search functionality
  • Collaboration tools
  • Feedback management
  • Benchmarking
  • Prospecting tools
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Through Brand24 businesses can gain a better understanding of their customers and engage them online. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and growth in sales.

With Smart Analytics, Brand24 crunches the data in order to provide actionable insights that saves businesses hours of raw data analysis. Find the most important discussions and top influencers fast.

Brand24 collects data from all public sources including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, blogs, message boards, review sites, and more.

Get notified only if new mentions related to the company actually matter and meets the pre-defined criteria.