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Personalized browser push notifications

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PushEngage is a browser push notification platform that helps content website managers engage visitors by automatically segmenting & sending web push messages. The cloud-based tool offers features for setting up notification triggers, customer segmentation, automatic responses, A/B testing, & more.

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Push notifications for customer engagement

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OneSignal is a customer engagement platform that powers mobile push, web push, email, and in-app messages for developers and marketers. Designed to empower communication, OneSignal offers tools such as A/B testing, analytics, personalization, segmentation, and more.

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The engine of growth. An all in one solution for user data.

learn more is marketing automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion by using a single data source for your customers, reaching them through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, and many more; all available in one place.

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An intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

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MoEngage Push Notification platform helps target audience with powerful segmentation, personalised messaging and upto 40% better push delivery with Proprietary Push Amplification technology.

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Cross-platform push notifications

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Truepush is a cross-channel push notification platform for desktop browsers and mobile devices designed to increase engagement through targeted, segmented campaigns. Users can monitor real-time metrics with the Truepush dashboard to gain insights, boost conversions, and optimize campaign success.

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Marketing automation platform with push notifications

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Re-engage users, even when they are offsite on mobile and desktop.

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Deliver a better customer experience

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Send email and push notifications that drive customer engagement and increase revenue. Unlimited email and push messages from $49/month.

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NetSupport Notify


NetSupport Notify - Desktop Notification Solution

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NetSupport Notify offers a high impact, focused and scalable solution to deliver internal one-way alerts and notifications with your Windows, Chromebook, Mac and Linux desktop users or unattended information displays on the move from an Android tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPod or iPhone.

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Emergency notification software

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InformaCast is a mass notification tool that helps businesses broadcast emergency alerts for incidents such as active shooters, bad weather conditions, and medical incidents. It lets administrators create groups to relay notifications across IP speakers, email, and external communication channels.

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✋ AI-Driven Omnichannel Marketing Platform

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Deliver Meaningful Push Notification Across CRM Channels At Scale.
Leverage The Power Of Conversations That Drive Engagements And Transactions.

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Subscriber Engagement & Monetization Platform

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Get 100% delivery with Pushnami's web-based push notification platform. Coupled with email marketing and Facebook messaging, Pushnami makes it easy to target all your subscribers across channels.

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Web push notifications for mobile web & desktop

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Retarget your website visitors with personalized notifications and drive conversions

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GDPR-ready platform for sending automatic push notifications

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PushPushGo is a GDPR-ready platform which enables startups, SMBs & corporations to create and send automatic web push notification campaigns on desktop and via mobile to manage various scenarios including abandoned carts, segmentation, cross-selling, customer engagement, and return rates

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Cross-channel autoresponder for marketing automation

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Web push notifications are an amazing way to send quick (clickable) popup messages to your subscribers even if they are not on your website.

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Analytics and marketing platform for marketers

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Localytics is a Web-based analytics and marketing platform for web and mobile applications utilized by marketers to drive user engagement

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The leading platform for push notifications for mobile & web

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Batch provides the most specialized push notifications engagement platform on the market for mobile & web, combining high-volume throughput and advanced targeting options.

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Emergency notification and crisis management software

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Konexus is an internal communication platform for large and small organizations. The easy-to-use mobile app allows you to communicate anytime, anywhere in times of crisis or as an operational tool.

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SmartHub CDP turns data into relevant customer experiences.

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The Blueshift SmartHub CDP is a single, flexible, easy-to-use platform that unifies customer data from any source, unlocks intelligence with customizable AI, and activates data in real-time with automated decisioning.

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Mobile app performance management for App Developers

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Send relevant, rich and personalized messages directly to mobile devices
Understand user behavior and send relevant, highly targeted, personalized content. With Kumulos, solve the biggest challenges apps have today.

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On-site & push notification marketing solution

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Re-target your subscribers into loyal customers with web-push campaigns
Build subscribers’ list & send relevant notifications to your mobile & desktop users

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Enterprise Mobile Retention Platform for Smart Notifications

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OpenBack is an app notification management system designed to help enterprises increase app usage & engagement with personalized & automated notifications.

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VWO Engage


Push notification software for marketing agencies

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VWO Engage is a push technology platform designed to help businesses engage with website visitors by sending personalized messages via web push notifications or Facebook Messenger. It enables organizations to run online marketing campaigns to promote offers, sales, or new products.

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Start to generate a good income with Adrenalead

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Adrenalead provides website publishers and advertisers with ultra-precise tools to pilot and adjust your Web Push Notifications campaigns, in real time, to make them a real new growth lever for your online business.

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A notification management system at scale

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Courier lets businesses design notifications once and deliver them to any channel – push notifications, SMS, direct messages, and email–with a single Courier API. Simply link all of your messaging APIs into the Courier hub and get started.

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Push notification and communication management software

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MightyText is a push notification software that helps users receive text and call notifications from multiple applications, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Uber, and Instagram. It lets users schedule messages, receive phone battery alerts, send MMS, synchronize email messages, and more from within a unified platform.

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