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Administrator's Plus overview

Administrator's Plus is a cloud-based student information management software for pre-nursery to K-12 schools, which may be public, private or charter based in their functioning. The product enables staff and administrators to manage student activities including their lesson plans, grades, attendance, assessments, reporting and online communication; the solution also helps staff members to communicate effectively with parents and families over the performance of their students.

The product offers features such as TeacherPlus Web Gradebook that includes student snapshots & dashboards, easy access to IEP’s, reports generation, and uploading progress reports online. It offers single login view for all student data, Real-time access to grades, progress report, web lockers, and access to class schedules. Admissions and enrollment modules offer options to track every prospect throughout the entire admissions process, online forms for inquiries & payments, and managing waitlists.

Additionally, the product offers features such as responsive school website, teacher evaluation, alumni & fundraising development, library services, cafeteria & school store management, among others. Administrator's Plus is SIF Certified and can be accessed across a range of devices.


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Administrator's Plus screenshot: Administrator's Plus Class Scheduler page to check the schedule for each studentWhat is Responsive Design?Administrator's Plus screenshot: Administrator's Plus allows to create a customized landing page for a school’s brandAdministrator's Plus screenshot: Administrator's Plus mobile apps for parents & students.Administrator's Plus screenshot: Administrator's Plus ParentPlus Dashboard page to view important child related data in a single loginAdministrator's Plus screenshot: Administrator's Plus View Assignments and Scores page to check all assignment, quiz and test scores in real-timeTeacher Evaluator - Classroom Observations Made SimpleRediker Software and Microsoft Azure

Administrator's Plus reviews

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Joseph Lopos-Gomez

Not as integrated as one would hope. Needs a redesign

Reviewed 2015-09-10
Review Source: Capterra

Our school has been using Admin Plus, Teacher's Plus Gradebook, Plus Portals, and Forms for three years. The first impressions is that different modules have different look and feel. I believe that Rediker has developed software for years but hasn't taken the time to redesign some older modules to work with recent ones. Some newer modules (i.e Portals) work better than older ones. Some modules don't communicate with each other at all which is very frustrating. The underlying database seems to have enough fields and capabilities to be able to accommodate our school. However, in order to customize screens you basically have to go into "programming" mode that is not very intuitive for end users. We have to provide a full-time person to write reports because it is a very technical task. When doing lookups of data, the options are very limited. AdminPlus is pretty slow as we are running the cloud option. After a while this becomes annoying because of the extra seconds on every click that users must go through. Whenever you are trying to do Excel exports or you want to upload files to the portfolio, the files must be placed on a temporary server located at their location. It adds an extra unnecessary step. As a matter of fact, the software is full of unnecessary steps. To first log on in the morning, you have to go to four different screens. When you are finally logged in, you have to go and close the other two windows that the program left open in the logon process. I have to say that technical support is pretty good. They are accessible and knowledgeable. However, we find ourselves having to call them way more than we would wish. The pricing is confusing. Between last year and this year they changed our pricing from school to a per student pricing. We originally bought this software because it was cheaper than Blackbaud. However, I feel that with the nickel and diming in our bills, I am not sure we are saving money. Purchasing a whole school system is a difficult process. We are now in the process of deciding whether to bite the bullet and change again to something else. I wish we would have seen more than the "demo" when we first purchased. The little things about this software will ruin your work day. This is death by a thousand cuts.

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Joseph Havelka


Reviewed 2015-06-07
Review Source: Capterra

First and foremost, Rediker is a piecemeal system that was obviously developed over the course of time without any sort of major revision to consolidate the numerous products into one cohesive system. At our school we currently use both their AdminPlus (which is terrible) and their PortalsPlus including gradebook (which is a decent system, if you didn't have to suffer through AdminPlus). The AdminPlus (and this is the updated version since we use the cloud) ifs extremely difficult to even get into, including two separate logins just to access the AdminPlus. Using AdminPlus feels like a program from the 90's. It is difficult to navigate AdminPlus because it is a patchwork of coding that leaves the user searching through several levels of menus that make no sense and have no rhyme or reason why a specific item is under the menu. The other crazy quark of this system is the endless need to sync data so that it is current, except that many times this only complicates simple tasks such as collecting grades to print report cards. Trying to make any sense of AdminPlus only gets worse if you try to look for help in their manuals since most of them are dated 10+ years ago and the software has undergone many revisions and updates. Additionally, communication with the support staff generally means that you, the user, will somehow be blamed for the quarks of their system since you were unaware that a setting under several layers of menus was turned on and shouldn't have been. PortalsPlus and Gradebook would really make Rediker an excellent software for schools to use except that you have to put up with AdminPlus. PortalsPlus and Gradebook are both modern and efficient. It is strange to me that AdminPlus and PortalsPlus/Gradebook are even made by the same company since they are so different in functionality. Whereas AdminPlus as I stated above is difficult to use, PortalsPlus and Gradebook are the exact opposite. If we weren't mandated to use Rediker by our diocese we would have chosen another software that isn't so time consuming to use.

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Carrie Doherty

Admin+ is the perfect database solution for our school. All-inclusive, easy to use & well supported

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-05-02
Review Source: Capterra

Everything in one place. Makes me more efficient and effective in my job. I use less paper and can do more work online. Allows my "clients", aka, students, parents & teachers, to be more independent.The comprehensive nature of the software and ability to extract needed data quickly. It is fairly easy to use, for a database system. Customer support is top notch, always quick to respond and willing to assist. There are multiple modules associated with Admin+ and we use almost all of them. It is nice to have everything in one place without having to hop between software each time we need to run a bill, check attendance, run a transcript, change teachers class lists, etc. We appreciate the customer support the most!

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Jeff Shapiro

Administrator's Plus

Reviewed 2014-06-01
Review Source: Capterra

There is probably not enough space to write about how amazing Administrator's Plus (Admin Plus as its referred to at our school) is. Whether talking about all the features and components that Admin Plus has to the second to none tech support, Admin Plus holds a critical role in supporting the mission of our school. Having used Administrator's Plus since the "days of DOS" to the present utilizing Administrator's Plus cloud based features, Rediker continues to develop and evolve to maintain itself as a leader in school information systems. The Rediker team is in tune with the needs and wants of school administrators and support staff and develop programs that are relevant and practical for school administrators. Administrator's Plus has an easy to use interface. Many options and features can be accessed in multiple ways (using keyboard shortcuts, using right click on the mouse, using a menu item at the top of the screen, etc) which allows for users with different skill levels to access and enter information in a way they are comfortable with. There are hundreds of customizable reports that can be generated. These reports also have the capability to be emailed directly from within Administrator's Plus. If more customizable data is needed for third party programs or uploads, don't worry, all data can be easily exported to customizable excel spreadsheets. Another great feature is the portfolio option. This attaches any kind of document/picture/graphic to a student's or staff member's record. Can we say the inevitable paperless office! Lastly, you cannot mention Administrator's Plus without talking about the Rediker customer support and customer relationships. The tech support is very responsive and helpful. They patiently can walk you through any module of Administrator's Plus and even remote in to help more complicated questions or issues that might arise. Through tech support, road shows, and general communications, Rediker values their relationships with their customers. The roadshows that are intended for prospective customers are often attended by current Rediker customers. I am not sure of many other companies would feel that confident of their product that they would risk that. Overall, Administrator's Plus is an amazing product. I would highly recommend this to any school of any size. The program is completely customizable for the school with a student population of 150 or 3,000!

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Tina` Mahaney

It meets my needs and allows be to function efficiently.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-05-08
Review Source: Capterra

I am able to track all my student and staff data and information. And then I'm able to extract data to be used for other parts of my job. So basically, this software allows me to function and do my job. The Lookup feature and the Export to Excel feature -- and so of course, everything else between those that make my work very possible. i appreciate the big task that goes into creating an SIS; but that you are able to respond to our needs outside of the database such as exporting data is a boon.

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Additional information for Administrator's Plus

Key features of Administrator's Plus

  • Student Information Database
  • AP Mobile Apps
  • Real-time access to schoolwide information
  • Online Bill Payments
  • School Accounting Software
  • Daily Attendance
  • Multi-language reporting
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Integrated email & e-portfolios
  • Build Class Schedule
  • Easily customize reports
  • Automatic Backup of data
  • Ledger
  • Track Inventory
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Create online forms
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Customized Landing Pages
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● Administrator's Plus is an integrated solution that helps administrators to manage student data, optimizes students’ performance, and enables communication with parents.

● The product offers integration with ParentPlus web portal and TeacherPlus gradebook, creating a secure online platform for school management.

● Administrator's Plus enables the creation of online forms that can contain data from the products Database fields, Contacts or Super Data Base tables.

● The software allows administrators to email any report, including report cards, to staff or parents. It also offers E-Portfolios functionality that enables digital storage for student and staff documents, including, transcripts, parental letters, and report cards, among others.

● Administrator's Plus allows the creation of any kind of schedule for a staff member or a student with a single mouse click.

● The solution also enables parents and staff members to access student data, pictures, reports cards, contacts and schedules over iPhone or any other Android based mobile device.