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Parkalot overview

Parkalot is a cloud-based parking management system that allows users to set up parking rules, assign parking spots, make reservations, and report parking violations. Parkalot was developed for workplace environments, but can also be used by HOAs and campus parking lots.

With Parkalot, users can set up parking spaces and assignment rules, with the ability to manually or automatically assign spots. Priority-based assignment allows for the permanent reservation of spots for individuals based on their need, such as disability or long commuting distances, or by seniority. Reservation confirmations can be required one day in advance, allowing the release of spaces which are not required to then be added to the shared pool. Users can control whether confirmations are required, and at what time of day spaces are released. Configurable reservation rules also allow users to create additional regulations, such as limiting the number of days per week that certain groups can make reservations. For randomized spot assignment, users can run periodic lotteries at any frequency to distribute a limited number of parking spots fairly between group members.

Parkalot enables the reporting of parking violations through its built-in chat. All incoming messages are accessible through the ‘resolve incidents’ tab, where users can view and respond to complaints or incident reports. The allocation and usage of individual parking spots can be viewed and managed through the application, allowing users to check whether a spot is booked, confirm the car registration, and cancel reservations if necessary. The booking calendar also lets users monitor parking usage for specific dates.


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Parkalot screenshot: Simple reserve/ share parking place - easily manage and share parking spots in your companyParkalot screenshot: Reservations for certain timeslots is also possible - depending on the admin setupParkalot screenshot: Admin panel for allocating users to parking placesParkalot screenshot: User can report an incident to the parking administrator directly from the app - there is no need for sending emailsParkalot screenshot: Spot owner can easily release his parking place for a longer time period ie. vacation, business tripParkalot screenshot: Users can contact our support team directly - if included in the planParkalot screenshot: Place announcements directly in the app. Who would remember an email sent 2 weeks ago?Parkalot screenshot: Grant a user parking place ownership Parkalot screenshot: Use admin features on the mobile device as well

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Jacek Zawojski

Very lightweight and easy to use.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-06-27
Review Source: Capterra

We managed to rent office space with better office space/ parking lots ratio.- Quick parking spot booking from the user perspective. In most cases user has to click one button. - No need to install anything on phone. Application keeps me logged in all the time. Once I created a shortcut on my homescreen it's works and feels like a regular app. - Administrator can setup various booking rules to allow some users to have priority. - Perfect support, including adding one minor app feature (user profile) even before i purchased the full version. Summary: This app puts very little effort on parking users, what was my absolute priority.

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Magdalena Lesniak

Parking booking tool for my company that was configured in 30 minutes.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-06-30
Review Source: Capterra

- Simple usage from parking guests perspective - Runs on any mobile device without installation - Not tied to physical infrastructure - Can be accessed from any network or device

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Micha¿ Czernek

Easy and quick to use, especially from parking guest perspective

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-06-27
Review Source: Capterra

Booking a spot requires very little effort from the uses. It makes it easy to implement it in the company. The app is quite fast. User does not have to refresh, to see currently available spots

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Small business: $19/month - 1- 50 users.
Medium business: $59/month - 51 - 150 users.
Large business: $159/month - 151 - 300 users.

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Free accounts are available for nonprofit organisations.

Parkalot features

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Additional information for Parkalot

Key features of Parkalot

  • Permit management
  • Violation tracking
  • Parking space definition
  • Reservation rules
  • Employee invitations
  • Space reservations
  • One-click reservations
  • Space management
  • Configurable parking rules
  • Guest/visitor reservations
  • Parking spot assignment
  • Automatic notifications
  • Incident reporting
  • Real-time visibility
  • User prioritization
  • Usage monitoring
  • User account management
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Parking spots can be assigned to members based on priority, whether seniority, commuting distance, or disability, to provide permanent reservations for those most in need, and reservation confirmations the day before ensure that spaces which are not required on a particular day are added to the shared pool.

Spot assignment can be automated through periodic lotteries among members of user groups, with users able to control lottery frequency and decide whether reservation confirmations are required.

Any parking violations can be reported to parking administrators through Parkalot’s integrated chat, with incident-related chats accessible through the ‘resolve incidents’ tab for users to read and respond to.

The usage of individual parking spots can be managed, with overviews of usage over current and previous months and the ability to manually release spots for individual or multiple days.

Various parking rules can be created and enforced in Parkalot, such as only allowing members of certain groups to only reserve parking spots twice per week.