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Meeting Room Booking System Software

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Your one-stop shop for an amazing workplace experience.

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A hybrid workplace software suite consisting of a desk and meeting room booking system, as well as work planning, digital signage, and visitor management solutions. Efficient, easy to use, fitted to all business sizes and needs. From simple room reservation to hybrid work - just plug and play.

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Robin logo

Conference Room Scheduling, Desk Booking, Maps and Analytics

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Find and book the ideal room based on amenities, location, and more with a meeting room booking system. It’s a search engine for your office, complete with insights to uncover conference room usage and optimize space. Available on web, mobile, plugins, and tablets.

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Tactic logo

Scheduling Management Platform

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Tactic is a hybrid management platform that empowers employees to choose when they want to work in-office with desk, meeting room, and parking spot reservations.

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AeriCast logo

Wireless presentation.

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AeriCast is a wireless presentation solution that allows any laptop or tablet to quickly connect and deliver a fully interactive experience to an unlimited number of remote screens.

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Skedda logo

The simplest way to manage desk booking at your workspace.

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Give your people an easy tool to book their desks and rooms — next to the co-workers they miss most. Boost engagement & productivity.

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OfficeSpace logo

Facility management software

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OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based facility management solution designed to help users create and allocate workspaces for critical administrative tasks using a range of features, including desk booking, resource tracking, plus move, space and request management, and more

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Event Booking Engines logo

Event Mgmt system for Venues, Hotels, Caterers, Restaurants.

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Event Booking Engines is a cloud-based Event Management solution designed to help Venues, Hotels, Caterers, Restaurants and Hospitality Groups manage event bookings, staff & operations.

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Whatspot logo

Simple booking system for spaces & resources in companies.

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Perfect solution for businesses, coworking spaces, universities and public institutions, we offer a dynamic solution for all your booking needs – from desks to (meeting) rooms and parking spaces.

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Clearooms logo

Desk and meeting room booking software

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Clearooms is a cloud based software that puts users in control of both hot desking and room booking all within one system.
Users can instantly see availability across floor plans and get further information on desk facilities, meeting details, attendee's and more.

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Tribeloo logo

Cloud-based workspace management software

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Tribeloo is the easy-to-use desk booking solution to collaborate in the hybrid workplace. Change management is hard. Therefore, Tribeloo makes it easy to bring employees back together and optimize your hybrid workplace.​

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Quantum AI WorkSpace Manager logo

Optimize, Transition, Reserve: Empowering Workplace Dynamics

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Explore our groundbreaking Workspace Management Solution that maximizes workspace utilization, streamlines resource allocation, and coordinates move and reservation management. Featuring mobile access and scalability, our solution also adapts to workplace needs to deliver seamless user experiences.

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Othership logo

Flexible working platform

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Othership is a flexible working platform that gives the freedom to work how and where users want, whether remote, hybrid or in the office.

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UnSpot logo

All-in-one Hybrid Office Platform

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All-in-one hybrid work platform. Includes desks and meeting rooms booking system, work scheduling, office analytics, navigation and interactive maps.

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FMS:Employee logo

Employee Experience Solution

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FMS:Employee is a cloud-based, software and hardware solution designed to help organizations deliver efficiency and productivity across their operations.

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EMS logo

Maximize space utilization with EMS booking software.

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EMS meeting room booking system from Accruent has helped millions of customers cut costs, streamline booking, and create a top-notch meeting room experience. Our software offers a flexible and secure reservation and meeting room booking process and connects with your existing tools and applications.

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Seating Allocation Solution logo

Seating Allocation Solution

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An ideal tool to manage a hybrid work and permanent workstation that provides an all-in-one package for space management solutions.

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Envoy logo

Welcome visitors, book desks and rooms, manage deliveries.

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Envoy Rooms provides an easy solution to book meeting rooms, free up unused space, and gain insight.

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Tripleseat logo

#1 Guest and Event Management Software for Hospitality

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Tripleseat: The Premier Hospitality Management Platform

Tripleseat is an easy-to-use sales and event management platform that will increase your bookings and streamline the planning process.

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Wayleadr logo

Parking software for smart offices

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Arrive easier with Wayleadr trusted by global leaders like Uber, Universal Music, and eBay.

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WorkInSync logo

One App for all your hybrid workplace needs

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A Meeting Room Booking System for companies to effectively utilize their meeting rooms and convert their offices into hybrid workplaces

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Event Temple logo

Drive revenue & save time with our venue management software

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Event Temple is a venue management software platform designed to help hotels and venues of all types increase bookings, sales & revenue without any additional advertising.

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Eden Workplace logo

HR & Workplace software built so you can work wonders

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Eden provides the all-in-one platform for HR, Workplace, and People Operations professionals to make workflows easier across their organization.

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Nibol logo

One app, work from anywhere

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Everything you need from a hybrid workplace management platform, plus the ability to book desks and meeting rooms, not only within the office but also in hundreds of co-working spaces. Available as web, mobile and Slack app.

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yoffix logo

#1 hybrid workplace app on MS Teams

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Yoffix is the leading room booking tool in MS Teams.
Yoffix offers intuitive scheduling & asset sharing solution to empower hybrid teams, bring employees together & streamline office use.
Set booking rules, add equipment or catering to your room.
We offer RoomDisplays and api for occupancy sensors.

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CalendarWiz logo

Online calendar & meeting room booking system

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CalendarWiz is an online calendar software which enables users to manage activities, room bookings, events, invites and reminders, schedules, and more all from a single platform. CalendarWiz is suitable for any business, as well as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, and groups.

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