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Planning In A Box

Supply chain management with machine learning

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Planning In A Box overview

Planning In A Box is a supply chain planning solution with artificial intelligence and machine learning features for exception based demand and supply planning. It is built on the Google Cloud Platform and includes features such as real-time analytics, a recommendations engine, and inventory management with mobile alerts and tools for collaboration. The platform can scale up to any volume of data or users.

Demand planning and forecasting processes use advanced machine learning algorithms to help users understand the demand history from various sources, allowing them to review and adjust the sales forecast. Planners and sales teams are able to work together using Planning In A Box’s built-in collaboration capabilities such as email, chat, and calls.

Inventory planning tools provide organizations with insights based on demand and supply history while closely monitoring inventory levels with updates in real time. Planning In A Box enables exception alerts which notify users of excesses and shortages at all levels. Multi-echelon inventory optimization helps assimilate inventory budget allocation, and anticipates changes in inventory pooling and production postponement.

Planning In A Box provides users with tools for finite capacity planning and scheduling for resource capacities, material availability, personnel availability, lead times, and other factors to help improve productivity, delivery, and resource utilization. The solution provides users with a real-time dashboard for complete visibility on inventory for distribution planning, and helps users plan for optimal distribution.


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Planning In A Box screenshot: Get insights on demand trends with visual reportsPlanning in a Box - - Demo VideoPlanning In A Box screenshot: The algorithm automatically computes the formulas and provides exceptions in demand planning forecastsPlanning In A Box screenshot: Collaboration tools allow users to send items to other product supply chain managers or scheduling plannersPlanning In A Box screenshot: Foresee demand, manage inventory, receive notifications and more via mobilePlanning In A Box screenshot: Advanced machine learning algorithms help understand demand history and trendsPlanning In A Box screenshot: Review inventory and their predicted trends by location

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Basic: $500 per user, per month (below 5000 SKU)

Plus: $1000 per user, per month (up to 10000 SKU)

Unlimited: $2000 per user, per month (above 10000 SKU)

Planning In A Box features

Activity Dashboard
Compliance Management
Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking
Real Time Data

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Additional information for Planning In A Box

Key features of Planning In A Box

  • Statistical analysis
  • Business rules management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Modeling & simulation
  • Dynamic modeling
  • Correlation analysis
  • Import / export management
  • Real-time inventory
  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory planning
  • Production planning
  • Distribution planning
  • Route optimization
  • Rest API
  • Traditional database
  • Export to Excel / Google Docs
  • Security compliance
  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Customer experience management
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Real-time inventory sync
  • Product information management
  • Multi-channel listing
  • Multi channel order management
  • Forecasting with machine learning
  • Pricing based on artificial intelligence
  • Finite-capacity production plans and schedules
  • Resource capacities
  • Personnel availability
  • Material availability
  • Lead times
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Collaboration capabilities (email, chat, call)
  • Delivery tracking
  • Capacity planning and management
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Planning in a Box offers real-time supply chain planning with built-in connectors and collaboration tools within the app.

Planning in a Box automatically reprices products based on the organization's preferences, and optimized to meet the pricing needs of any marketplace.

The solution provides organizations with a patented forecasting model for demand and supply using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Real-time inventory tools allow organizations to sync inventory counts across all channels in real time, such as webstores, Amazon, Ebay, brick-and-mortar stores, suppliers, warehouses, and drop shippers.

Planning In A Box offers a native mobile app for iOS an Android devices for enhanced mobility.