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Prokuria overview

Prokuria is a cloud-based procurement automation platform, which enables companies of any size to create and manage customized e-Auctions and RFPs, and invite suppliers to participate through private webpages. The system can be used to manage RFPs, RFQs, and reverse auctions in a single place, and allows suppliers to participate without registrations.

One-page setup in Prokuria allows users to create RFPs or reverse auctions from 5 building blocks, starting with general information such as the name, description, end time, currency, and cool-down periods or minimum steps for auctions. Users can then specify the suppliers they wish to invite, attach relevant files and documents, add lists of items they wish to receive quotes for, and create custom questionnaires to gather information, with single or multiple choice questions and free text fields. Suppliers can also attach files to their responses to provide additional information.

Email invitations are sent out to suppliers, containing a link to a private webpage where they can view all information and submit their responses. Prokuria allows users to track suppliers in real time, with information on which suppliers have opened or declined invitations, submitted responses, and answered all questions. Supplier responses and answers can be compared head-to-head in the selection process, and users can review and analyze events at any time through a full record of the event process. Prokuria also offers real-time chat between buyers and suppliers, search functionality, request duplication, bidding process monitoring, and the ability to remove unethical suppliers from reverse auctions.


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Prokuria screenshot: Buyers can compare supplier responses and questionnaires before taking a decisionA simple RFP workflow in ProkuriaProkuria screenshot: Users can view the status of Requests before archiving, deleting or duplicating themProkuria screenshot: Structured, one-page requests help to eliminate confusion, mistakes, or delays from suppliersProkuria screenshot: Real time tracking of suppliers and their responsesProkuria screenshot: Buyers can track supplier engagement and responses from with ProkuriaProkuria screenshot: Suppliers are provided with a clear, structured template via which to offer their responsesProkuria screenshot: Prokuria requires no set-up for suppliers, facilitating their participation in Requests Prokuria screenshot: Suppliers can opt to retract their response after sending itProkuria screenshot: A dashboard provides a centralized overview of all requestsProkuria screenshot: Buyers can run and manage reverse auctions with Prokuria

Prokuria reviews


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Stanica Burlacu

Managed to create a simple RFP in 3 minutes

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-05-25
Review Source: Capterra

Surely is a very easy to use online tool, intuitive and user friendly. The support team was really prompt, at the beginning I had a demo session with their staff. I started to use Prokuria for RFP's and RFQ's, for purchasing iron cast . But you can also run Auctions with the suppliers. One of the platform features which I found very useful is that after you submit the request and all the suppliers answered, by only one click you can compare their answers and easily export them to excel. Also real time supplier tracking saved me a lot of time; being able to see every step of my suppliers (who opened or declined my invitation, and who submitted the response was extremely useful.If you deal with recurrent acquisitions, then you will find it very efficient. Also saved me a lot of time by keeping all your my purchasing records in one place

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Alexandru Macarescu

Great product and a team of dedicated professionals

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-05-31
Review Source: Capterra

Though I haven't used Prokuria extensively up to this point, I have had enough of a hands-on experience to be able to judge just how easy it is to use and how useful to cut down on the huge volumes of email and excels which normally accompany a sourcing project. The team has been extremely helpful in the initial phase, and the learning curve is really gentle. Not to mention that taking part in a live reverse auction on this platform is really exciting to boot! Prokuria has definitely gained a fan in me.

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Prokuria pricing

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STARTER SUBSCRIPTION: FREE: Max 2 users, Max 3 requests per month, Unlimited number of suppliers, Detailed Audit Reports, Attentive support team

BUSINESS SUBSCRIPTION: starting at € 10 per month/user billed annually. Or €15 per user, per month, billed month-to-month: Unlimited users, Unlimited requests, Unlimited number of suppliers, Detailed Audit Reports, One-on-one training and support

PRO SUBSCRIPTION: starting at € 80 per month/user billed annually. Or €100 per user, per month, billed month-to-month: Unlimited users, Unlimited requests per month, Unlimited number of suppliers, Detailed Audit Reports, One-on-one training and support, Unlimited number of Auctions

Prokuria features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications

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Additional information for Prokuria

Key features of Prokuria

  • Reverse auctions
  • One-page events
  • Multiple question types
  • Real-time supplier tracking
  • Email invitations
  • Customizable questionnaires
  • User & supplier dashboards
  • Supplier list management
  • Search functionality
  • Real-time bidding process monitoring
  • Chat
  • File attachments
  • Multi-language interface
  • Custom minimum steps
  • Custom cooldown periods
  • Unethical supplier removal
  • Private webpages
  • RFPs & RFQs
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One-page requests can be created using 5 building blocks, with users able to define the general information such as name, description, end time, currency, and cool-down periods, specify which suppliers are invited to participate, attach documents, list items they wish to receive quotes for, and customize questionnaires to gather information, with free-text fields and single or multiple choice questions.

Suppliers are invited to participate via email, without being required to register, and can access all event information through a private web page.

Suppliers can be tracked in real time, allowing users to see which suppliers have opened or declined invitations, submitted responses, and answered all questions.

Instant overviews of responses received and head-to-head comparisons of questionnaire answers enable users to select suppliers, and events can be reviewed and analyzed at any time with a full record of the event process.

Buyers and suppliers can chat in real-time at any point during the event.