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webDPW overview

WebDPW™ is web-based, so you can manage your organization any place you have internet access. Google Maps are incorporated into the package, so you can better organize your projects, employees and travel time.

WebDPW™ simplifies your organization and gives you more control over your people, assets, equipment, internal and external customers and costs. It eliminates paperwork creation from Payroll Records and work orders to invoices.

All of your information is stored electronically, so you have quick access to your data, as well as access to our powerful reporting features. This will also eliminate unnecessary paperwork so work orders, purchase orders or invoices are sent out quicker and you get paid faster.


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Christopher LoBrutto

Easy to get into.

Reviewed 2015-10-28
Review Source: Capterra

The WEBDPW software is an easy to use Web based product that doesn't cost a lot to get into. We are a small town with not a huge number of assets to track so for us it has been a good fit. I could see a larger municipality wanting to do use something that may have a little more flexibility. The reporting for the software is a little daunting for the average user, it is fully customizable but only if you know sql, so for your average highway superintendent or town clerk it really does not work well. They would have to stick to the present made reports. The user manual could have some more tutorials, but if you get hung up and can't figure something out the support staff is very helpful. All in all a good product for a small municipality.

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webDPW features

Invoice Management

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Additional information for webDPW

Key features of webDPW

  • Smart scheduling with calendar
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard displaying key work order information
  • Mapping and locations
  • Asset management
  • Inventory module
  • Mapping and locations
  • Reporting on work orders, technicians, purchase orders etc.
  • Preventative maintenance module
  • Create and manage work orders
  • Generate inventory reports
  • Keep a history of all maintenance and other events
  • Activity-based time card auditor
  • Calculate and post depreciation to BMSI Accounting software
  • Reporting on work orders, technicians, purchase orders etc.
  • Google Maps or your own ESRI maps to find customer sites
  • Stores pictures, scanned and word processing documents
  • Schedule regularly performed tasks
  • Instant document viewer from all devices
  • Track and manage materials, vendors and manufacturers
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Smart Scheduling gives managers a calendar full of information, including each employee’s work orders, location and status.

Create and manage work orders your way. Assign them to your service teams by priority, area, team, specialty or customer.

All of your data will be available electronically. Easily generate Reports to see your performance.

If your organization is comfortable with having your information reside outside your premises at our host and/or do not have an IT staff to manage your software, BMSI offers dedicated hosting facilities where we manage upgrades and maintenance.

Our support team is here to guide you and help you with any concerns or queries. They are experienced in working with governmental departments. They will help you over the phone or internet.