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DataServ SaaS AP Automation logo

Accounts Payable Automation for the Modern Enterprise

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DataServ AP Invoice Automation is the ideal solution for enterprise businesses with manual and/or decentralized payables processes, seeking more visibility and control, as well as paperless, touchless, and streamlined invoice processing.

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ProcureWare logo

Cloud-based procurement software for SMBs and enterprises

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ProcureWare is a modern SaaS application that helps procurement teams manage vendors, conduct sourcing events, and track supplier contracts.

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VARStreet XC logo

Sales & eCommerce tool for VARS, MSP & system integrators

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VARStreet is an all-in-one business management software specifically designed for IT & Office Supplies VARs, MSPs, and solution providers which supports a range of modules & functionalities to streamline processes including sales quoting, catalog & content management, e-marketing, & more

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Online Procurement logo

E-procurement suite that streamlines purchasing processes.

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Online Procurement is the flexible, easy-to-use e-procurement suite for managing suppliers and streamlining corporate purchasing processes.

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Turbine logo

Simple online purchase orders, expenses and time off records

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We love the paperwork you hate.

Need an easier way to track employee vacations and time off, process purchase orders and expense claims and keep track of your HR records?

Say hello to Turbine and goodbye to tedious paperwork.

* Purchase orders
* Time off requests
* Expenses
* Employee database

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iCERP by NEXUSsoft logo

Individually crafted ERP solutions for medium sized business

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iCERP by NEXUSsoft is our flagship software suite for medium sized businesses with complex needs.

iCERP supports your business' unique strategies and enables you to stand out from the crowd. Embrace your uniqueness, break free from limitations, and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.

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eLynxx Print Procurement logo

Print Buyer's Software

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PrintLynxx is a cloud-based solution that manages the procurement of printed marketing materials including direct mail, publications, labels & in-store signage

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Unifize logo

Collaboration software

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Unifize is a cloud-based collaboration software that helps bring people, processes and data into one collaborative platform that looks and feels like a simple chat app. Infinitely configurable to processes using a drag-and-drop builder.

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Requis logo

Crowdsourced and open-sourced sourcing platform

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Requis is a crowdsourced and open-sourced sourcing platform that empowers procurement professionals to search, collaborate, and ultimately save time while they discover high-quality suppliers. We make it possible for buyers to access information on the most important criteria of supplier selection so they can be empowered with transparency and get to know their supply chain in-depth.

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Periscope S2G logo

Government bid notification solution for businesses

learn more
BidSync is a cloud-based bid notification solution, which enables private businesses to search bids or requests for proposals placed by the state government, public sectors, colleges, or federal agencies. Features include bid rating, a visual relevance indicator, keyword matching, and remote access.

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SAP Ariba logo
Category Leaders

Business commerce partnering

learn more
Ariba Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce and eProcurement platform that helps you to buy, sell, manage cash more effectively. Ariba combines the ability to optimize complete commerce lifecycles with the world’s largest web-based trading community.

Ariba Commerce starts with a freemium package, for transactions in $50,000, and additional fees are required on top for revenues above this level - see the pricing link.

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Kaseya Quote Manager logo

Quoting, procurement & eCommerce for MSPs

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Datto Commerce is a quoting and procurement software that offers managed service providers (MSPs) with tools to streamline eCommerce operations.

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itbid logo

innovating connects us

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We are experts in digitizing and optimizing processes related with the relationship with suppliers with technological solutions tailored to customer needs.

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myFulfillment logo


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myFulfillment allows you to manage your entire supply chain: your warehouses and stocks, order preparation and backorders.

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Autonomous Commerce

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Leveraging AI and machine learning, JAGGAER intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprises with smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities, and autonomously execute repetitive tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce.

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PlanetBids logo

Powerful solutions for procurement and public works

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PB System is the leader in eProcurement solutions for public agencies providing collaborative outreach, prequalification and diversity certification, bid management, insurance and contract management modules.

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Spenfi logo

Spend management and expense tracking

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Spenfi is a cloud-based spend management and expense tracking solution for teams. The platform, which works alongside smart payment cards, allows businesses to manage and track company budgets, employee purchases, invoices, subscriptions, and more from one place.

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Tofino logo

Integrated CMMS, Asset, Inventory Management and Procurement

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Tofino is an integrated cloud solution offering inventory management, asset management, maintenance management and smart procurement on a single platform. Punchout support lets end-users click-and-order directly from point-of-use. See real-time inventory across all locations, including vending.

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UXBI logo


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Intuitive and easy to use mobile application. Control your quotes, orders and follow-up to your customers

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Powerful solutions to control spend - from source, to pay.

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Proactis is an integrated spend management solution that allows businesses to monitor the expenditure of sourcing projects and streamline procurement processes. With the administrative dashboard, professionals can get an overview of ongoing tasks and generate analytical reports.

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InGeek logo

Inventory management & procurement process automation tool

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Designed for manufacturers, contracting firms, hospitals, and suppliers, InGeek is a SaaS inventory management & procurement process automation solution that helps administrators monitor stock counts, create vendor lists, and prevent understocking of products on a centralized platform.

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Procee logo

Make your procurement a strategic asset

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Procee is a smart and straightforward procurement software that streamlines the purchase process and reduces costs by automating manual tasks for SMBs and Enterprises.

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Gainfront logo

AI/ML Powered eProcurement Solution

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A modular discovery-to-pay supply chain platform, Gainfront provides customers access to the largest certified diverse supplier database, integrated AI/ML derived insights, as well as the agility to address current and future compliance requirement.

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Planergy logo

Purchasing Made Easy

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PLANERGY is a web based Purchase Order System which can be quickly set up for multiple sites and departments without any work from your IT department. It helps maintain all purchasing information in one place and manage major reductions in administration overheads.

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Transmate logo

Streamline Your Logistics with Transmate

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Transmate is a cloud-based supply chain platform offering a TMS, freight management and procurement and invoice auditing capabilities.

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