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Logility Platform logo

Supply chain management platform with quality assurance tool

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Logility is a supply chain management software that helps businesses across several industry verticals, including wholesale distribution, electronics, apparel, retail, and life sciences. It enables organizations to plan inventory, optimize demand, and manage compliance, among other operations.

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eftsure logo

Cloud-based fraud detection tool for finance professionals.

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eftsure is a cloud-based financial fraud detection solution for small to large businesses. The platform employs a multi-factor verification approach that protects organizations from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud, and other security breaches. eftsure helps CFOs and finance teams handle payment errors, supplier onboarding, fraud checks, document expiration, and more.

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Coupa logo

Everything You Need to Optimize Your Spend in One Place

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Coupa Procurement is an end-to-end solution that enables your business to spend smarter, bring more spend under management, and operate more efficiently.

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TenderEasy logo

Cloud-based freight tender management software

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TenderEasy is a cloud-based freight procurement solution that eases the request for quote (RFQ) process and allows users to identify the best opportunity to get the best value for their bids. It allows setting up tenders across all modes, and building more accurate RFQs utilizing accurate data that allows the running of advanced scenarios for different bids.

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Zip logo

Intake-to-procure solution

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Zip gives employees one place to kick off a purchase or vendor request. Each request is programmatically routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, legal, data security, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP / P2P solutions to create a PR or draft PO.

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Promena logo

e-Auction, e-Procurement, e-Sourcing Solutions for all

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Promena is an e-auction, e-procurement and e-sourcing solution designed to help enterprises manage purchasing activities efficiently & effectively

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TYASuite logo

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

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The TYASuite Procurement to Pay tool is a user-friendly, effective cloud-based software perfect for small, medium, and large businesses with up to 100 staff. The product comes stacked with functionalities simultaneously simple to utilize.

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SAP Fieldglass logo

Vendor management and services procurement for enterprise

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With SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement Software, you can simplify how service providers are sourced, engaged and managed. Our services procurement platform can handle a variety of SOW engagements including projects, offshore/offsite, and more.

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SAP HANA Cloud logo

Cloud-based application development and runtime environment

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Cloud-based application development tools with database building and on premise systems integration allowing rapid development and deployment of applications

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Proqura logo

Procurement management software

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Procurement is complex. Your procurement software doesn't need to be.

Proqura is intuitive to use and easy to configure.
Run your procure-to-pay process seamlessly and efficiently. Manage spend better with insightful reports and analytics. Save your time and reduce your costs.

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EasyParcel logo

Parcel consolidator & eCommerce shipping management software

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EasyParcel is a cloud-based parcel consolidator and eCommerce shipping management software designed to help small to medium businesses book courier deliveries, compare providers, and track shipping. The platform allows organizations to add products to existing eCommerce website accounts or create a new account to manage courier deliveries via a unified portal.

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Esker logo

Unlocking Positive-Sum Growth with AI-Driven Solutions

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Esker’s global cloud platform is built to unlock strategic value for finance and customer service professionals, all while strengthening collaboration between companies automating the cash conversion cycle.

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Users also considered logo

Intelligent and Scalable Accounts Payable Automation

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Finly is a powerful AP Automation, giving AP full control & visibility over the purchase lifecycle. By centering communications on top of the purchase & invoice issues are quickly resolved and approvals happen 10x faster. #AccountsPayable #InvoiceManagement #EProcurement #PurchaseAutomation

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Asite logo

100% Configurable Construction Project Management Platform

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Asite’s Construction Management Software simplifies construction management. Bring all your project information together onto an organized, secure, cloud-base platform. You’ll get instant visibility into your project status. Plus, the control and automation tools to keep your project on track.

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Hivebuy logo

Your company-wide ordering to invoice solution

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Procure to Pay: with instant budget transparency and flexible approval flows
Request and tender without financial knowledge
Adjustable internal and e-commerce catalogs
Contract Management
No-Code setup in 5min

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Emburse Chrome River INVOICE logo

Accounts payable solution for accounting firms

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Chrome River INVOICE is an accounts payable software that helps businesses in education, healthcare, legal, banking, and other sectors capture and manage invoices. It enables managers to store, approve, and track the status of various invoices in real-time on a unified dashboard.

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Hal Business Success logo

Making ERPs formless & natural

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HBS is a unique business system designed to help businesses manage and automate their key operations - Procurement, Sales, Inventory, Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Production, Quality control, and Compliance.
In addition, the simplified reporting tool makes it easy to pull out infinite custom reports

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BasisBoard logo

Bid management software for subcontractors

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BasisBoard is a bid management software that helps businesses build an online bid board and track bid invitations on a centralized platform. It connects to your inbox, recognizes bid invite emails, and pulls the data into a dashboard instantly (deadlines, bidders, addendas) with zero data entry.

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Prokuria logo

Cut your procurement costs without compromising on quality!

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Easy to customize, fast to start, and intuitive to work with, Prokuria helps companies ease their procurement process providing cost saving solutions - faster supplier management through launching all types of sourcing events - RFI, RFQ, RFP, Reverse, Forward and Dutch Auction, Dynamic Allocation

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SpendMap logo

Plan. Spend. Thrive.

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SpendMap is affordable yet remarkably capable software that helps you simplify your company’s Purchasing process and eliminate frustration while saving you time and money.

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Magestore logo

The world's #1 POS for Magento.

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Magestore is the world's #1 POS for Magento. Magestore POS ensures real-time & online-offline integration for Magento merchants. With Magestore POS, you can leverage Magento’s powerful capabilities to drive more sales in offline stores and grow your business.

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NexusPayables logo

AP & Payments Automation Built for Real Estate

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Nexus helps to manage all areas of the accounts payable process, from purchasing, to invoice data capture; budgets and actuals; and reporting,

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Simfoni logo

Distill, organize, and classify complex spend data

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With an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that helps the user to visualize ALL spending in one location. Aggregate and classify data from all locations and data sources. Integrate 3rd party data to provide you with the richest and most meaningful insights possible.

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Lystable logo

Freelancer onboarding, management and payments made easy

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Kalo is the world's leading freelancer management system, enabling streamlined organization, onboarding, and payment from a single dashboard.

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Kentro logo

Modern ERP to streamline, automate and grow your Commerce!

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Grow effortlessly and efficiently across single or multiple sales channels and marketplaces with Kentro.

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