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Safety management software for small businesses

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BrightSafe is a safety management software that helps small businesses manage employees’ health and safety across workspaces. The platform enables administrators to create and share CPD-accredited eLearning courses regarding various topics including display screen equipment and fire safety awareness with staff members.

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Crises Control


Effortless cloud-based emergency mass notifications

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Crises Control helps organisations keep lines of communication open by making it easy to send notifications to any number of people at once, allowing for immediate, individual response with an automatic audit trail.

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Environmental, health and safety (EHS) management software

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ecoPortal is an environmental, health and safety management (EHS) management software that helps businesses record workplace accidents, handle employee training processes, and create audit checklists on a centralized platform.

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Safety Champion


Smart, affordable work health and safety management software

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Safety Champion is Australian-made work safety or EHS management software that streamlines your activity into one smart, cloud-based solution. Safety Champion helps you stay in compliance with government regulations, view real-time data and analytics, and uphold a sustainable safety program.

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Insite Teams


Collaborative audits & inspection for a host of industries.

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Insite Teams is an efficient, easy to use cloud based hub where you can store and share your audits and inspections. With a range of customisation and efficiency enhancing tools the system can be applied to a range of processes from safety inspections to progress reports

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Project management solution for small to midsize businesses

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PlanRadar supports safety management for construction and real estate, with checklists, forms and reports for a range of scenarios.

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Environment, health & safety (EHS) management

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Quentic is your modular OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY SOFTWARE. Accessible anywhere in the world. Obtain your certification now. Start your 14-day FREE trial today!

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Cloud-based health and safety management software

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Mirashare is a health and safety management software solution designed for businesses across any industry vertical, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and consulting. A wide choice of 14 easy to use modules from Incident Reporting, Risk Assessments to Chemical Approval to meet your needs.

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Online WHS Systems


Safety management software for handling occupational risks

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Online WHS Systems is a safety management software designed to help government organizations and businesses in automotive, construction, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and other industries handle risks, injuries, checklists, forms, hazard assessments, policies, and more.

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Digital tool to cover the entire audit/inspection life-cycle

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The safety of the employees is a company’s biggest strength. Avoid incidents and neutralize accidental damage quickly and seamlessly with Pro – Inspector. Digitize your work permits, say no to paperwork, and react faster than ever. Minimize accidents and focus on incident trends!

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EHS Tracker


EHS, incident, and compliance management software

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EHS Tracker is an environment, health and safety (EHS) management software designed to help businesses perform audits, manage incidents, and track compliance across operational processes. Administrators can use the dashboard to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate custom reports.

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A1 Tracker


Enterprise risk management software

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New generation safety management software for safety, audit, inspection, & compliance reporting to automate & streamlining management.

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Cloud-based compliance management software for SMBs

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Mango is a cloud-based software designed to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) manage quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) standards. It is a mobile-enabled and integrated application that replaces point solutions with a single enterprise platform.

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Project management & delivery software for industries

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Enables companies in the industries to capture, manage and track safety activities efficiently: permits, SWMS, inductions, pre-starts, checklists and reports.

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Environment, health, safety and quality management software

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Cority offers a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability , occupational health, safety and quality.

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Safety training and compliance monitoring platform

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Ving is a safety training and compliance monitoring platform that helps businesses manage audits conducted by organization leaders and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Supervisors can monitor and track employee progress and completion status across all training programs.

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Quality, work, and safety management software

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DevonWay is a Quality, Work, & Safety management software tailored to exact requirements to achieve compliance, continuous improvement & safe work environments

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Cloud-based quality and safety management platform

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Highly flexible intuitive online Safety management platform.

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EcoOnline Platform


Environmental, health and safety management (EHS) software

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We understand the complexity of safety management which is why we have created a software solution that is easy-to-use for all staff. Build custom forms, checklists and conduct inspections. Report incidents and assign actions seamlessly. Create a lasting safety culture within your organisation.

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Field iD


Cloud based safety and compliance solution

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Field ID is a cloud based inspection & safety compliance management solution that ensures proper inspection of data and business assets

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Web & mobile safety software for contractors & developers

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BuildSafe is a collaborative web and mobile safety software for contractors & developers which enables users to streamline deviation management with features for inspections, observation/near-miss/accident reporting, and provides real-time dashboards and analytics

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Salus Pro


Site and employee health and safety management

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Salus Pro is a safety management platform that offers digital documentation, communications, and tracking of employees exposed to hazardous environments. Features include a dashboard, calendars, site statistics, deliveries, worker profiles, and real time hazard and incident reporting.

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Cloud-based safety management platform

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SafetyPlusWeb is a cloud-based safety management platform designed to help SMBs and large enterprises oversee employee safety training, meet compliance requirements, and reduce the risk of workplace hazards. Key features include safety training, qualifications tracking, and real-time analytics.

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Cloud-based workplace safety management platform

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SafetyTek is a workplace safety engagement platform enabling safety professionals to collect information more efficiently, reduce incidents and create a safer work environment, all while focusing efforts on prevention.

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Safety management software for manufacturing businesses

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Sospes is a safety management software designed to help businesses in the petroleum, utilities, and manufacturing sectors track real-time data analytics to manage workplace safety. The platform enables administrators to identify potential risks across events, assign tasks among team members, and track inspection-related actions.

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