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Certainty Software


Enterprise-level audit and inspection software solution

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Certainty is an enterprise-level audit and inspection software solution to manage and report business risk, compliance, and performance metrics. The platform facilitates data entry from paper, browser, Excel import, or the Certainty app for smartphones and tablets.

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Vector EHS Management


Web-based safety management software

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Industry Safe is a web-based safety management software that enables enterprises to comply with regulations and track incidents, inspections, and more.

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Cloud-based incident and observation reporting platform

visit website is a fully customisable safety management tool. Reporting safety incidents and observations on the go with any device is a breeze. Not to mention monitoring and assigning CAPAs and much more. Get the FREE trial and start improving safety management processes in your organisation today!

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Trusted across industries by today's workforce - SafetyAmp

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Managing EHS activity is difficult, whether you're a solo safety manager or part of a larger team across many locations.

SafetyAmp enables you to deploy mobile safety applications across your entire workforce in hours.

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Automate. Innovate. Field Service.

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A 360-degree cloud-based platform with Industry-specific solutions that helps our customers automate their field service operations.

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ProActivity Suite


EHS platform for managing compliance and tracking CAPA

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ProActivity Suite is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software designed to help businesses plan, maintain, manage and audit compliance according to several industrial regulations. Administrators can execute and track Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) across the enterprise in real-time.

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Workforce safety management solution

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Occly is a cloud-based workforce safety management solution for businesses that offers a suite of features such as live real-time images & video, team management, scheduling, real-time alerts, geo-fencing, workforce analytics, advanced reporting, & more. Occly can also include proprietary wearables.

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OnScale Solve


Cloud-based engineering CAD and simulation software

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OnScale Solve is an engineering CAD and simulation software designed to help businesses create 3D models of physical components or devices. The platform enables engineers to handle CAD repair, meshing, and multiphysics simulation of designs and analyze data to generate custom artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) algorithms.

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Workplace and EHS safety management software

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The J. J. Keller SAFETY MANAGEMENT SUITE helps organizations design and implement workplace and employee health and safety (EHS) programs. The white-labeling capabilities let enterprises personalize the interface using the company logo to establish brand identity with employees.

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3E Protect


Chemical management system for managing safety data sheets

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3E Protect is a chemical management software designed to help businesses across pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, and other industries track chemical inventories and access associated safety data sheets (SDS). It enables employees to streamline chemical and workplace safety operations, configure workflows, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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Temperature screening with high-speed facial recognition

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IPSS is a complete screening system with high-speed temperature scanning and AI based facial recognition combined with comprehensive data logging and compliance reporting.

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Dispatching solution for construction businesses

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Vizzn is a dispatching solution designed to help heavy civil construction, manufacturing, and landscaping professionals plan and manage scheduling of multiple crew and equipment across projects. Contractors can share data including fleet information, schedules, and performance across divisions.

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EHS management software

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SHEQSY protects employees with duress alarms, periodic check-ins, overtime alerts, and safety screens. From the dashboard, organizations can seamlessly monitor, manage and report on lone worker activities in real-time. SHEQSY can be deployed via the SHEQSY smartphone app and lone worker devices.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled risk management tool

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NIXN help businesses assess, analyze, and mitigate risk factors across various workforce functions using AI and machine learning (ML) technologies. The platform includes prescriptive analytics, which automatically identifies processes and provides feedback based on inputs in real-time.

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EHS Management Software


Collect and manage data to meet environmental regulations.

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Enablon provides the most complete Environmental Management software solutions on the market designed for Fortune 500 companies.

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ASK-EHS Safety Management Software


Environmental health & safety management & analysis

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ASK-EHS Software is a environmental health and safety solution for analyzing EHS trends, viewing real-time, visual reports, and managing tasks & compliance

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Workflow, data capture, and compliance digitization

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Capptions is an all-in-one platform for capturing data, creating dynamic digitized workflows, building forms, managing apps, & more. The Capptions platform is designed to aid businesses in transitioning to fully digitized processes and workflows & digital forms provide a means to gather data online.

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Regroup Mass Notification


Cloud-based mass notification software

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A push notification solution for organizations with features for multiple department communication, multi device integration, and more.

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SharePoint Health And Safety Software


Health & safety incident management software on SharePoint

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ConvergePoint Health & Safety Management software extends Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint to help enterprises manage all health & safety processes, track incidents, streamline employee training with real-time dashboards, reports, certification management, a secure document repository, and more

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Salute Safety


Manage Risk, Improve Efficiency, Keep People Safe.

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Salute's cloud-based EHS software is an all-in-one solution to manage risk and compliance more efficiently, providing safety leaders the easiest, most flexible platform for tracking, managing, and communicating key environmental health and safety data.

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WorkerSafety Pro


Protect. Detect. Notify. with automatic Worker Safety Alerts

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Protect lone workers, people who work at height, and in dangerous work environments to provide better safety. Includes automatic Worker Down Detection, Fall Detection, and Missed Check-Ins. Panic Button comes standard.

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Kogniz AssureAI


Bring workplace safety guidelines to life

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Kogniz AssureAI is cloud-based solution that automates your workplace safety guidelines to proactively prevent and respond to safety incidents using AI. We help you discover blind spots that put your employees and your organization at risk and implement solutions using leading-edge technology.

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Rave Alert


The leading FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system

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Rave Alert is the leading FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system to inform and notify the people you protect and/or care about.

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Rewards & recognition platform to drive employee engagement

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Everything you love about Amazon is now available for rewards and recognition. Awardco has partnered with Amazon Business to bring millions of reward choices, lower vendor fees and dollar-for-dollar recognition spend to your organization. More choice, less spend, all in one simple platform.

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AI-powered food safety system with built-in HACCP plan

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FoodDocs provides an AI-powered food safety system with an integrated HACCP plan builder. FoodDocs helps companies to comply with Food Safety Regulations and digitize their food safety process.

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