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School Visitor Management, Dismissal, Attendance, & Security

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The SchoolPass platform features visitor management, dismissal and carline automation, daily and emergency attendance, perimeter security cameras, bus boarding, and after school activity management.

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Club Sentry


On-premise based membership management software

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Club Sentry is an on-premises based member management software that enables clubs and membership based organizations to manage billing, sales and facilities

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A one stop guest management solution for venues and events

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PouchNATION is an all-in-one cashless and guest management solution that helps businesses manage venues and events using NFC-enabled wearable technology.

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WHS Monitor


WHS Management doesn't need to be complex

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WHS Monitor is a cloud-based health and safety compliance management software that provides a complete, interactive and fully scalable WHS solution, underpinned by an extensive database of 7 million records and unique asset management hardware.

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Q Waits Business


Cloud-based queue and waitlist management software

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Q Waits Business is a cloud-based waitlisting software that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manage virtual queues. Supervisors can embed check-in URLs across business websites or enable customers to receive check-in prompts through SMS.

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Qwaiting simplifies your queue

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Qwaiting is a queue management system for physical lines and walk-ins at SMEs. We help service teams provide the highest level of customer service, manage workflows, plan follow-ups and real-time data insights. Qwaiting is an all-in-one system. Hassle-free installation and sustenance.

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TimeCloud Visitor Management


Visitor management software with contactless sign in.

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Timecloud is the ultimate replacement for manual logbooks, improving the way you manage visitors, contractors, and staff with contactless mobile/kiosk QR code sign-in and contact tracing.

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Traction Guest


Go beyond the lobby.

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Companies need to know who is entering their facilities worldwide. Traction Guest provides the leading enterprise visitor management system focused on strengthening on-site security. The customizable platform enables organizations to identify and track visitors and address compliance regulations.

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Military-grade touchless visitor system management.

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Greetly is the only fully customizable visitor management system in the world and the first organization in the marketplace to offer no-touch check-in. Greetly's digital receptionist app manages visiting customers, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, exits and more saving time and money.

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iPad visitor registration & management

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Lobbipad is an iPad visitor registration and front desk management solution for customer facing businesses with tools for checking-in and logging visitors

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Online appointment scheduling software and API

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Setster is an intuitive scheduling solution that empowers businesses to close loops and processes via a REST based API for appointments scheduling. Built for enterprise yet easy and friendly to use by smaller teams.

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Cloud-based meeting room booking system

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Teem is a cloud-based meeting room booking solution with at-a-glance availability, real-time scheduling, trouble ticketing, utilization reporting, and more

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We take care of visitors, so you can take care of business.

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Cloud-based, open API visitor management system to streamline guest check in, reduce administrative burden and lower costs.

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Visitor management tool with background check functionality

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Lobbytrack is a visitor management software that helps organizations register visitors, send confirmations, and conduct background checks, among other operations. Employees and hosts can pre-register visitors and add details, such as their name, email address, phone number, visit date, and location.

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iVisitor Management


Visitor management software for screening visitors

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iVisitor Management is a visitor tracking software designed to help schools screen, identify and review check-in or check-out activities for visitors, staff members, students, and volunteers. Administrators can configure custom alerts, send them to specific personnel, and log activities or hours from multiple locations.

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Queuing solution for walk-ins & waiting lines at stores

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Qminder is a cloud-based visitor management system that helps companies digitize their queuing experiences. Our system does not discriminate by industry: from retail to healthcare, to education — everybody could use our help.

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Fast deploy digital concierge platform.

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HootBoard is a Kiosk as a Service (KaaS) digital concierge platform designed to help educational institutions, visitor centers, hotels, hospitals, workplaces, offices & other organizations share announcements, events, classifieds, jobs & other information internally via online bulletin board kiosks

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Experience your best work

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Chargifi is on a mission to help workplace leaders improve the synchronization of people, space and time, powered by a smart operating system to create a new way for teams to be and feel connected, while empowering their people to make the best choices about how, when and where to do their best work

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Touchless Visitor Management Platform

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Vizitor is a free visitor management solution with a self service check-in functionality for guests. The cloud-based platform can be deployed on tablet devices to facilitate the digital check-in of guests. It also offers features such as host notifications, email invitations, badge printing & more.

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Virtual In/Out


Visitor management software with contactless check-ins

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Virtual In/Out is a visitor management software that is designed for businesses across several industry verticals, including healthcare, logistics, and community centers. It helps business leaders set up and manage visitors across multiple organizational hierarchies, departments, and locations.

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Create a workplace employees love!

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Appspace is a workplace platform designed to help businesses keep employees engaged and connected. Created for the modern workplace, the platform provides features such as digital signage, space reservation, visitor management, and more.

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Cloud-based gym management software & payment processor

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Jonas Fitness is a cloud-based club management software that enables fitness clubs to improve operations by monitoring customer data and automated billing

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Visitor registration & management solution with iPad app

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InstaCheckin is a visitor registration & management solution with native iPad app, arrival notifications, visitor information, visitor badges, NDAs, and more

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Resource Central


Meeting room & resource scheduling software for Outlook

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Resource Central is a meeting room booking system that allows users to easily schedule meeting rooms, resources, people, equipment, and services directly within Microsoft Outlook®.

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Cloud-based parking management tool for property managers

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ParqEx is a parking management software designed to help property managers, builders, and other housing associations search, reserve, and manage parking spots. It enables users to check parking availability, view the cost of guest parking spaces, and rent a private parking space for a week or month.

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