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Sep 28, 2015
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7 Best Help Desk Apps That Help You Serve Customers Better

Searching around for the best help desk apps? We've compiled a list of seven of the best apps that can help you take care of your customers.

Rakesh SharmaContent Analyst

Customer service is a difficult task in today’s ever-connected world. People can call, email, message, or tweet a company with their questions or grievances. Each form of contact requires a specific type of response: be prepared to answer questions on-the-spot over the phone, address a customer’s problem in a polite and understanding email, or try to the same thing in 140 characters.

It’s no easy task.

One way to help handle and sort the madness of so many different mediums is a SaaShelp desk app. It can bring together multiple channels and devices into a centralized place and, when compared to an on-premise solution, it’s cheaper, and it’s accessible from anywhere. Most help desk apps also integrate with other popular SaaS products, which should save you time and make it easier to organize your business.

Here are five great help desk apps to best serve your customers.

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Desk.com is a smart help desk that integrates multiple customer service conversations into a single interface, prioritizes them, and then services them accordingly. It’s great for people who run their help desk from their phone as its clean design has been optimized for mobile. Desk.com also provides some interesting info through detailed analytics so you can optimize your customer’s experience.

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Zoho Support

Zoho Support emphasizes a systematic and quantified approach to addressing tickets. Interaction is key to the app’s model, providing your help desk professionals with the ability to configure a custom WYSIWYG interface for end users without using any programming. With this interface, customers can review and interact with help desk agents regarding their pain points. The application also includes ticket management, reports, dashboards, a knowledge base, alerts and notifications, and workflows.

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Freshdesk combines customer conversations with other, useful features such as service level agreements,, automation features, contextual information, and a knowledge base. It’s also a tremendous tool for collaboration with coworkers Freshdesk has a team inbox which organizes all the help tickets among agents and displays comprehensive information regarding which tickets are being worked on. It also has a self-service portal and several community forums to engage and encourage participation from customers.

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Samanage is focused on the IT space for all sizes of businesses. It has no problem handling the nitty gritty such as Active Directory integration, IT asset management, and CMDB. Additionally, Samanage has risk detection for software and hardware, SLA management, and benchmarking. Samanage is built to handle both small and large organizations: companies that use Samanage usually have between 100-3000 employees.

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Freshservice ServiceDesk

Freshservice is another popular IT-focused help desk solution that’s aimed at organizations in the midst of an expansion. Freshservice is loaded with features to organize IT in your organization such as REST API, out-of-the-box reporting, and asset management and asset discovery. There are also plenty of security options that allow you to fine-tune your organization’s IT. Freshservice also boasts data security that can “ save your data from hurricanes, grizzly bears and even zombies by partnering with the most respected names in the industry.”

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Teamsupport is a help desk solution with a difference: it is aimed at serving businesses. This is because the company excels at managing its customer support communications by enabling efficient collaboration and communication between departments and customers. Teamsupport includes some interesting features, such as customer service portals, live chat, team collaboration, ticket management, screen recordings, and embedded images.

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As its name indicates, Zendesk is designed to provide peace of mind. Its simple and easy-to-use interface does just that, making it easy for help desk professionals to provide quality support across multiple channels and devices, from anywhere. It’s incredibly customizable with more than 100 out-of-the-box integrations with third-party vendors, full CSS branding, and a modifiable customer-facing web interface. Plus, the application is scalable, being suitable for small businesses right up to enterprises. Interested in finding out more about help desk solutions?Check out our full listing.

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