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Nov 30, 2017

Mobile CRM Benefits: Why Your Small Business Needs to Go Mobile

Improved productivity and shorter sales cycles—who wouldn't want that? We're looking at these mobile CRM benefits and many more.

Deeksha MalikContent Analyst

It's no secret that people are connected to their smartphones almost all the time now, whether they're in the office, at a client meeting, or lazing around at home.

At this point, going mobile isn't just a fad; it's a reality for your business.

Check out these predictions about mobile use among both consumers and workers for the next few years:

If those numbers are realized, you can't afford not to get on board, and that means making sure you have a solid method for managing relationships with your customers through mobile methods.

In this article, we'll look at what mobile customer relationship management (CRM) looks like, why you should be using it, and some popular CRM tools that offer mobile apps.

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How mobile CRM works for your small business

Now that employees are increasingly working from nontraditional locations (on a plane, at a coffee shop, from home, etc.) CRM vendors are developing more feature-rich mobile CRM apps.

With mobile CRM, sales teams can access and update data related to a customer, industry, trend, product, or service from their CRM system from any mobile device or tablet.

In addition to the added speed and convenience, 50 percent of marketers believe mobile CRM is crucial for a "seamless" customer experience.

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Why you need mobile CRM

If you're still not sure if mobile CRM is a must-have for your small business, consider the following:

  • Do you ever struggle with managing your sales team, including tracking their activity, getting real-time updates from them, or sharing real-time insights and ideas with team members?

  • Do your sales reps push back when you ask them to come into the office after every client meeting to share the latest updates on clients and prospects?

  • Are you getting impatient with long sales cycles? Do your sales reps spend more time than they should to close a deal?

  • Are you dealing with information overload, struggling with how to leverage all the data that constantly pours in?

Finding the right mobile CRM app can help you address these challenges. Read on to learn about some of the specific benefits of going mobile with your CRM system.

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Advantages of using mobile CRM

Quick access to important customer information. A mobile CRM solution enables your sales team to easily access client data such as contact history, recent transactions, and past interactions, from their smartphones, no matter where the are. Besides the convenience of having access to this crucial customer data at all times, this also ensures sales reps are prepared for anything in every client meeting.

Increased productivity and collaboration. Past research has shown that productivity increased 15 percent on average when sales reps were equipped with mobile CRM. Easy access to important data and resources related to contacts and leads ensures sales reps don't waste time coordinating and collecting data, helping them close deals faster. In addition, with mobile CRM, sales reps can share files, ideas, and updates instantly, to collaborate with peers and managers from anywhere.

Breaking down silos. Integrate back-office systems such as ERP and supply chain software with a mobile CRM system to access information such as quotes, sales orders, outstanding invoices, or product delay details.

Shorter sales cycle and increased sales volume. With access to the right information at the right time, your salespeople can anticipate and respond to clients' needs more quickly, ensuring faster sales and deal closures. When sales reps have everything handy (inventory details, existing pricing models, delivery costs, etc.), they can eliminate redundant tasks and spend more time on prospecting and identifying upsell opportunities.

Improved information insight. Sales managers can access real-time sales reports from field staff to stay updated on the status of existing deals or new deals in the works. Access to real-time data helps managers offer insights and guidance to sales reps, resulting in better collaboration and improved efficiency.

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Example CRM tools that offer mobile apps

If you're convinced that you need a mobile CRM for your small business, then you're ready to take a look at some popular CRM tools that offer mobile apps.

The tools listed below have been picked after considering various factors such as features, mobile capability, user review count, integrations, and pricing. These tools are also listed in GetApp's Top 25 CRM Category Leaders (Q4 2017).

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM and sales platform that offers features such as lead management, opportunity management, collaboration, and sales cycle forecasting, along with analytics and reporting functionality.

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Below are some core functions of Salesforce Sales Cloud's mobile apps:

  • Real-time client and sales data from dashboards and custom reports.

  • Management of clients, leads, and accounts.

  • Collaboration; allows users to share files, ideas, and updates instantly using Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social network and collaboration platform.

  • Task scheduling; users can create a to-do list on the go.

  • Ability to view urgent posts and approval requests in one location.

  • Option to create workflows based on regular and repeated activities and tasks.

Caption: Custom Actions view on Salesforce Sales Cloud (Source: GetApp)


Pipedrive is a CRM that offers features such as lead management, sales pipeline management, contact management, and sales forecasting. It also offers advanced reporting functionalities, which allow users to set up both individual and team objectives and see their progress toward meeting those goals in real time.

Pipedrive offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. Below are some core features of Pipedrive's mobile apps:

  • Searchable to-do list and contact database.

  • Ability to add meetings, call notes, and appointments on the go.

  • A "Mobile Nearby" view, a feature that lets sales reps see which clients are nearby, so they can schedule meetings more strategically and even get directions.

  • Call tracking to help users log conversations, add notes, and schedule follow-ups.

Caption: Mobile Nearby view on Pipedrive (Source: Pipedrive)

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution businesses of all size can use to manage sales, marketing, customer service, and other related tasks in a single system. Some of its core features include sales force automation, marketing automation, inventory management, and reporting and analytics.

Zoho CRM offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. Below are some core features offered by its mobile apps:

  • Dashboards for real-time insights into sales trends, customer engagement, and team performance.

  • The "Near Me" feature, which allows sales reps to locate customers that are nearby.

  • Ability to update client notes after a meeting and share updates with teammates and managers, as well as check-in and geotagging for client visits.

  • A "Smart Planner," which allows sales reps to view to-do lists and plan their day accordingly.

  • Notifications anytime a client emails and the ability to reply directly from a smartphone.

  • Ability to work offline; data is automatically synced across all platforms as soon as users reconnect.

Caption: Near Me view on Zoho CRM (Source: Google Play)

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Next steps

If you aren't leveraging mobile CRM technology for your business, it's time for you to take the plunge.

Not only will it help you stay better connected with your team and customers, it will also help you make informed and educated business decisions through real-time data updates and analytics.

To further understand the advantages of mobile CRM and explore some other CRM tools offering mobile apps, check out the below sources:

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