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Uberall logo

Reputation management software for retail businesses

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Help customers effortlessly navigate to your locations with Uberall Locator, category leader in G2's summer report.

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Storepoint logo

Create website-embedded store location maps

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Storepoint Store Locator is a store locator software for creating store locator maps to embed in websites. Our store locators are fully customized to match your theme, branding, colors and exact fonts. Easy to setup and simple to manage through our dashboard, CSV bulk upload or google sheets sync.

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BusinessLocator logo

Store locator platform with map

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BusinessLocator is a store locator platform designed to help businesses view stores, franchisees, restaurants, and other locations from within a unified interface.

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Store Locator Widgets logo

Store locator widgets for company websites

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Smart but simple Store Locator Software for your website

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Jawg Maps logo

Interactive maps for businesses

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Custom mapping solutions tailored to your needs with Maps, Geocoding, Routing and Elevation APIs.

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Storemapper logo

Customizable, no-code store locator widget

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Storemapper adds a customizable store locator widget to any website with custom map themes, Facebook integration, and analytics capabilities

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Yext logo

One platform. Limitless solutions.

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Yext's Answers Platform helps organizations deliver relevant, actionable answers everywhere their customers, employees, and partners look for information.

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Partoo logo

Get closer to your clients!

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Our Partoo tool allows you to:
-Create your own Store Locator with personalized designs that suit your business
-Improve your local SEO
-Encourage your customers to contact you,
choose the calls to action for your location pages

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StoreRocket logo

Store locator widget & software for websites

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StoreRocket is a customizable store locator tool that can be embedded into business websites, including those built on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Joomla, & more. Designed to help customers find store locations, StoreRocket provides intelligent search & geolocation features.

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Direction Local logo

The Leading Local SEO Tool for Growing Businesses.

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Direction Local automatically submits your business data to important maps apps and navigation systems so customers can find and contact your business with ease.

We use the most sophisticated data submission technology on the market to ensure you business data is always accurate.

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Mapbox logo

Maps and navigation for people and vehicles everywhere.

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Mapbox is the location platform preferred by developers for adding geospatial features to mobile and web applications. Mapbox provides global map data, real-time traffic, address search, routing, and navigation directions. Performant and scalable, Mapbox is trusted by leaders across industries.

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Woosmap logo

Solution for deploying location services for websites & apps

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Woosmap is a platform that enables Developers to easily create configurable Store Locators that accelerate the online customer journey. Developers get access to a cutting edge set of API tools as well as the leading location provider: Google Maps.

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Users also considered logo

Local SEO & reporting solution for multi-location businesses

learn more is the best value local SEO solution that helps businesses create extra visibility. Efficiently mana Google Business Profile listings, and your online reputation and post content and images in bulk. Users can gain an overview of local search priorities and performance, among other metrics

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Moz Local logo

Local SEO and reputation management tool

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Enhance your visibility in local searches. Moz Local helps you maintain accurate business listings and manage your online reputation on Facebook, Google, and other sites.

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Prolo Store Locator logo

Easy to use store locator app for any website!

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This store locator app is so easy to setup on any website-no coding or API keys required. It loads fast and looks beautiful on all devices. Recent upgrades have improved international coverage.

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MikMak logo

Accelerating eCommerce for Multichannel Brands

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MikMak provides brands with end-to-end eCommerce analytics and consumers with multi retailer checkout experiences.

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Bullseye Store Locator logo

Store locator software solution for location marketers

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Bullseye is a dealer and store locator software platform for the retail sector, boasting integrated coupons and lead management features plus robust API access

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MetaLocator logo

Dealer, store and product locator software.

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MetaLocator allows users to search, display and manage a number of locations on your web site in an extremely configurable and easy way. MetaLocator’s store locator software has over 300 features and is highly-configurable. It provides Ready-To-Use templates leveraging sensible defaults.

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RetailTune logo

Marketing analytics and SEO management software

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RetailTune is a marketing analytics and SEO management software that helps businesses manage store information across multiple platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook Local Pages, Google Maps, and other store locator applications. It allows staff members to create, run, and track custom localized marketing campaigns.

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Synup logo

Online listings & reputations management

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Synup unlocks the potential of local marketing by continuously improving brand awareness, customer acquisition and sales results.

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Xtreme Locator logo

Store locator software for manufacturing businesses

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Xtreme Locator is a store locator software designed to help businesses find nearby locations within a specified radius or distance. The platform enables managers to utilize the search functionality and instantly detect a user’s location by city, state, or zip code.

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Nearest! logo

SEO optimized - All Features in all Plans - No extra costs

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Comprehensive features point consumers directly to your business points. Search Engines visible & optimized local pages. A unique data import and location management system let you get out more of your data. Comprehensive features point consumers directly to your business points.

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WP Maps logo

WP Maps: Make it easy for customers to find you.

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WP Maps is a product and store locator software that helps businesses create engaging locator widgets for websites.

Businesses can add store lead forms, track products and store analytics, choose from different layouts and themes, manage their data with Google Sheets and automate with Zapier.

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TargomoAPI logo

Build powerful mapping and location analytics applications

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A powerful set of developer tools (API) to build custom maps for web applications and integrate location analytics functionalities, enrich search functionalities on websites (property search, classifieds) and get detailed directions for multiple routing scenarios.

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Brandleap logo

store locator & marketplace for brands

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Brandleap shows both brick and mortar, and online stores

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