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RockSolid MAX logo

RockSolid MAX


Affordable and easy-to-use POS software helps retailers grow

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What users say about RockSolid MAX

I believe we all like it much better than the software we were using beforehand. We also like the people we have worked with from implementation to daily issues.
The integration with our accounting software has been brutal. Availability of training for the software seems to be lacking.
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Lightspeed Retail logo

Lightspeed Retail


The point of sale you'll love to use.

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What users say about Lightspeed Retail

When I have spoken to a tech they have been excellent in understanding my question and providing a solution. At times working outside the box to create the best result with the conditions present.
This POS system is terrible for retail shops doing anything more than a standard sale. It's unintuitive, confusing, easy to make errors and very frustrating.
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Rain POS logo

Rain POS


All-In-One Retail POS | Sell Online & In Store Seamlessly

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What users say about Rain POS

Their support has continued long after the initial onboarding and I feel very confident in their ability to help us whenever we hit a roadblock and need help.
Website build out is horribly confusing and NOTHING follows traditional HTML processes. This was the same problem with Lightspeed's eCom platform - hard to work with and no sense of workflow.
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ThriftCart logo



Point-of-sale system for thrift stores and reuse stores

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What users say about ThriftCart

Customer service is excellent and I've been so impressed with their lightning-fast responses.
Because it is Web Based, if you are having a problem with the internet you are unable to access data. However you always have the option to go on your phone to access information in a pinch.
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Epos Now logo

Epos Now


Secure electronic point of sale (POS) system

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What users say about Epos Now

Great customer support, very easy to use brilliant for accountancy and amazing software.
Probably the worst over customer experience I have had across any industry. And this is not after one bad experience, this is spanning 3+ years.
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Enterprise logo



Pool service management software

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A pool service management software for retailers and services. Run your business from the home, office or out in the field. Enterprise is a duo pool service management software suite for service professionals and retailers. It comprises an Enterprise platform for businesses to generate invoices, readings, routes, and schedules. The Retail platform features tools for managing inventory, billing, and customer service.

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A all-in-one cloud-based POS and inventory management system

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What users say about KORONA

However, the more I learn to use it, and with the help of awesome customer support, the more I believe this POS system could be a very good fit to many type of business out there.
The call back time from customer service is not ideal for in the moment problems.
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LS Retail logo

LS Retail


We make business easy

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What users say about LS Retail

The ability for the software solution to work for you straight out of the box and then provide the adaptability and also extensive modularity is amazing.
The software may allow you to do some configurations and suggest some functionality but it does not work in the context of North America or lead to hard errors with system crash.
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Preferred POS logo

Preferred POS


Point of sale (POS) system for retail businesses

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Preferred POS is a point of sale (POS) system that helps businesses in retail, wholesale and corporate sectors access reports, a built-in stock control manager, multi-store functionality, and more. It assists with credit card processing, multi-site management, and payment processing, among other operations.

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Pomodo POS logo

Pomodo POS


POS Solution for retail and hospitality

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Pomodo POS is a cloud-based point of sale solution which helps businesses of all sizes in the retail and hospitality industry manage inventory and orders. Key features include quote generation, vendor management, kitting, custom configurations, remote data access, and reporting.

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POS software for retail stores and restaurants

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Ovvi is a point of sale software designed to help eateries, liquor, grocery or convenience stores, and businesses in the retail industry manage tickets, table layouts, refunds, online ordering, inventory, employees, and more on a centralized platform.

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ACE Retail POS logo

ACE Retail POS


Jewelry Store POS

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What users say about ACE Retail POS

The software for the most part is easy to use once you are all set up and going. Support team is wonderful in helping with any question at all.
No mobile app available and workstations are unable to work independently off line for short periods of time if there is an unexpected interruption in the network connection.
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RetailEdge logo



Point of sale & inventory management solution for retailers

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What users say about RetailEdge

The customer service is great, the features keep improving and the sales process is great. Gift cards, set up, customer records- all awesome.
However, I think my biggest dislike is the inability to get a beep when a negative item is scanned and we're not looking at the screen.
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AIM logo



Cloud-based point of sale (POS) software for retailers

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What users say about AIM

The price point is very affordable and tech help has always been good Bryan is great at what he does.
They make a sad effort to somehow combine P/O and Customer Order Processing while making both the COP features and the interface to A/P damned near unusable.
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eHopper logo



Free POS software for retail & restaurants

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What users say about eHopper

Great customer service, was there to help me get setup and going from the beginning and very friendly.
I'd have to say the transaction warnings. I had paid for the full license but some of my cashiers (1 had 4), were locked out of the POS software.
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Reshyne logo



Modernizing the jewelry and watch repair experience.

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Reshyne is a full-service jewelry repair shop platform. Offer customers a complete digital shopping experience, gain full visibility into your repair process, and collaborate directly with your jewelers and vendors, all within the software.

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Go Local Go Smart POS logo

Go Local Go Smart POS


POS solution for managing operations and employees

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Go Local Go Smart POS is a point of sale software designed to help retail, restaurants, and other businesses manage employees, inventory, payments, menus, reporting, and other operations. The platform enables organizations to train new staff, run loyalty programs, generate virtual coupons, send automated marketing emails, define tax rates, and view and adjust employee shifts via a unified portal.

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Cumulus Retail logo

Cumulus Retail


POS & eCommerce for Small Business That Works Well & Right

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What users say about Cumulus Retail

Nice layout, and very good features for a retail store. Love that my website is connected with the point of sale system.
No gunsmith support yet. No simple offline mode (local servers are optional, but if cloud based, there isn't a temporary cache to allow operation when the internet fails).
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Ricochet logo



Retail & Consignment Point of Sale System

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What users say about Ricochet

Previously, we were writing out paper receipts, and the ease of having a register that is integrated with our consignor inventory has been amazing.
Currently, with it being the end of the year I wish I could delve deeper into analytics with the software. Another would be the POS interface with CC processor, figure that shit out already.
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Dylish logo



Online ordering system for restaurants

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Dylish is a white-labelled platform for online ordering and delivery with a custom application, website, and marketing material for restaurants.

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Openbravo logo



Cloud Unified Commerce Platform

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Openbravo Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based unified commerce platform for midsize to large retail and restaurant chains.

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Paladin POS logo

Paladin POS


Point of Sale for hardware, LBM, pharmacies, and retailers.

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What users say about Paladin POS

The customer support is absolutely outstanding. It is by far the best I have seen in all 30 years of working in IT.
Then when we finally cancelled our service with them, I was told that I would not be charged again.
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Windward System Five logo

Windward System Five


Cloud-based business management solution | ERP for your SMB

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What users say about Windward System Five

I like how it is inventory control and accounting integrated into one system. The system has great abilities.
Once live, it just got worse and worse. In hindsight, I should have listened to my gut in implementation, written the money invested off as a bad business decision and aborted.
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AccelGrid logo



Business management suite with POS, CRM, and accounting

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AccelGrid is a cloud-based solution that helps manufacturing, retail, and distribution businesses automate processes for customer relationship management, procurement, inventory management, point of sale, accounting, process automation, and more.

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SpotOn logo



Restaurant POS for payment processing

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What users say about SpotOn

The ability to set reporting is also a huge plus. Once set up the way you want it, it becomes second nature and its ease of use is superb.
Does not work on their phones. Weird glitches on some reports really set us back months which is a bummer.
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