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Cloud-Based RFP and Proposal Automation for Enterprises

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Qvidian RFP and Proposal Automation software enables enterprises to win more by improving processes, productivity, and sales documents creation. As the the only enterprise-grade proposal automation solution, Qvidian provides security, compliance and simplicity at scale to more than 1,000 companies and 200,000 users globally.

Maximize efficiency by having one library where all content is stored in approved language and branding. Accelerate RFP creation by filling in the most relevant answers automatically with AutoFill. Expedite content approvals, with automated reviewer workflows. Measure results with intuitive analytics dashboards.


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Qvidian Software screenshot: Tailor your home screen to streamline access to the tools and information you care about most.Qvidian Software screenshot: Accelerate responses to RFPs, DDQs, and other docs with automatic content suggestions from AutoFillQvidian Software screenshot: Simplify content reviews and approvals, and build audit trails, with automated workflowsQvidian Software screenshot: In one click, SMEs can view all pending review jobs from a single, streamlined dashboardQvidian Software screenshot: Identify top projects, workflow bottlenecks, expiring content, and more with custom analyticsQvidian Software screenshot: Access quick answers to FAQs and comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials in the Help Center

Qvidian Software reviews

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Cindy Boris

I have used Qvidian for several years as a RFP writer and as a content administrator.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-09
Review Source: Capterra

Increased productivity when replying to RFPs. Better responses where we can see the history of the edits. Easier SME reviews.I love how they are continually improving their product. The search feature is very intuitive. If you can use google, you can use Qvidian to find anything you need in your database. The software is learning from my search behaviors and my most frequently used content, based on search terms, is the first records that are listed in my results. Once you have set-up your database with your content, we have easily been able to use it for 70%-80% of our RFP responses. It has greatly sped up our RFP process.

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Brian Kravitz

Mostly perfect

Reviewed 2014-02-27
Review Source: Capterra

Qvidian excels in several areas: Organization - Qvidian uses a folder tree layout with user-created top-level categories that can then be branched out into more in depth subcategories. Each folder also shows the number of records it contains. Searching - Qvidian uses a Google-like approach to searching. When a user searches for a term or phrase, if the correct record is found and used, then the search term the user had typed in is added to the meta data of that record. In the future, when that same term or phrase is searched again, the record(s) containing that search term appears closer to the top of the search results. Editing - Two choices are offered for editing records, both of which utilize integration with Microsoft Word. In the first choice, records are edited one at a time as separate documents. This allows editing of both the record and its corresponding meta data. The second editing choice allows a user to edit multiple records in one document. However, this does not allow editing of records' meta data. This trade off does allow for easier editing of multiple records at once, though, since a user can utilize Word's various comparison tools. There are a couple of areas where Qvidian could use some improvement. Feature regression - The editing option that puts multiple records into one document had always been present in Qvidian; however, when the multi-edit feature that only allows editing one record at a time was released in version 9.1, the original editing functionality was removed. This caused me a lot of frustration, as it severely slowed down my work flow since I could now only see and edit one record at a time. It wasn't until a year later when version 10 was released that the old editing functionality was added back. Server side requests ' In the latest version, Qvidian handles all user requests on its own servers instead of on the user's PC. Depending on the number of records, this can be very quick (a few seconds) or very long (I've waited up to 20 minutes before) depending on how taxed Qvidian's servers currently are. I understand the reasoning behind the move, in that it takes the load off of a user's computer so that other applications they currently have open aren't affected by added memory usage, but in practice I find that it only slows down my workflow. Any somewhat modern PC shouldn't have any trouble handling a large report request from Qvidian.

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Bob Le

Great for RFPs

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-25
Review Source: Capterra

Qvidian is a great tool to utilize for RFPs. The database content is easily updated and searchable. It also has a plugin for Microsoft word, which allows you to easily transfer the response to your RFP document. You can build an entire RFP in the actual tool itself. Qvidian also lets you assign and track RFPs, giving your team access to each other's RFPs should the need arise where someone has to finish out one.

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Alan Hull

Excellent product. Requires a commitment.

Reviewed 2015-07-21
Review Source: Capterra

Qvidian Proposal Automation (QPA) is an excellent content repository. It's browser-based cloud library is excellent for organizations who have workforces who occasionally work remotely without direct access to a network drive. The user-interface is intuitive and it allows for excellent customization in order to be tuned to your specific needs. The organization itself also has an incredible commitment to continuous improvement and their consistent attempts to develop and improve their technology is noticeable and appreciated. The system continues to improve and evolve over time with improvements that are obviously created in direct response to customer feedback. Lastly, QPA is very good at highlighting for you (almost without even trying) where your processes lack the necessary organization to function... Objectively, there are two things that every company considering Qvidian should know: 1) Take the implementation slowly. I don't think Qvidian has nailed this process yet. The implementation process ran over a few months when honestly, it probably should have been various components phased in over the course of a year. That's not to say it's overly complicated, it's not. But it will result in a number of process changes for your staff and asking them to adjust to all of those changes simultaneously is something I wouldn't recommend. 2) It's time consuming. This is a bit of a double-edged sword. The honest truth is that managing QPA is a very time-consuming endeavor and if you don't have a dedicated resource, you're likely to struggle with the maintenance of your content. That sounds bad, but really, this fact is true whether you are using QPA or not. Having this system in place helps clarify for you exactly what you are and are not doing, which is actually more of a positive than a negative...but... With those warnings issued, I must say that I absolutely recommend using Qvidian and QPA. It's a wonderful product that will push your organization forward if you make the commitment to leveraging it's capabilities.

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Barry Longhauser

Great Proposal Automation Tool & Keeps Improving

Reviewed 2014-10-15
Review Source: Capterra

Our company has been utilizing the Proposal Automation for over 5 years and have seen dramatic improvements that have positioned Qvidian as a leader, unrivaled. Pros: Qvidians Content Library - easy to manage content and make your content easily accessible to the organization Architecting New Document Types - creating new documents is easy to do, making sales enablement and aligning content to your organizations sales cycle extremely easy Significant Updates - over the past several years, our organization has been thrilled with the consistent updates that have made major impacts to those who utilize the tool as well as those who are administrators Roles - we have been able to create custom experiences for our users so that they aren't needlessly distracted by content or document types that are not relevant to them Customization - able to customize roles, search experiences and links for users, as well as branding Customer Service - Qvidian has been out to visit us to get feedback on their products, and we have seen the fruits of that feedback consistently over the past couple years with updates Cons: Branding: This is minor to our organization, but I do wish more branding options existed Reporting: Customizing reporting can be challenging, though Qvidian has been accommodating, it'd be nice to be able to customize without knowing coding. (I do think that major updates are coming for reporting). One of the recent enhancements this past year with event auditing, really expanded what the system captures, so that was a major improvement Qvidian's Proposal Automation has made our organization more efficient. Understanding the system and how to make it work for your organization is key. Attending their conferences is important, but even if you can't do that, they provide a knowledge bank on their website and have excellent trainers who can support optimizing QPA for your group. Each year we review other technologies, and each year we come back to QPA.

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Additional information for Qvidian Software

Key features of Qvidian Software

  • Intelligent AutoFill
  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Multi-Step Reviewer Workflows
  • Cloud-Based (SaaS)
  • Dedicated SME Workspace
  • Visual Analytics Dashboard
  • Build Complete RFP Packages
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration
  • Centralized Content Library
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
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- Content library, with all assets stored in approved language and branding
- AutoFill, to automatically fill-in the most relevant answers to RFP questions
- Multi-step reviewer workflows to automate content approvals
- Visual dashboards to highlight actionable usage analytics
- Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and scalability